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Title: Culmination of events
Post by: Newoldsoul on August 15, 2014, 17:36:34
Hi all. First post here. This will be a bit of a read but I thought i'd lay out what has, I felt, led me here. When i was ten, I had four teeth remove at the dentist. Gassed me "count may feel like your floating..." Went fully OB, remember the silver thread, do not recall being fearful or it strange I just remember it being absolutely awesome!!! Flew around the office, through the walls, all over town :). Fast forward 8 years later after watching one of the excorcist movies( raised Baptist so naturally fearful of duh dehbul) had my first recollection of SP. felt the weight, saw the demon laughing and choking me, scared me senseless to say the very least. Move forward and i'm 22 and ha moved back home briefly. Asleep, maybe, on my parents couch with their dog at my feet. I can see the dog over my head on the backrest of the couch looking iver my head and snarling, growling, barking at something in the den. Arms felt unusually heavy but i managed to reach up towards the dog...but he wasn't there, he was still at my feet looking at me puzzled and i to him lol. Fall back out and notice the light comes on in the kitchen and hear my little brother and mother. He's wanting a bowl of cereal and to come sleep with me and mom is telling him to be quiet because i was asleep. Rub my eyes, no lights on, no noise, dog is gone i check down the hall and no one has moved. Stay up a couple hours racking my brain trying to make sense of it and decide to shake it off and go back to sleep. Lay back down and after awhile ilI begin to hear two male voices unfamiliar to me. Open my eyes and two men are i. Front of me in the den!! A tall heavy set figure in the corner by the tv and a slender average height guy in the middle of the den. Both are debating whether i'm "ready to go or not" and for whatever reason was not scared or unsettled by their presence. Slender guy walks up and kneels down in front of me smiling peacefully. I tried to speak but my vocals were not working lol just noise like uhhhhrregggg haha and he communicated telepathically with me. Said not to be afraid they were here to take me with them because they needed to show me something and he took my hand but the other guy said he's not ready yet, it's obvious. The slender one turned back still smiling and said "i understand. Whenever you are ready we will be waiting" and poof! Into a million tiny twinkling sparks of brilliant blue light they vanished.  I had never even hear of astral projection until two weeks ago. These events in my life, I believe to a point, have led me here. I've always had big questions that no one earthly can answer. Have any of you had similar experiences? Can you guys/gals give me some advice or direction as to where I should begin to get back to whoever they were and what it was they had in store for me?


Title: Re: Culmination of events
Post by: desert-rat on August 15, 2014, 19:02:58
Welcome to the forum . It sounds a bit more like a near death event , but you may of not of been that close to death . There are lots on N.D.E. stories posted on the net , are easy to find , and quite interesting .

Title: Re: Culmination of events
Post by: Newoldsoul on August 15, 2014, 19:39:05
Thank you for the reply. Which of these events in particular are you considering the NDE? I'll be sifting through info on them today for sure!

Title: Re: Culmination of events
Post by: soarin12 on August 15, 2014, 20:00:08
Hi Newoldsoul.  Welcome!  Sounds like you've had some interesting experiences!  When I started projecting (I had done it maybe 5 times)  I asked to be taken to the place where people go when they die.  I didn't want to die, I just wanted to visit!  After I asked (I wasn't OOB quite yet but in trance) two people appeared to me.  An older man and a woman.  They both told me that I wasn't ready.  They were right.  I had a lot of fear issues to work out.

I'd suggest just to keep practicing your AP.  You'll probably be given test situations to help make you ready.  You'll work on controlling fears, sexual urges, and emotional responses that would get in the way of seeing what you need to see.  If you treat all people/entities the way you want to be treated and have respect for the environment you're in, you'll be doing well.  Keep expressing your desire and intent to see what the people were going to show you.  Good luck on your journey!  :)

Title: Re: Culmination of events
Post by: Newoldsoul on August 15, 2014, 20:48:35
I'll absolutely continue my AP!! I came close the other night, i think, to exiting. I'm very green with my meditation, relaxation techniques as of now, but I was able to fully relax, had some very vivid colors and a vision of a spinning pyramid which was in the middle of this beautiful meadow that wverytime the win would blow the grasses would change to all colors of the rainbow yet the pyramid was black and white. When I got close to it it stopped spinning and it opened and i went inside. Inky, unjulating blackness...3D void maybe? After that vibrations got very intense along with high pitched hissing and i could see through what i assume were my eyelids a couple black figures darting back and forth and standing over me at one point and that's when our guard dog outside lost her mind!! Naturally that broke whatever state i was in and kind of made me a bit uneasy too but very very excited at the same time! Hopefully soon I'll be able to exit and report back with an astral experience of my own!:) by the way, loving this forum and all the insight on the subject!!