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Title: The Three Laws Of The Djinn
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 04, 2012, 15:36:26
Well, I'll make this quick.  I catch snot for making too long of posts that don't properly explain anything while trying to explain anything?  Word pie?  Anyone??  LOL JKS!  So anyway...
Now, yeah yeah, all that past life stuff.  Now, we come to the point where my original guy crossed and blended with Aleister Crowley.  Somehow, it's like Crowley was trying to suck me into his death state vortex and have me die instead of him.  True?  I don't know...  but I do know, in the moment that Crowley ultimately transcended his death state, I was there behind Master Therion, and he was examining a Djinn.
These Djinn things, they are like crystal fire.  Like Frozen Flames, almost like the Lavos thing in Chrono Cross (Square Soft).  So I was watching from a distance, Therion touched the Djinn, and it began to liquify, then more started showing up in this magickal void.
Therion began to argue with them, pleading for their assistance.  They told him, "Here are the three laws to attain ultimate power..."
1.Master Banishing
2.Make Nothing Real
3.Keep Your Love In Your Heart
And after that, Therion was getting hot, and more of these strange crystal fires were showing up.  Therion was enraged, and he kept demanding, "What is her name!! What is her name!!"  and then a pink fire, not blue like the rest, she was hopping up and down in the background behind hundreds of Djinn.  She said, "Quick, dash for it!!!  I'll open the portal to..."  and this was my satyr, inhuman mother of course, who's name I won't reveal.  So Therion whirled with magickal force and pushed through the army of Djinn, and then, he was sent to a multiverse and I was sent back to his severed head.  At that point, I just kept my eyes shut tight, and I could hear a human king saying "Let's get him in a skin suit."  and then, I detached... after all, would the infamous Psi Ball Boy be so easily defeated in context of an omniversal life state?  Not so!  So there is some confusion there, and, there's more to the ecene where Therion was fighting with the Djinn, but it's touchy stuff.

So next thing I know, my time stream is crossed with all these dead dudes plus Crowley, all of them powerful wizard types and kings.  Anyway, apparently, that three fold law is the key to manifesting anything you want, simply by not manifesting anything.  Then, it's like you get to choose what manifests or what doesn't.  So that's it.

Title: Re: The Three Laws Of The Djinn
Post by: Bedeekin on December 04, 2012, 15:52:03
The Djinn was the demon that was believed to be present during Sleep Paralysis that originated in Turkey then Pakistan.

Title: Re: The Three Laws Of The Djinn
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 04, 2012, 18:25:54
Do you know anything about the Oni?  I'll search right away, I have before but I don't know if I found anything.