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Title: Missed my chance
Post by: Newoldsoul on September 05, 2014, 05:49:57
This morning when I worked off I did my usual affirmations before bed and this time got audible hallucinations after only just a few minutes. Sounded like crickets chirping and water splashing. Fell asleep and found myself fishing in an area I had never been but it was beautiful and the fish were biting like crazy lol!! Anyway from there it spun off into five or six different dream scenarios one after the other with obvious signs for me to pay attention to to reach a higher level. Throughout all the dreams I was active and alert but not to the point I recognized I could go higher. Landscape changes, people changed in and out, from a river, to a field, to a trail ride, to some weird parlor with people I still have no clue who they were to some industrial facility attached to a house I and my wife apparantly own in this dream world where a group of people were camping out on the third story all wearing jumpsuits and invited me to hangout with them and meditate to acheive a higher state and at that point for a split second it finally dawned on me and i got an insane rush and guess I was teleporting somehwere else annnnd then my wife got up out of bed and I was shot back and woke up too and was like nooooo I was so friggin close haha. Anyway, I do fish a lot and have an idea that will maybe help me realize quicker i'm dreaming. Going to focus on fishing except I won't have a rod and reel and Imagine I have a shovel in my hand instead. Maybe that will work!

Title: Re: Missed my chance
Post by: EscapeVelocity on September 05, 2014, 08:34:22
Have you added to your affirmations the suggestion to "come aware" in your dreams or to "notice" any dream triggers? It's good to add to and change up your affirmations from time to time, you never know what might hit a hot button. :wink:

Your awareness in this series of dreams indicates you are close, and once you go lucid, you really go!

Have fun!

Title: Re: Missed my chance
Post by: Newoldsoul on September 05, 2014, 11:10:49
Yes i usually affirm that "i gain full conciousness in my dream" or "i am aware i'm dreaming". If i'm going theough meditation or trance work i'll affirm "i'm aware of my astral or hugher self etc". So exciting to be this close :)!!!