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Title: God conversing with Adam and Eve: chakras and imagination in play.
Post by: Ancient One on May 03, 2013, 16:41:28
Of course this is all my take on the chakra theme, and imagination at play.

God was conversing with Adam and Eve.

Ah, you took the first baby step into evolving Us by eating the fruits, from the trees of Probable, Possable, Potential, and Unknown.

We have now boldly ventured into the area of the probable and possable physical life experiences. You both were me before, with all it's wonders and creative powers. Now you are me, individualized, but still with all it's wonders and creative powers.

From you will spring forth every type of nationality, color of your skin, religious beliefs, age, ethnic groupings, languages, educational degrees, bookish knowledge and a million beliefs in this and that, and all between.

I am in you forever, but, you may along the way forget that I'm there within you.

Within you now, are Energy Centers that have independent consciousness and perform specialized functions involving the collection, transformation, and dispersal of various types of information and etheric energies. They function as energy ports and information uplink centers, I to you and back to me, the Divine Us.

These Energy Centers will be called Chakras. Through them, I will always be connected to you. One Energy Center is direct, from Me, and one indirect, from the divine through your environment.

Free will Consciousness, and action will manifest as these centers observe each other. Each center is a mechanical component of our metaphysical body, and endowed with limited consciousness. But when they couple together by observing each other, a consciousness greater than the sum of its parts will manifest.

You will be  bound through identification with a new ego. The two higher centers will be dimmed and therefore you will not manifest or experience full higher consciousness in this reality. You will need to relearn experiencing higher consciousness by becoming self-aware rather than being lost in what you will perceive as reality.

Relearn to remember yourselves at every moment possible.

Your Higher Self will still exist, but without a connection between your lower centers and higher centers, its efforts to communicate may go unheard.

Nevertheless, the higher centers will exist, passively, and may often be ignored though, but will provide for positive power, inspiration, creativity, and originality, if you take the time to listen and act.

The truth is that this positive power is but a potential in you now.

How can that be, the two ask!

Because to gain the most from what you just did, I'm placing you two in a special environment to capture the most beneficial experiences of physical life.
We will call leaving this garden SIN, as you are about to take a 'Serious Individual Nap'.
Staying here in this Garden would result in no changes, but leaving, opens the doorway to amazing new life experiences. Creation beyond my wildest thoughts.
It will be a learning process for us all.

You are me individualized, now.
Go forth, multiply and experience, with my blesssings.
End of story. 
Yes, a  play with imaginative abilities and another look at how it might really have been.
Who knows!   
Be Well