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Title: Back to School
Post by: EscapeVelocity on April 01, 2014, 01:28:05
Saturday, March 15, 2014

Earlier in the week, I had advised a poster on the Pulse to recognize and take advantage of potential tunnel portals that were presenting themselves during his trance work. I was a little envious; I have never gotten anything like a tunnel before in trance. When I'm already out, yes, but not in trance. I thought that would be so cool and convenient. Well, apparently the message got through.

I had been awake into the early hours and was sleeping in very late; 10:30am, and was drifting back to grab another hour of sleep when I was presented with a spiraling tunnel against a grainy, gray background. It wasn't the fanciest or prettiest of tunnels but I was ecstatic for the opportunity! I didn't even wait two seconds for it to strengthen or anything, I just dove straight in---and phased instantly into a futuristic facility, all white and silver paneling, ceilings and floors, glass dividers, a broad information-type counter, hallways leading off to alcoves, all clean and spotless. I felt like 98% physically solid in a body and with bright, vibrant lucidity. I was happy and confident and determined to take on a lesson.

 I stepped across an atrium and up a couple stairs to the counter which was attended by a young man and woman, early twenties, who were dressed in similar white, pristine uniforms. They welcomed me enthusiastically and asked how they could help me. (I think they physically spoke or the communication was so strong that I automatically interpreted it that way) I said I think I am here for instruction. The girl said Wonderful, then you'll be using this portal over here and she pointed to this device on the wall to my left. I looked hard into her eyes and saw the clear, crisp consciousness behind them, not the dull, lifeless eyes of a dream character. I asked where the portal might take me and what would I be doing? She smiled and said that she did not know specifically but that it would not be beyond my abilities. Then they both began calmly talking to me and I could feel my consciousness shift somehow, almost backwards slightly, like I was now hearing them through a filter, ever so slightly muffled. I realized that the lesson had already begun in some way; they were intentionally forcing me to receive information simultaneously from two separate channels. The young man was quietly explaining that I would need to navigate around a course of some sort and avoid certain obstacles; the girl was describing the obstacles as other flyers and water geysers, and possibly other things; she further cautioned me to avoid going into the water. Midway through their talk, I became aware that a third person was addressing me from an alcove off to my right about thirty feet away. She was a thirty-something woman who reminded me of Ooma, the Ascended Being from the Stargate SG1 series. She was sitting among a group of young children, as if their teacher or mentor, but was calling over to me to also caution me (with a wry smile) about avoiding the water. I realized for a moment that I was interacting with sentient beings or energies, wrapped in forms that were likely, at least in part, my creation.

Everybody stopped talking at the same moment. The young girl smiled at me and asked- Ready? So I said let's do it. She touched the portal-plate and a rapid shift occurred and the next moment I was standing with my arms outstretched and the young couple were fitting some kind of flimsy exo-skeleton onto my arms and down my back and down my legs which I gradually became aware having some kind of small helicopter blade system below each foot and above each hand- it was a flight system. Flying, huh? I was okay with that.

Within seconds I was sliding out to my left and dropping outside into an airstream and into a vast open area of sky, like an arena thousands of feet across. The blades spun, their rpms controlled by my thoughts; direction by angling my hands and feet. I fell for perhaps a few hundred feet until I got my speed up and got myself stabilized, then powered back up to my original altitude and looked around. I had the hang of it pretty quick, or so I thought. I looked around and saw other flyers off in the distance, I could see them working their way around pylons suspended in the air; we were probably 800-1000 feet up. It was a spectacular sight. Now, geysers of water arced up from below aiming in my direction. They were relatively easy to dodge, so keeping them in sight I tried to angle to my right and get onto the course, but it became increasingly difficult to move in that direction; something wasn't right.

