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Title: The awakening. The New Age 2012!
Post by: TheWolfofDreams on August 27, 2014, 11:52:11
2012 is obviously well-known as the coming of the New Age and with it a change to higher frequencies, vibrations, and a better outlook on life.

I only recently learned what significance 2012 holds, and when I learned it blew my mind.
It was late 2012 when I first started getting these feelings, it felt like... In my words in a conversation with my father this is how I described my intuition.
"I don't know my purpose or whats going on. But I can feel something coming, it's coming for me and for all of us. I just feel it." Most of which he just threw to the fact that I was aware of the massive amounts of natural events occurring volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.
But what I didn't know, and he didn't know, was that it wasn't about politics or disasters. My subconscious was waking up, there is a massive amount of energy floating around and it had been feeding me to prepare for this stage of my life. I can't tell you how or why, but I know these things.

But this isn't all, the feeling never went away but new things occurred.
As I felt these changes and this sensation within me that a major event was drawing near, I began to have wildly vivid dreams and several lucid ones as well. And things just built up from there. But what really threw me a curve ball, that I barely understand now. At one point I had laid my head down on my desk and barely dozed off when I felt this incredible intense vibration, I thought I was having a seizure. I now understand that this was an attempted AP.

Just a lot of things like that over the last two years have been occurring and I now know why.
You see, I'm part of this new group of kids being born called, 'Indigo Children'. That's me. I feel that these 'Indigo Children' are naturally born for this age, the next step in spiritual evolution and I'm part of the forefront.

Anyway, all these things began happening and I had no idea. And then as I've gone through this learning stage of the start of my awakening, I realized that the source of all this activity and changes was the coming of the New Age.

I don't know what it means for me or for others, but this.... this is gonna be BIG.

Title: Re: The awakening. The New Age 2012!
Post by: Tahira on August 27, 2014, 15:46:35

meanwhile I've come to believe that 2012 was nothing but the end of a cycle of the maya calendar - nothing more, nothing less.

I mean, look at the state the world currently is in. Does this look like an ascension ?

Besides this; some years ago I frequently read in a forum that was run by a hypnotist with leaning to mystic (at times it seemed he is actually more kind of a witch, anyway ...) who did quite a lot of not so normal things. One of them was a channeling session with a higher being. I don't know how this contact was established in the first place, but when he got the permission of the being for a interview, he asked the participants of the forum to provide questions for it. One of them was the "Ascension Theory" of 2012. The answer of the being to this was quite disillusioning. It said "There is ascension and descension. But in general, it's more a descension." On the question why, "Because every soul in the line has to get it's turn."

There was another session where he tried progression or contact with a being from the future (not shure what it actually was). In this session he asked the future being about the past (our future). It stated their history was quite peacefull, although in the distant past there was a last one, but big devastating war somewhere between 2000 and 2025. On the request to try to be more precise it said "I guess it was more around 2015. But it became so serious that outside intervention was necessary. Many died. This was a lesson to mankind."

Unfortunately I can not find the transcript of the session anymore. I'm always skeptic about such statements and more hold on to a "time will tell" attitude, but what I recall from memory from these sessions and compare with the current developments makes my flesh creep ...

Everything happens in parallel, past-present-future. So channeling information from the future is as likely as channeling information from the past. But it's not guarantied that on our way through timespace we will come across that exact point where we got the information from - but once we are past the last exit decision branch on this route, things that are to come will come. The question is: are we yet ?

Title: Re: The awakening. The New Age 2012!
Post by: TheWolfofDreams on August 27, 2014, 21:16:24
I feel that the war and chaos represents the descension, however, since we've become such a materialistic species, I feel that it has to come down before the new can go up. We as humans have built our society on material things and have fought and killed for them in the name of everything from God to money. This is not good. Our society has become too unstable. I feel that because the old age is over and the new has begun, we're going to go through some changes as a species. This will likely involve war as society collapses to grow into something even better. We as humans, in my opinion, will have to go through some war and destruction to pave the way for the coming of the new way of thinking.
I wish I could channel other humans and let you feel just how I feel.

On the opposite side of that coin, there's a possibility where things don't go like that, and we split into a different branch of reality, there's a theory for that I believe. Who knows though. I can't wait to find out!