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Title: prayer light
Post by: Chaos Mage on January 28, 2013, 00:58:12
Last night was the Full Moon.  As usual, high energy and good character pervaded the atmosphere.
Now, here is something that I've been thinking about off and on for a few years.  When people pray, with the spirit that they are praying with will determine the scope and localized psychological effect of the prayer.  So what about Wishes?  Are we in the modern era trained to practice our prayer without wishing or hope?  These things, wishes and hope are vital to our psychological health if we are going to be doing any extensive amount of prayer.  The practice of 'safe praying practices' can be used to help draw up a data table and graphs that show how prayers without love and hope have less success than prayers involving wishes and blessings.  So that brings me to this..

Prayer light.  The aura in an energized state, localized and under benevolent control.  This prayer light then becomes a center of faith, and can evoke healing, blessing, and other things.  People who do a lot of prayer would have their aura in this egg of light, and Buddhism, Christianity, or any other religion can be a psychological aid to keeping the prayer light strong.  Eventually, this should replenish the astral and energy body, and without a practice of prayer, we stop growing, and reap death rather than life in heaven.

Title: Re: prayer light
Post by: Lionheart on January 28, 2013, 06:11:08
 This sounds like a variation of a Magickal Invocation known as creating a "Thoughtform" to bring forth your desired intent. This is a well known practice in Magick. Albeat you are altering it by creating a "Prayer Light" instead of a "Thoughtform".

 It would still have the same effect though, because both require focused will and intent to bring forth your desired goal.  :-)