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Title: Strange Ship in for Repair over the island?
Post by: raditus on September 20, 2013, 21:39:50
I astral traveled the other night, around the 17th or so and I think i might have gotten to the island. I only got as far at the beach, didn't get too far into the island just because of something really strange that I saw. I hope it was a projection, because it felt too epic for just a dream.

Way in the air, off to the side of the island someone came in from elsewhere. They had this massive ship or something with them. It was ruined, nearly a husk and looked nearly like the Citadel when it was busted up at the end of Mass Effect 3. I asked them, as they had their astral watcher with them helping out, what was going on. the main person told me they found about API and this was the only safe port to make repairs on it. They tethered it in one place with some bands of pink energy and promised that as soon as repairs were made, it was to be gone from there, back to where it came from. The team quickly set up a few beacons and a sign advertising about the repairs.

They called their watcher Zoe. Zoe was evidently programmed to look and sound exactly like number 6 from BSG. Very strange.....