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Title: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Macca on June 19, 2013, 03:24:50
Hi Guys,

This is my first post ever regarding my experiences with Phasing etc. I've had a scary experience lately though, and would appreciate the input of anyone who may have any ideas. Also, Ill start by saying I'm not a religious person.

A few nights back I had my 10th OBE, (that I can remember, and not including lucid dreams) but it was only the second time I actually interacted with another person/s. Anyway I asked to be "shown something important", and I walked down a hallway of a school type building, and into a cafe / lunch-room. There was a TV on with Batman (the cartoon) playing, and when I looked left there was a guy sitting a the table casually watching it. He has a Swedish look and sound to him. His name was Sayson(?). Basically he said something along the lines of he'd been watching and working with me up to now through other people (an older guy I first spoke to) and it was fun. He needed more information and was running tests. Then he showed me a big wooden bucket, said it was holy water, and then stuck his whole face in it and began drinking it. Then I woke up.

I really wanted to find out if this was someone I should try to learn more off, so was keen to meet him the next time I OBE'd. He seemed really friendly and willing to help.

This morning I OBE'd after a lucid dream (in which I fought a demon with "the healing light of God" and transformed it into a white transparent old man". I went in to the phase, fell out after failed palpating, then went back in and it was clear as day.

Anyway, in the OBE I immediately asked to be taken to Sayson. I walked down a hall and found a room with 2 kids hiding. One was a 7 or 8 year old girl, the other a teenage boy. They seemed scared/weird and had masks fused to half their faces. The boy had a big green boil on the end of his nose. I asked them if Sayson was a good person. The girl said "Yes" in a drawn out, forced kind of way, like she was scared or something. Then the boy started saying "The thing about Sayson, is, ...."

Then I felt a menacing presence behind me and turned to see him holding a gun at me. He yelled "Don't you touch me ever again!"... I yelled "I didn't touch you f*ck-stick!" (I don't know why I used that language!). At that point I decided I wanted out and waved my hand in front of my face a few times and focused on ending it. I woke up, then felt that I could go straight back in if I wanted to, but decided not to. I was a bit scared immediately after. The whole thing had a really dark feel.

I'm not put off OBE's / Phasing from this, I'll be back in there tomorrow morning - but I would love some feedback on this. Maybe there is something I can do to avoid this in the future. Do I take on Sayson next time? Or, do I completely avoid him?

Cheers, and thanks for reading. This is all new to me but I think I have a knack for this stuff, so keen to learn from this.


Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Lionheart on June 19, 2013, 03:46:56
 The first thing I noticed is that you said you "weren't a Religious person", but you used "the Healing Light of God" to fight off a Demon.

 That's contradictory right there.

 The next was when you felt a menacing presence behind you, then turned and saw him holding a gun, just like a "menacing presence" would do.

 If you felt a presence behind you and thought at that moment that he was there to give you flowers, then that is what would have happened as well.

 Remember in the NPR (Non Physical Reality), thought = action.

 You just need to know that nothing can hurt you and I know it's hard to do, but stop watching those violent/demonic shows and movies on TV and at the movies.

 Demonic is a term that was created by Humanity.

 You are doing great though! You just need to know that you DO have more control over your scenarios.

 If Sayson has an important message for you he will return, if not, venture anew!

 Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Macca on June 19, 2013, 04:04:21
Thanks for the quick reply Lionheart.

I knew it was contradictory, and that's why I felt it was worth mentioning.

Definitely feeling better about the whole thing now. I did have a few nightmarish dreams last night preceding my lucid dream and OBE, so I was thinking the whole dark feel just bled through from earlier dreams. I guess I just felt a little less in control than usual (in lucid dreams I brush stuff like that off instantly). The realism caught me by surprise.

I've only been doing it for about 3 or 4 weeks, so lots to learn.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Szaxx on June 19, 2013, 23:26:02
You're doing fine. If bad dreams are troubling you try to sleep with your chin tucked  into your chest.
If you are one of the few, it should really improve things for you.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: MHCS on June 22, 2013, 16:16:28
I am religious, and did the same things before my first full projections.

There are demonic entities, and they can't hurt you, they can however make your life miserable...Just note how, after these experiences, you feel sick;  You feel tired;  Apathetic; Etc. This is the negative energy, demon, affecting you.  I feel going and sungazing works wonders at sending the thing to whence it came. I pray to be cleansed and healed after bouts with these things. They aren't always violent, and end with a see you later, thank you for healing me, kind of message.

