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Title: Hi/Bonjour
Post by: ArkPhoenix on January 23, 2014, 07:35:45
NOTE: I wrote alot of stuff, what comes before the    -------- it can be skipped as it makes my post a way too long intro, but for some reason I can't explain I felt inside as I had to write that, but I don't know why.

Hi !

I'm an agnostic person from Canada and I'm a guy. I honestly don't know what to say so Ill try to make a global lookout of what draws me here. I didn't want to register at first as I was just experimenting like that for fun without much purpose, but something happened yesterday while I was meditating and it pushed me to register here as to have a way to communicating.

As I was a kid, I was raised as catholic and my mother always believed in spirit stuff so I took that as true. She was telling me how her aunt contacted spirits and had a couple of stories of that, I also had a young sick neighbor that she was babysitting and the night he died she said that she saw him floating over her bed and smiling to her. While Im skeptic today, I used to be a firm believe of that so my mind was opened on that kind of stuff.

I also used to dream alot, all kinds of dreams, from the basic ones to the ones that you do control yourself and some I think were premonition dreams. Im very not sure on the premonitions as it could have been déja-vu, but as my childish brain remembered Ive never had it as vivid as I remember those.

As a teenager, I slowly drifted apart from that mindset as I develop my critical thinking, I started doubting, being skeptic and getting more critical. My best friend was atheist and I switched toward the pure harsh scientific approach. I had never lived things comparable to my mother's so I went in denial due to the lack of personal experience

After that with the years and alot of personal thinking I drifted toward the agnostic view since I couldnt disprove either my friend's point of view and my mother's one. I don't know how relevant this is, but something inside me thinks I had to write this.

This part, I dont know how much sense it makes, but during that phase, I realized that during the nights I was dreaming, I wasnt resting as much as when I had "black" nights, and since I was cutting the sleeping hours, I kind of decided to condition myself to stop dreaming for maximum rest. I can't say I wasnt dreaming anymore, but I dreamed less or remembered them less and they were pretty much the standard dreams after that "cut".  I think that sums it up and while I could ramble alot more I think it makes a good background.


Anyhow, last week-end  I was browsing the internet through random stuff and I eventually hitted on youtube a video titled as a pineal gland "activator" opening your third eye and while searching around what it was it got me interested so I decided to give it a try. I had already tried meditation and it looked alot like it. So did that, it lasted 15 min. and I thought it didn't do much but in the end I got to see a bluish square floating around and that got my attention as I had never seen that in meditation tries.

I decided to gather around some knowledge on third-eye/pineal gland and I stumbled at this very website. While I was midly going around gathering info, it started to interest me more and, eventually, I read about how life changing and growing astral projecting was and it kind of awakened abit my child mindset and I decided to give it a shot. At one point I was looking in that AP tutoring and thought I might want to do that, so I followed what was asked as lesson 1: which is viewing that 1h30 conference going around AP.

After watching this video, I got to the conclusion that reading others experiences could be detrimental or induce me fear so I stopped looking that. In the video it also hardpressed alot on advancing slowly and not be in a hurry so I decided meditating and focusing only and then look farther down the road. I decided to do that using the beat I found and went for a 1hr practice

I was meditating, focusing got my body numb like it is resting as I did thelast time...focusing eyes closed  on the blackness, seing white lights going through it and aware of my body breathing. That's when it happened  I felt my lungs taking air, I noticed it was shorter than those before, started breathing out at the same speed and while happening I felt my body feelings going background mode (it was there, but I felt it different), I felt mild vibrations coming around my thoracic cage, but not from the background body its like it was over that. It caught me off-guard and slipped my focus abit as I thought I might be starting AP and I wasnt prepared for it, I didnt "study" that. It started fading back to normal, but I focused back into that state and observed more calm.

As I didnt note it down this Im not sure (I regret not taking notes), but I think I saw some kind of white waves pulsing to the vibrations I was feeling over my thoracix cage. Im not sure if I made those up, but I feel firmly that those vibrations were over my body. I eventually really lost the focus and finished my meditation.  After my meditation, I was body numb sleepy and my brain was tired as if it worked really hard. I felt it more between my eyes and the top of my head. That never happened to me while meditating.

I thought about it today, read around the forum, but Im abit confused about what really happened there. It looks like the description of phasing, but Im not sure and I have a hard time believing it was since, I don't have practice in that kind of things and I dont have the ego to think I got there. I just can't catalog that experience precisely on anything really and that's what dragged me here tonight.

Pleased to meet you and have a nice day or evening,

Title: Re: Hi/Bonjour
Post by: Szaxx on January 24, 2014, 13:26:19
Hi and welcome to the Pulse.
PM sent. :wink: