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Title: Disgusting Energy Parasites... realm of the Anti Christ
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 08, 2012, 23:26:13
Do you think that stealing energy and trying to close and seal chakra is a good idea?
Some people are vicious energy vampires.  There is much false information about such a topic available on the Internet.  Many people do not realize that they have chakra, so taking their chakra energy becomes easier and easier.  Those that have chakra, will defend them with their lives, literally with their life force.

Energy vampires will use these techniques to open you up to their field of concentration...
-guilt trip
-subliminal/double meaning to their words
-making you feel bad or making you feel worthless
-getting you to focus them in anger so that you feed them powerful energy
-shifting your focus away from your inner light and into their realm, usually, this means that they are using your astral energy to fuel their pursuits in magick
-making you angery so you lose focus of your eternal soul center
-making you lose focus by speech, having you focus on their hypnosis

   Now, in the world today, we face a very horrible situation.  For one thing, due to the fact that alternate reality can open up for people with high energy, chakra, the soul, spirit energy, and techniques for destroying parasitic telepathic links have not been properly taught.  Some people still try to teach them, yet, Shielding is like putting a bowl of cereal in front of a kid.  They can feed on your shield, and often, using white light techniques acts like a beacon to any wraith, phantom, or adverse / vampiric astral within your own astral range.

   The astral is freedom!  Yet, these vampires take your freedom away.  Religion is also an important tool for the vampire, as they can use religion to distract your focus, and to wrap you up in a cycle of worship of false gods which they have magickally attached their identity too.  So you have to be careful what you believe.  Belief in vampirism is also a gateway to it's perfect working order.  Belief is an assertion and affirmation of a reality, whereas Faith is trust in God's Love.
   Now, when a vampire sees you, it will want to take your whole appearance from you.  It might have friends in the medical group, and will even surgically alter itself or you, depending on the extent of it's influence over you.  A vampire wants top spot, they want to be God Almighty.  If you are a good looking person, they will do anything they can to make you feel bad and only focus negative energy, so that, your complexion becomes that of an angry, depressed person rather than someone filled with vital energy.
   There is a certain aspect of the vampire which is it's downfall.  For one thing, they are invoking wrath and condemnation to their souls by ruinous practices.  That isn't it.  The vampire is a disgusting being because of it's greed and reliance on others for it's source of energy.  They actually have no power of their own, everything they have is stolen property.  They might also feed on the Universe Itself, yet if that were true, then why would they go to great lengths to immobilize and steal the dreams of living people?
   They are naturally cowards.  Confronting one, if it is a strong telepathic link, will often cause it to back down, only, to come back with extra vicious parasitism.  They are naturally weak minded, as, their whole being is composed of stolen organs and such things.  That, however, is where the line between a vampire and a Lich is drawn.
   Liches are vampires that have transplanted their bodies to another body, and use other people's body parts to sustain their existence.  We will not get too much into Liches at this point, for now, the key is recovering the knowledge that defeats energy vampirism.
   Some people say to put up a shield.  Under normal circumstances, it might prevent them from reaching your chakra, yet, at the same time, the shield will act as a buffer and block for you to feed on the Sky and Land.  So shielding isn't the best option.
   All you can really do is concentrate all the energy that you can concentrate, either do all of your chakra at once or do them one at a time.  Often, you can see if you have a group of vampires draining you at once, or, if there is only one prominent vampire who might have liched on you.
   You can drain their links, or, use their links to take back all your energy.  The problem is that they put your energy into sorceric manifestations.  Especially in their own astral realms.  They might also crystalize your energy as chakra-materia in their bodies, and use those orbs of power to conjure magicks or wield elementals.  But, you can take it back.
   There is also the circumstance of one vampire having multiple astral bodies.  They will station their astral vampire bodies around every person that is a threat to their beauty or power.  You can tell if someone is a vampire by their personality and actions, also, by their physical appearance.  This isn't saying that all beautiful people are vampires, yet, many are.  They will absorb energy into their astral parasites, acting like servitors, and these will run back and forth to deliver energy to the main vampiric parasite.
   If you notice jolts to your body when you enter an area or are around certain people, also, if you feel 'sand in your eyes', then do not have mercy on them, because they do not have mercy on you.  Take all your energy back, rebuild your aura, concentrate and replenish your chakra.
   The ultimate horror of the modern man is when his chakra are forcibly removed by energy parasitism.  He can regrow, and, this is also similar to the theft of the axis mundi.  You have to concentrate as much energy as you can in one sitting, and get some leverage on these dirty parasites.  You can always feed on the sky, or on the Planet Itself.  That's what we are supposed to do.  Yet, for the purposes of diabolic vampire magick, they feed on your chakra to make you impotent, will-less, no courage, no faith or power to manifest anything, no energy to watch tv, no energy to think or remember your own god given life.  They will remove your chakra if they can, they open it up and begin to feed, until the chakra shrinks away and is 'sealed', then, it can be removed along with the glands which it corresponds too.
   So the situation is actually quite dire.  They use subliminals in tv, some of them have powers of magnetism, after all, they control the flow of your energy from your core to their core by continually speaking telepathically to your soul.  They try to make you dependant on them, and they try to make it seem as though they have powers beyond what you are capable of.  In that respect, Jesus Christ could be the most powerful vampire of them all, yet, anyone who loves Jesus knows that he gives out energy.  Yet He won't if there is no core or center to put the energy in.
   The only real solution, is to concentrate to absolute value and leave the reality.  I guess that's what Buddhists do.  You can turn their links against them, and when you have punished them enough, you can severe the link by draining it's telemetery and telepathy.
   To beat an energy vampire, you have to be a better vampire.  Yet, once you are free and clear, then you can progress to feed on the Celestials themselves.  That is the right way.  To get back to that point after years of being a victim, can be one of the hardest things.  It seems like no matter how much energy you drain back into your system, you only get more tired.  This is because the general rule is that the more energy you allow them to take, the more they taint that energy and the more gravity they have to take the energy back before you can reorient it to your own system.
   There is certainly more to say, but for now, keep concentrating your energy back to you, violently if need be, in terms of a mental reaction.  When you have broken their links, proceed to drain any astrals in your vicinity and then use that to banish the astral entirely.  These vampires have no concern for truth or love, and if they can, they will make you love them, and then, you continuously feed into them with your every thought.

