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Title: what are the diffrent types of dreams?
Post by: ralphm on March 13, 2003, 01:56:54
The classic definition of lucid dream is that you are aware of being in a dream. A full blown astral projection is having an obe in the astral realm, with full awareness of being there and control of the situation-dependent on your ability to control your thoughts. I would guess that most people's experience of obe-at least at first- is a combination of the two. There has been books written on the subjects, my response is only a fly-by-the-pants distillation of a year reading this board.The difference between the two is only a degree of how aware you are while in the experience-you can turn a lucid dream into an obe and an obe can have dream imagery within it, especially for the inexperienced.

Title: what are the diffrent types of dreams?
Post by: Gandalf on March 13, 2003, 10:36:59
Ralphm is right.
Dreams, obe's, lucid dreams etc are all the same thing, you could say they are ALL astral experiences. The only diffeence is your level of concious awareness.
So in a normal 'dream' state you have next to none but in a 'proper' astral experience you have a high level.
In a dream, you are in a low level astral enviroment that has been created by your sub-concious to play out scenarios that are on its mind. If you achieve a higher level of awareness, ie a 'lucid dream', you can control this or even dissolve your self-created suroundings and go into the astral proper..
a classic obe on the otherhand is full concious projection into the 'real time zone' or physical realm. However, just to make things even more interesting, the awareness problem is still a factor, so you can have a projection into the RT zone with a very low level of concious awareness, in this case, many people pass it off as 'just a dream'.


Title: what are the diffrent types of dreams?
Post by: Brian Hacking on March 13, 2003, 19:01:37
I have to throw my opinion that Ralphm is correct also.

It's only a matter of your consious awareness,  and the amount of control over your reactions you have.   I personally think that they are all the smae thing also.

with Love,

Title: what are the diffrent types of dreams?
Post by: atarfireangel on March 12, 2003, 22:10:14
What is the diffrence between types of dreams ex. lucid, astral projection.
I have been able to remember my dreams scince i was young, and I would like to know how some of the dreams Ive had would be classified.
thank you all.          love and light