Now another problem appeared. Two flyers were approaching with a large intensely black net pulled taut between them, to ensnare me. Off in the distance, I could see the ocean and remembered the admonition. I was confident I could avoid the net flyers but as they approached my control faltered as if the flight system was quitting on me the closer they came. I was determined not to let that happen and put some intent into willing it back into operation and got nothing; No matter what I did, the system continued to malfunction. The flyers were on me and I hit the center of the net but with what felt like sheer determination, I bounced and twisted and kicked myself free of the net and hovered off, shakily but still flying. Although I had been bumped by the net, I judged that was a successful dodge but I was having severe control issues by now. The flight system was damaged and failing. I threw the last of my determination and intent into the struggle but it was not enough; I was going down. I became confused and then immensely frustrated and I started fading back to my physical which I could tell was face down, arms outstretched in bed... I tried one last time to re-engage but finally I faded completely.

I slept for a bit and then began dreaming. I was seated in a small office with a young man seated to my left, whom I did not recognize. He was telling me something (instructions, no doubt) and I gained almost full lucidity just as he finished his talk, so of course, I had not gotten any of it consciously! And obviously I realize now that I didn't have sufficient presence to question him, I just sat there fascinated.

A minute later, I realized that the office had somehow disengaged itself from the building and was sliding smoothly down its interior corridors, turning left, then right, transitioning through different interior sections, up many levels through beautiful architectural flutes. I was more lucid now and really enjoying this HD ride through these gorgeous, futuristic buildings. This wasn't an office, it was a shuttle of some sort.

 We slid out of the first building, into the sunlight briefly and I could see the city around us, then disappearing back into another building and presently, we slid out near the edge of the city and down along the shore of an ocean. We descended to a pier with watercraft lined up, my companion saying something about riding some of them. We stepped out onto the pier and he spoke with an attendant who said Yes, I have a couple returning shortly and you're welcome to use them. Moments later, two sleek, black hoversleds floated forward into a staging lane before us; the second one with little batwings tapering down off the sides; it shimmered and vibrated almost violently as it slid up. I knew that one was for me; it just looked screaming fast. The attendant said Yes, that one is particularly fast... and tricky. So we walked around to the other side of the staging lane to climb onto them I assumed, but when I looked again, the sled was gone and only this blue object remained, looking like a bicyclists' helmet. I was confused so I turned to query my companion but he was gone, already put his helmet on it appeared, and slipped into and under the water. I could faintly make him out, about three feet down, the same blue shape of a helmet on him and little blue half-shoes on his feet. I looked back at the remaining helmet, no scooter-booties to be found. I was unsure of what to do. Put it on and jump in? I couldn't understand why the scenario had changed. I was getting frustrated...and then everything faded.

These were some of my initial observations---

Lessons of some sort, but they both seem to end prematurely, almost before they've begun.

They both end in confusion and frustration. That can't be good. If I go with feel, then it was a fail both times.

I've realized a pattern at the beginning where 2 or 3 of them are all speaking at once, giving instructions, confusing the heck out of me; or speaking as I'm gaining lucidity only to clam up when I hit full awareness...then they kind of laugh and look at me like they're thinking, "I know you missed all that on a conscious level...are you ready now!" Rascals!

Maybe them all talking at once is teaching me something about concentration or communication.

Does the admonition to stay clear of the water in the first scenario still apply in the second?

I've learned from others that if you are repeatedly cautioned about something you better pay heed; failure to follow strict instructions can get you booted for awhile.

The first experience seemed to involve determination or intent and I maintained both throughout, even not getting tangled in a "web of despair". Was that any kind of success? Or do I have to complete the simulation with not even a single instant of doubt/fear/confusion?

I always try to stay within the given ruleset, but pretty quickly the rules seem to change or an insurmountable obstacle appears. Do I stay within the rules no matter what? In the first, I might have gone Ironman and shot out of there: don't know unless I try, I guess.

Then, a few days later, further observations---

LD2 I was unable to judge whether or not to trust my companion.

The attendant saying the sled was "tricky"...was that a clue to an upcoming change in the scenario? Because the sled did indeed play a trick by morphing.

Then, last night this occurs to me---

These are lessons to help me build the proper mindset, to keep a calm, detached and clear-thinking attitude. And I failed both times; I lost control of my emotions and succumbed to frustration; this might include doubt and confusion and maybe a touch of fear, but it wasn't until I got wrapped up in the frustration that it was like a 3 second timer was started---1,2,3 okay you're done...fade out...frustration was apparently the key.

The first experience was probably designed to have my flight system fail, no matter what I did or how much determination or intent I brought to bear. The test was not to navigate around the course; the test was to see if I could handle my emotions and keep my composure when everything I tried had failed.

The lucid dream was a variant with the key object in the scenario (the hoversled) morphing on me and introducing confusion, followed by me becoming frustrated. A trick was used...and they even told me ahead of time.

So, if I have recognized this correctly, maybe I convert the failures into a small learning success by improving my mindset for the future. I won't know until I get back there.

The NPR mindset requires control of all the emotional impulses we are prone to, and seems to follow a fairly orderly progression as our experiences move deeper. First, we learn to control Fear, then Excitement, then oftentimes Sexual impulse, then maybe in some order, Fascination or Distraction, Confusion or Indecision, Frustration, Anger? What's after those?

Another part of this is that no matter how lucid or clear I think I am in NPR, my thinking is nevertheless limited in ways I don't fully understand; ideas that should occur to me simply don't. That ability somehow needs to be developed more fully. I think I see it improving, but slowly.

It's always something...

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: EscapeVelocity on April 02, 2014, 07:45:23
A further realization...something has been itching at me for the last couple weeks to read a section of Kurt Leland's book Multidimensional Human, and a section in there led me to his earlier book Otherwhere and what he describes as an "initiation", where he describes the 10 levels of dream/astral awareness and what is needed to move beyond and into the Mental plane... I had it all, just not in the order he presented it.

The second experience, the Lucid Dream, threw a bright blue helmet in front of me, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. In retrospect, I realize it was the mantle of Mental awareness. I might have grabbed it, I might not have. I'm not sure right now...

Either way... I know now...that I'll get it.

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: Szaxx on April 02, 2014, 17:20:05
Perfect examples of your minset needing serious attention.
I'll respond in detail when time permits.
For now though, two things.
1. You didn't go with the FLOW.
2. One day you'll stop being physical minded, it's lethal in these experiences as you found out.

You can scream now in utter frustration.

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: Szaxx on April 03, 2014, 19:38:21
'I looked hard into her eyes and saw the clear, crisp consciousness behind them, not the dull, lifeless eyes of a dream character.'
This is what gives a strong impression of it all being beyond our own creation.

' She smiled and said that she did not know specifically but that it would not be beyond my abilities.'
That is ALWAYS true, however you will find these test very testing at times. You can't stop for a cup of tea or the like. They'll push you beyond what YOU THINK is the limit.

' they were intentionally forcing me to receive information'
Nah, you need to develop this multiple senses input system. It's like riding a bicycle. Once learned the imprints given along with the event fall into place. It's easy to do one thing at a time, put under pressure and time limits, this will guide you in the quest. Eventually...The muffled effect, I think is frequency shifting to use a generic term. I first noticed this in the Badlands when I wanted to be 'undiscoverable'.

' I threw the last of my determination and intent into the struggle but it was not enough; I was going down.'
What were your exact thoughts here. It's a unit error or did ANY doubts creep in?

' I was confused so I turned to query my companion but he was gone, already put his helmet on it appeared, and slipped into and under the water.'
Expect the unexpected, a perfect example. There's no time to question anything, you do as the locals do.
It's a fail if you don't quite make it. That is one of the most difficult changes to make. KNOW at all times you're NP and jump in without questioning. You actually did this earlier and had an experience to boot. It's so hard dropping the physical limitations you've lived with for many years. It's NOT impossible, all it takes is a shift in your mindset and a bucket of intent. Thats without forgetting your NP and have a part to play in the environment with an instant interaction to any apparent problems. You could add to that some fear issues (physical world based) that they sneak in to add to the complexity.
It's still doable and when you think on the posts contents, you actually succeeded first time around.
The rascals...
Perhaps you should have read their minds and obtained the required data. That would have wiped off a smile or two.
When there's too much data in speech you read them. They knew this act would bring you some recall.
The water...
If it's the same water then yes. You go off the feel, scenes change and the rules for each change too.
Repeated cautions are made for good reason. Ignore them and suffer. You may wake (boring) or get to understand WHY. Perhaps later in your experiences this will fit in. Any tiny fears may go supernova. Lol, you'll love learning the hard way, you become totally fearless.
Staying within the ruleset ...
Usually a good idea, in a game you'd be cheating.
If something is tricky it may require you to manifest it to whats expected.
Before I was 10 I changed things to suit my needs. It seemed natural. As the NP is fluid I learned to create things needed if the one there changed. It gives the ability to create realms once developed. This is where you create the environment complete with many moons and a multicolor sunrise. Or a black sky dripping with lava and acid rain that burns you. Each is as easy as the other. Fear is not an option, you will understand why I'm sure.

Your reflections after a day or two show promise on your ability to see where the rough edges need filing. Trust is earned the same as here, go off the feel, if it's uneasy, watch yourself.
You have made the observation of the requirement for a different way of thinking. This is the only way to go, develop a second NP personality. It will grow wirh you and become separate from the physical one. You simply cannot get them mixed.
They develop as part of you dependant upon the conciousnesses alpha state at that instant. Wherever your awareness is the correct personality will automatically be.
The difference will astound you upon reflection after a thousand or two experiences in the astral proper.
The ones above score 15% and that's being generous.
You'll be transported to some environments where you will not want to return, be strong, these emotional tests are heavy on your mind. They cannot be forgotten.

I've given a somewhat rushed reply in an 'as read' frame of mind. Any questions just ask.
There's so many reminders of my adventures in your post.

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: EscapeVelocity on May 29, 2014, 00:38:35
1) Go with the FLOW. Expect the unexpected. Do as the locals do.---Okay, that clears it up for me; I have no problem with that. I'm going to be the flowing-est dude the NPR has yet to see! Knowing that it was a test, I guess I just have difficulty in determining when to stay within an observed rule set and when to depart from it.

2) "I threw the last of my determination and intent into the struggle, but it was not enough; I was going down."

Szaxx asked---What were your exact thoughts here? It's a unit error or did ANY doubts creep in?

What do you mean by a "unit error" Szaxx? As the flight system began to malfunction, I reasoned that this was a test of my determination or willingness to quit. Maybe that was an outright mistake or maybe I should have quickly switched to "going with the flow" and adapting to whatever came next. I 'knew' that I could probably fly without the apparatus, but I worried that would be a rules infraction. Then, yes, I had a doubt about my ability, some frustration and everything faded...

3) In the second lesson, when given the opportunity to put on the blue helmet and submerge into the water, I really didn't have a physical fear of doing that. What seems to have caught me out was my confusion over why the hoversled had transformed into a helmet. A moment of confusion and probably a hint of doubt. As well, my lucidity was not quite as high as the previous lesson since I had just come aware in a LD. My NPR personality is still a bit of a dope at times. I can see it improving however.

4) Szaxx said---Perhaps you should have read their minds and obtained the required data. That would have wiped off a smile or two. When there's too much data in speech you read them. They knew this act would bring you some recall.

Once again, you amaze me Szaxx!! How did you know that happened at that point in time?

I didn't include that part in my first post because it had happened so quickly and I hadn't fully processed it yet to properly put into words.

In the first lesson, when the young instructors and the older woman quit talking to me all at the same moment, I had an instant knowing that they were pausing to give me a chance to read one of their minds. The pause was a second at the most, then she asked me if I was ready?

