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Title: Hello!!
Post by: LightStorm on March 14, 2014, 16:25:09
   Hello friends! As you can see from my username, Iím LightStorm. (A.k.a. LS or Ace.) Iím quite a newbie to Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming in general, as previously I was under the perception that taking part in either of those is dangerous. I guess I was on the wrong part of the internet, haha! Anyway, Iím very interested in this and after reading various topics on the forum Iíve learned a ton, so thank you for all of your contributions!! Unfortunately I have never projected or dreamed lucidly before, although I have only attempted to twice. The first time I tried I felt vibrations, but got too excitedÖ Oops. The second time was similar, but I tried Frankís technique. It was late at night and I was tired so I just decided to go to bed. (Unfortunately, I sleep on my stomach so I wasnít able to Ďaccidentallyí experience AP once I turned over.)

Astral reality sounds amazing though, and I will definitely keep trying! I hope to learn a lot from the astral and maybe help people via recoveries/resurrections. I have a ĎThank youí for Lionheart, that recovery thread is very interesting and got me motivated. Iíve never been very great with meditation, but I feel like I have a pretty strong aura or energy. This is probably just wishful thinking, but I want to know what my true potential is; I think the astral can show me. I have a few questions for anyone willing to answer them.

Have you encountered any animal spirits/people disguised as animals in the astral? Can you change your appearance or form there?

Have you seen any other projectors in the astral? Were you able to talk to them?

Are you able to learn things pertaining to real life in the astral and absorb that information? I saw a post about a retrieval on here in which user SxÖ something was able to see a cityís history just by having another person transfer the information to them. Are there any books left by other people in the astral?

Thatís all for now. I feel like Iím forgetting something, but Iíll ask that question later if it comes to me! Thanks guys.

Title: Re: Hello!!
Post by: Astralzombie on March 14, 2014, 19:03:15
Welcome Lightstorm.

Once you've become used to the astral, you will indeed encounter all sort of different entities. From my experience, none are bad. They just have a different outlook on things. Some will need your help and some will want to help you. Just use your common sense. You wouldn't follow a crack dealer into a dark alley because he wants you to help him feed his doggie, would you?

You can change your appearance and project your image to be anything you like but one thing you won't be able to is change your energy aura. In that sense, you really are who you are until you work on becoming a better person.

In many cases you will just encounter your own dream characters but they are easy to spot because they will act and respond exactly how you think they will. In other words, nothing they do will surprise you.

Title: Re: Hello!!
Post by: Szaxx on March 14, 2014, 19:56:23
Hi LightStorm welcome to the Pulse
Dangerous? Ha, it's safe enough for a 4 year old to wander around in the woods at night. Must be then...

Recoveries/resurrections, this made me laugh. Yeah we bring the dead back to life. Lol.  I know you forgot the word, retrieval.
No, we don't bring them back, that would be too involved...
You can change form in some experiences (conditional), it's easy to be another animal when you have some purpose that creates a strong intent, fun too.

Other people yes. My brother and a friend I pulled away from his body while he was sleeping. I was 6 at the time... That's the start.

Information can be imprinted (downloaded) by you or to you at an amazing rate. Basically they put the info you are to recieve into you and you then remember all of it instantly. It can be imprinted so the other person thinks they lived through the experience you are imprinting. Some gets lost over time, that's typical of memory anyway. I hope you liked New Jericho...
Here's another with the imprinting in use,

If you had the vibrations in such a short time the success in learning the art should be a breeze.
Have a look here and see what you think.

Title: Re: Hello!!
Post by: LightStorm on March 14, 2014, 20:55:35
Thanks for the responses! Itís good to know that there are none of the dangers some people have told me of, at least none that you two have experienced. (I have seen that you two are pretty knowledgeable about AP, so yay!) Some have told me that there are evil spirits and demons in the astral, but after searching around on communities I have found that itís an untrue claim.

@AstralZombie - It makes sense that your aura/energy signature wouldnít change if your appearance does. Meeting the people I see in my dreams would also be very interesting, along with meeting those I am unfamiliar with. Have you ever met someone in the astral more than once?

@Szaxx - Oh, hello! It was Sz, not SxÖ haha. Yes, I forgot which R word was used. Along with your username. Iíll try not to mix those up again! It makes sense that you would need intent to change form, it seems like a very curious thing to do! I might try to work on that once  Iím experienced. The  retrieval you linked was really interesting; itís great that you could help those children. Did it take you time to learn how to ďmind sweepĒ or download thoughts to other people or does the option only present itself in specific situations? Iím very eager to learn more about Destyneeís Plan, Iíll bookmark it as I donít have much time to look it over now. Thank you for linking it to me though! By the way, you're very good at writing; your style is very eloquent and descriptive.

Title: Re: Hello!!
Post by: Szaxx on March 14, 2014, 21:53:43
I think anyone can do a mindsweep, you open a telepathic connection to a whole area rather than one person and only accept thoughts of the required nature in question.
Easy to do once experienced.
It has it's conditions as everything else.
It just appeared as I wanted to know how a group of people were feeling so I tried a group communication. It worked...
The imprint was taught and imprinted too. Again conditions of use apply.
I love doing the retrievals these are a real challenge at times. The first that I can remember was 40+ years ago. Im still active too.