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Title: Immortality Rings
Post by: Rakkso on June 25, 2014, 02:49:08
Hello Pulse,
came across this page from a science healing forum,
Te guys name is Alex Chiu, he designed this healing devices based on years and years of research in accupuncture, basiccaly four magnets, 2 placed in you pinky left finger and two on your ppinky right one. with poles possitioned in a certain way, they create a magnetic field which is believed to accelerate your blood circulation, bringing many benefits a claimed by him, the main one "reverse age-ing".

As a young scientific I build mine and have been using them 3 days straight, the claims that it improves lucid dreaming/more clear longer dreaming IMO from personal experience are true. I have personally experienced also an "up" in dream recall.

SITE with some guy's personal experience: (
SAME dude How To Build article: (
Page index: (
Page How to Build Yourself: (

Tell me what yall think, i did mine with tiny magnets, fridge-like magnets. and i think ill buy neodymiun magnets to make my own personal leather ones.