 Maybe, like I assumed about my situation at the time.  It was a test.  To test whether you have conquered fear fully.  You might not have.  He did say he was testing you.  Watching you. Among other things.  Being human; we tend to forget TIME is a human conception and he could have been doing such for a long time.

I asked to be tested...And little ghost girl stood atop my stairwell...I ran up, grabbed her by the arm, and she twitched back, grabbing me...I woke up, saying "Fuuuu...." Aloud. I said the whole word...It was freaky...

But I went back to sleep...She paralyzed me with fear again, but this time, I did not look away.  I stared at my fear.  Stared it down, until I made IT look away.  I awoke, refreshed.

I consider everything over there a test...You don't bring a student to a classroom and pile on the work in a single day...You Teach...Then you Test...If they fail, you don't give up, you teach and test.  Wax on, Wax Off, heh Szaxx?

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Xanth on June 22, 2013, 16:29:32
I wouldn't really say that statement is contradictory.
What I mean is that people constantly reference god, even though they might not be religious in the slightest.

I know that when something good happens to me, I might accidentally let slip, "Thank god".  Not meaning "God", but just as a statement of appreciation that something good happened.  :)

Anyway... just sayin. :)

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Szaxx on June 22, 2013, 18:02:39
A test is very possible from the original post.
He'll return and be yourself M.
You can scare yourself easily, its better to understand why if its being directed at you. A gun, ha, it'd be a toy or the barrel would melt and point at him in my case. It's that easy. Be confident and hit it head on.

Size has no meaning apart from a representation of your fears.
If you have no fear whatsoever and are convicted in this stance, the devil himself would run away.
There's a hidden message there, you'll work it out.

If you fail it will return in a different format.
Wash wax and wax again, the shine counts as your buff.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Macca on July 10, 2013, 09:05:26
Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. I wont go into to much detail cos im writing off of my phone... but it did come back. It has just been a couple of scary experiences but it was definitely focused around the demon thing.

The last one was a lucid dream and i was driving in a car with a guy... and i read a card in my hand that said something about demons and vulnerabilities when drunk or something. I asked the guy casually if there was any truth to this stuff, and his face immediately morped like in 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' faces did when she was tripping.

It bit my arm and it hurt... but i just grabbed either side of his head and drove my thumbs into his eyes... embarassingly I reverted to the whole power if god thing and lit his head up with white light.

Anyways... maybe i do believe in God... but either way I phased 6 or 7 times since with no sign of anything scary.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Bedeekin on July 11, 2013, 06:34:16
Hey Macca

I personally think you are effortlessly yet subconsciously running the show here. If you did a nice bit of meditation between OOBE attempts it might help to let you consciously take the reigns of your experiences.

If you notice you are literally thinking and seeing. Like lionheart said...

The next was when you felt a menacing presence behind you, then turned and saw him holding a gun, just like a "menacing presence" would do.

If you felt a presence behind you and thought at that moment that he was there to give you flowers, then that is what would have happened as well.

Remember in the NPR (Non Physical Reality), thought = action.

This is the truest fact of the whole experience. You are what you project. This isn't a reductionist view... I'm not saying that you are just imagining it all. Fear is the first hurdle of the show and it can influence every corner of life... the nonphysical takes no exception to this and will project fear as an incarnate for you to deal with be it in the form of an entity or situation. Base... raw fear is there always bubbling at the surface of anything 'unknown'. Unfortunately, organised religion has given substance to the fear in the form of ' demonic evil' so regardless of your atheism you are still subject to that corner of the psyche when you are being backed into it.

You'll probably learn to circumnavigate your fear as you project more and practice further.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Lionheart on July 11, 2013, 08:06:04
 Macca, this explanation from Bedeekin was spot on.

 But if you need more proof, watch this extremely helpful video.

 It explains exactly what is happening to you and why. Tom begins his talk with a talk on Fear and the Non Physical Realms.

Title: Re: Help with Scary Experience
Post by: Macca on July 11, 2013, 11:06:43
Huge thanks to you guys for taking the time to respond and provide some insight. Ive started focusing on meditation a lot more now, and will watch that video asap.