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Title: You Guessed It, I'm New
Post by: solidink on December 30, 2012, 16:29:20
Hello everyone, I'm new here although not new to astral projections. But, I'm not an expert either :)

I had a few of them, I even wrote a book about them. Well, not a how to book but a fiction book where astral projection is the gateway to the fantasy world of Threshold, yep got that from The Guardian of Threshold which by the way is the villain in the book. The book is called, you guessed it "The Guardian of Threshold."

The book is not extremely technical because I tried to keep it simple for general readers. If you're interested you can find it on Amazon: (this is assuming, I can even post this here, if not please let me know)

The reason I joined is because I haven't been able to astral project lately, so I figure someone here may be able to help me. I have this back/leg problem which forces me to change positions every few minutes which prevents from astral projecting.

Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and have a wonderful New Year.

Title: Re: You Guessed It, I'm New
Post by: Bedeekin on December 30, 2012, 18:57:18
Ha... nice reviews. Well done A.A. Volt... aka 'solidink'   :-)

No one here is a true expert... we are all learning.

I managed to get through broken bones and back pain still managing to have OOBEs. The only reason I did may be because of my specific method of creating a deep Sleep Paralysis state from which to springboard from... Basically by copying or rather imitating the sleeping schedule of a narcoleptic; narcoleptics being the greatest 'sufferers' of Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis amongst the population. A little known and almost totally ignored fact.

My own method was/is to get myself into a cycle of sleep that required me to get into the habit of taking an evening nap about 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. I would take a nap around 7 or 8pm for however long it took... from 15 mins to an hour. I would then go to bed around midnight or later and induce. It requires no relaxation or particular effort to enter because sometimes simply lying there and attempting to just sleep would result in OOBE.


Title: Re: You Guessed It, I'm New
Post by: Greytraveller on December 30, 2012, 19:48:01
Greetings and welcome solidink
Most people experience peaks and valleys with OBEs. Meaning that they can enjoy many OBE at regular intervals during peak periods and then go weeks or months without an OBE during valley 'dry spells'. My advice is to read some of the threads in the "Welcome to the Astral FAQ forum" looking for various induction techniques or methods. If you choose on (ore more) method(s) and experiment with it then hopefully you will soon be experiencing OBEs again very soon.

Good luck  8-)