I am a victim of psychic vampirism because I had the powers of a genie.  People can think what they want, say what they can about it, unless they know, they don't know.  I had powers of manifestation and magick that could have destroyed the world.  My body has been severely violated, and my heritage as the true Anti Christ, thankfully, has been denied.  I am saved because of it, and these ones?  They will be absorbed because they lack a real basis in reality.  Tonight, I take back my energy, and I will open the abyss within myself, and tomorrow... we shall see!  May God make my word true, for once.

Title: Re: Disgusting Energy Parasites... realm of the Anti Christ
Post by: MistyW on December 09, 2012, 05:52:51
Interesting. I haven't done too many of these wild excursions in the astral planes, so I haven't encountered one of these so called vampires yet. Though I would never feed on something else out of power lust, but only out of my own survival, as I don't want to create negative energy. But I find that creating the positive "bright light" if done correctly should repel the dark instead of attracting it. Defending the chakra portals is a must, since there are seven chakra points through your body so seven defenses to prevent negative energies from entering the body by exploiting a chakra point, which would serve as an entrance for them to get in. But harnessed correctly and the chakra energy will flow positively creating a balanced being.

Title: Re: Disgusting Energy Parasites... realm of the Anti Christ
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 09, 2012, 15:41:05
I do notice that I have trouble centering.
I tried last night, and yes, I did get a boost of energy.  The same energy boost/enhanced speed and power that I got the day before from breathing deeply.
While I did not open the abyss within my core,  I did have an extended dream which was almost a lucid dream.
I won't get into too many details, just that the dream was very vivid and there was a distinct scene where I encountered a massive 'owl-raven'.  This large black bird was half as big as me, in the dream, and it had one huge right wing, bigger than it's left.  It came very close to me, and was talking to me, but I don't remember sound as well as images.  I think it asked me something, then did a little dance.  My intention was to take this owl-raven and train it into a Griffon, like in Pokemon where they can evolve as you level them up.