During the pause, my thought process was this---I thought, how would I do that? Him or her or the other woman? All right, the young girl; she seemed to be presenting herself. Should I ask permission first? I put out a mental request and got nothing back. I formed the intent and mentally reached out to the young girl, but quickly withdrew when I didn't feel an immediate connection. I had a brief mental image of awkwardly reaching out and somehow sticking my thumb in her eye, or somehow possibly injuring her mind. I certainly didn't want to risk injuring her and didn't want to appear brutish and insulting; I felt this could quickly turn into an embarrassment on my part. I couldn't form a coherent picture of what I wanted to do, so I dropped the idea altogether. Concurrently, I was realizing that she probably didn't have any further specifics on my lesson; those specifics would likely be supplied by my subconscious.

Just this one second during the lesson took me a couple weeks to process. That was a lot of thought and mental action to stuff into what was a second or less... I realized how 'accelerated' my thinking became for that one second. Those thoughts and mental actions would have normally taken me 8, 9, maybe 10 seconds to run through. Also, I was still in that 'filtered' mindset I had described, like my awareness had taken a step back inside my head.

I realize now that this was an example of the 'mental acceleration' Szaxx had said would be required in some NPR environments in order to operate effectively. I got a strong sense of how much my thinking can accelerate or compress (once again, words limit) and I also sense this acceleration can be taken much further; I may have just barely hit the throttle.

So, within even a small failure, I have found a completely different lesson and a success of sorts! I wonder how many other lessons were in there that I have yet to uncover?

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: Szaxx on May 29, 2014, 04:26:44
1, This is always a pain to work out, if you know the ruleset, stay with it. If there's nothing apparent then use your own judgement. You can't really fail unless it's a nuclear mushroom sized blunder. Lol
2, The flight unit failing in respect to it's control circuits.
You were given a choice to make, attack or defense to correct the failing device.
Attack would be you wielding the required energy to do the flying ( you knew you could). Defense is being caught by the net and then using guile to escape from it ( you did this well). This is a distraction and these are sneaky ways to see your natural instincts and abilities. Too long pondering over what to do would leave you in a position taken by the fly hovering on a freeway. Splat, game over. Lol.
You knew you could fly and this alone allows you to do it. If you know flying by yourself would be wrong then don't do it.
A dilemma of sorts, you saw both options and that is a very good perception to make. It confused the issue so the test was terminated.
3, Fluidity is allowed in the NP. We can shapeshift and we're mostly unaware. This is where physical world thinking needs attention. Things change on a whim and going with the flow saves time and you begin to follow your instincts rather than ponder with rationalisation.
Your lucidity may require improving from your point of view. It may be a deliberate action to test your reactions.
4, I'd have read them without any doubt, perhaps I'm reading you too. It wouldn't be the first time. Lol
The thought acceleration you had where a lifetime exists mentally within one second and you can comprehend a vast amount of data is what an imprint unfurling is like.
Your wanting to obtain information instantly is the initial stepping stone to success on telepathic communications. As you found out it's a little quicker. You could say the speed of sound in comparison to the speed of light faster.
Your instincts will develop this tool, it's heavily required in some 'really nice environments'.
The imprints will be next.
An eye, one wink, and you know the contents of a 1000 page book. Oh, and one hell of a headache if your an unlucky one. Lol.

Unchecked its bedtime, errors withstanding.

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: EscapeVelocity on May 29, 2014, 07:37:12
Both times, I took too long pondering between two options; 2-3 seconds maybe; the second time I missed the correct decision by a nanosecond!; I felt it!...but that's all it takes for a

My NP personality still needs development, I feel like half natural talent and half moron. :-D

Your response confirms and clarifies my thinking with the necessary nuances indicated.

Thank you, Szaxx!


Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: Szaxx on May 29, 2014, 11:02:40
Look at it this way,
if you gained nothing at all then call it a fail.
If you learned or even experienced something new then it's progress. You can't say making progress is failing.
You are doing fine.

What's next should be playing on your mind.
This will bump the subconcious into action.
You have enough knowledge already to do a mission.

Title: Re: Back to School
Post by: Nameless on October 03, 2016, 02:27:57
So NOW I get it. Thank you EV!!