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Title: Chakras v Noble gases?
Post by: sunshaker on December 11, 2012, 14:06:38
I don't know if this as already been discussed as I have not took alot of interest in "chakras" for quite awhile, but after looking into noble gases recently, i cannot help but think they are more connected than i previously thought,
As the noble gases are the most stable elements(8 electrons in there outer shell) and conduct electricty and produce colours in line with the chakras, and seem a crucial part of the "system".
As most believe there are seven chakras,
If we take ununoctium as the seventh noble gas, which is almost impossible to manafacture past a single atom(at this present time and place).

I was wondering if they are connected, could that mean that if each chakra is connected to a noble gas, would it be easier to connect to the more abundant helium chakra, neon chakra etc.

As anybody experimented with any of these noble gases. maybe with there light sources, or by direct use?

I expect maybe ununoctium may be the gateway to the higher/dimension.

I see these "gases" playing a vital part of the cosmos, insulating and conducting energies. As our chakras do for us.

I am not up on my "chakras" but do feel there are connections, and see a few possibilities, which i shall now look into at more depth.

As anybody looked into connections between the chakras and noble gases? Any links?

                                                                          Cheers sunshaker.

I have thought more, and have came to realise there are 12 noble gases and realised there is a connection to everything



Title: Re: Chakras v Noble gases?
Post by: MistyW on December 14, 2012, 06:55:33
Interesting concept. I've never really thought of making the correlation before. I imagine that since the universe is usually 'in synch' it would make sense that some parts of one thing are similar to some parts of another. Although most seem to be colorless? (correct me) I'm not sure how we can connect a chakra, represented by color, to a noble gas unless we look at their other properties.

Title: Re: Chakras v Noble gases?
Post by: sunshaker on December 15, 2012, 17:31:52
I have realised they are more connected than i first thought, they have given me the key to see the complete structure of our universe, i know understand how everything fits together, i know what and where we are,
Much is to far beyond for me to try and explain using the typed word,
i have been able to create a model of our universe with numbers, and it blew my mind what i seen, this as changed my world beyond comprehension,
strange things are now happening at a increasing rate, i think in a few days i will complete what i started.
I wish i could share more, it seems to be taking on a life of its own, scarey but exciting beyond words.