The quest to restore my natural energy level continues today. Now, on a different approach yet on the same lines of concentrating energy... if we can Diminish Ourselves, by concentrating and compressing our bodies, would that not enable some sort of signal amplification?  If we became more like a single dimensional point, then, we would have more reality.  But as we are, in the physical perception, we are a single being, a single point in comparison to the greater sum of total Universe, Infinity. 

The weather is cold today, and I do think that I will spend most of my time in the house.  Yet, that time will be spent trying to catch hold of my energy.  It's like when Jesus got touched by that bleeding chick, and he 'felt the power go out of him'.  I concentrate for maybe five seconds, then I get visuals of energy capsules exploding on my chest and the sensation of energy being whupped out of my head.  Something is definitely attacking me, but I could have told you that twenty seven years ago.

The parasite that I am dealing with can pre-empt my thought processes, and interferes with what I am doing, whatever I am doing.  There is certainly more to say, yet, for now, all that today's quest considers is the harnessing of energy until I am back in the Void.  From there, I will contact those who can assist, smoke demons and things such as that.  There exists a hope beyond the world of men, be it the astral or Heaven beyond all knowing.  They will not devour me alive.

Title: Re: Disgusting Energy Parasites... realm of the Anti Christ
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 10, 2012, 01:34:44
After trying to take my energy back and concentrate it, I have found that to be absolutely worthless.
Now, I am returning to the original idea about worship, in which, you unleash your mind with holiness in mind, and expand your consciousness while diminishing your soul.  They try to diminish the soul AND the spirit at the same time.  They try anything and everything to distract your focus and keep you in that tight little box of bogusness.  I even hear it on the radio, bogus music, they feed the children garbage and refuse, trying to make the worship their sissy boy voices.  Blades?  No, sadly not.

If you worship Heaven, the Spirit, and your own true Soul at the same time, while breathing deeply and powerfully, it does much to deter the enemy.  They get weaker and more faint the more awareness that you build.  When you project your energy, it saturates and surrounds you, it is wholly your own sphere of worship.  Banishing is much the same way, in that you transform your body into a spiritual temple, and they can not breach nor reach your mind with their ungodly disgusting parasitic telepathy.  By worshiping in a spirit of mildness and love, you actually break their links and demolish their power hold over your mind.

God didn't create us to be mindless puppets.  Christ didn't teach a bunch of crap.  If you can believe that, then you'll read the Bible before you bash it.  You'll see that God is the supreme one who gives us consciousness, and the more we worship, the more awareness, sentience, and will for love that we acquire.  The Anti Christ is powerless, remember, even the Anti Christ worships God.  There will be an accounting, certainly.  Holy Spirit is what we should seek to become, then, we do not even have minds, we are pure love and hope fulfilled.  Those who sow corruption to their flesh shall reap it, and those who keep seeking for the Heavenly Gate will find it though it seems distant and futile at the current time.

When you worship, you are healing your soul, you are opening your spirit, and your spirit will never be crushed within the soul and your magick will nevef be sealed up and bound to a heathen's whims.  That's my main message, persist in worship until you have recieved the vision of Heaven that you are seeking.  Without worship, without opening your awareness and soul to the Great One and Heaven, it is likely that you will not only not be able to phantasy, but you will never astral project or be able to cast spells.

I've discovered that they can't steal your energy.  They just keep you from expanding your dimension, they stop you from using your own energy, and try to make you worship them instead of Heaven.  They have anti heavens and hells, but even demons are sick of these worthless voices and their deceptive music.  There is a limit to the evil that they can put on you, but there is no limit to your love and faith in the Divine One.  Be careful, but be certain, unleash your mind with holiness and they will all be afraid of you, for they will know that they can never take your soul away.

Title: Re: Disgusting Energy Parasites... realm of the Anti Christ
Post by: MistyW on December 10, 2012, 04:17:29
That is a good point. Connecting to the Divinity of God will greatly increase and help banish the demons of darkness and prevent them from sucking out life force energy. That is why I often like to pray/meditate with the Divine often. The more company you spend with the light, the more the dark will begin to go away. And we must continue to expand and grow in strength, getting stronger yet still dependent on God, expanding our energy fields, so that it will be much harder for them to diminish and shrink our energy.