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Title: What happened? Confused about astral experience. Very looong story.
Post by: Serene247 on October 01, 2014, 05:31:15
Tell me your thoughts on this.... (if you have the time to read it). I'm a very complicated person, trying to figure things out with me aren't usually easy. lol.

So, Iím just gonna warn you before you read this that Iím kind of just going to pour issues out during this to explain some things that I feel are key to my questions and what got me started with astral in the first place. :) I'm sorry this is so long, I really just want some sort of opinion or thoughts about it from someone who knows what theyíre talking about ☺ I donít have anyone in my family or current friend circle whom I can talk to about this.

   I learned what astral projection was after my husband died and I was learning about communicating with him. We always had this crazy connection since day one, when we met, where we could pretty much read each otherís minds. We would talk all the time without speaking and after he passed I realized I could still talk to him through that, and I had also seen him a few times within the first few months after his passing. Once I just caught a glimpse of him and felt his hand on me, another time I saw him in the mirror, once I heard him singing clear as day, and my sister actually saw and spoke to a guy right after he passed who looked identical, had the same name, and was wearing this yellow bracelet he always wore. She even got a picture of him as he walked away. Our entire family swears it was somehow him.  After realizing how accessible he still was I wanted to find ways to spend time with him and started looking into it.
I also learned about astral projection because I have some weird sleep disorders and I thought I was having night terrors some nights until it bothered me how real it all seemed so, I looked it up and realized I was actually astral and seeing things in different dimensions. I was born with idiopathic insomnia so I barely need any sleep and thereís no rhyme, reason, or cure. When I do sleep, itís extremely light sleep and Iíve been a very very lucid dreamer for as long as I can remember, like as in preschool or before.

So, with my sleeping disorder Iíve realized that Iíve gone astral plenty of times in my sleep, but always passed it off as a dream. I have a lot of extreme dejavu to the point of narrating an entire day minutes before each thing occurs throughout the day. Last November about a year after my husband died I went astral and got to see him. I realized I have some actual friends in the astral world (that they werenít just a dream all these years), and Iíve more recently walked through a few dreams of people I know. Not exactly on purpose I think I was just wandering and wound up there (I tend to go in and out of consciousness, itís hard to explain). And, again not to pour things out on anyone, Iím not looking for pity, but I grew up in an abusive household and have been through hell so many times. I have a stress disorder and with it I have a problem with full relaxation where when I consciously relax fully I canít breathe because Iím just not used to it. So, when I try to meditate to consciously go astral I always get so close, but never get there because then I canít breath, but then today something pretty awesome happened.

I work 45+ hours a week, and go to college full time. My mom owns a restaurant and I run it. So, last night I was in school all day, and then didnít fall asleep until maybe 2 or 3 am, but some people were coming to close our pool so I had to get up at 6:30 to let them in. I was completely exhausted for once and fell back to sleep around 7:30, but I had to be up for work by 9 and I was trying to also stay awake to hear what was going on with the people closing my pool. But, I fell asleep and I was thinking about everything as I did, and people were talking outside, and I was thinking about work, so my body fell asleep and my mind did not! Iím laying there in bed somewhat conscious of whatís going on and I feel kind of fuzzy, and I hear static, and almost feel like Iím floating and then I hear womenís voices. I hear a conversation near by which is when my mind completely wakes up and I realize whatís going on. I think to myself ďOh my gosh, Iím on the verge of astral projecting. I can actually do it right now!Ē So, I triedÖ I tried opening my astral eyes without opening my physical eyes and I felt these crazy vibrations and heard this awesome sound from the vibrations and I opened my eyes without opening my actual eyes and it was amazing, even though I was just looking at my room. I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. I still felt heavy and attached to my body, but I started trying to move while looking at the blanket in front of my face. I wiggled for just a few seconds before I had view of my open bedroom door and I saw someone with her back turned to me leaning on the doorframe talking.  It looked like she was talking to someone else who noticed me and glanced over. This caused the woman leaning on the door to notice me. She turned, saw me, gasped, and started to run toward me, then disappeared and was all of a sudden lying between the wall and me. She looked angry, she was very pretty, looked like she was 24, and she was also blonde. I told her to get away, to leave me alone, I asked who she wasÖ she didnít answer, but she put her one hand on my collarbone and was just pressing on it while looking very serious, like she was on a mission. I was freaked out. I tried moving, but barely could, but I put my hand on her hand trying to get her to let go and leave me alone and I felt her fingers as I tried to pry them off of me. Then I looked up and was trying to think of my husband hoping that maybe heíd come or Iíd instantly go to him, but nothing happened. So, then I started calling for God, I didnít know what else to do other than pray and ask him to help me out. (I'm Catholic). Next thing I knew I was fading out and then I was in a dream instead.

Then in the weird ďdream world,Ē I was having a nightmare, I guess because I was freaked out, but I was still lucid. I felt her presence, I saw her a few times through out the dreams and the entire time I was trying to get away from her and all these horrible scary things happened and I thought she was trying to scare me, or something. At least once during it I went out of the dream and was back in my room and saw her still there and felt her pressing on my neck again.

An alarm went off and I woke up completely freaked out with clear memory of the entire thing as if I just walked out of it. Thinking about it afterward and being a little more rational I think the dream being a nightmare was just me being freaked out, and I think she did not want me to be in the astral plane for some reason, but I have no idea who she is and Iím just trying to figure out what happened.

Every so often around 8-10 am I will hear a woman calling my name. I have actually woken up from it before thinking my mom or sister or someone was calling me. And there would be no one there. I have actually answered before honestly thinking someone was there, but whoever it is only says my name and says "Wake up." It would always come from outside my bedroom door and sometimes it would be right next to me as long as I was upstairs and not in my room. I will hear it awake or asleep as if thereís someone physically there. Then when astral she was standing outside my door, but my door was open which it usually isnít when Iím sleeping and when she saw me she ran in. I think she might be the one whoís been calling me, but I just donít have any idea who she is, whose side sheís on, what she was doing, etc.  I just donít know how to react. Iím so happy because this morning was my first intentional and fully conscious astral projection, but Iím so confused and very freaked out. She's probably still when Iím not astral and I still donít know who she is. I want to astral again at some point, I just donít know what to do.

Is there any way to figure out who she is, what she wants, and why she did that, or what she was even doing? It is possible that she was trying to hit a pressure point to put my mind asleep and knock me out of the astral plane? Does that make sense in the astral world? I realize that I could have gotten away from her, I could have protected myself better, maybe my vibration levels werenít good, but Iím not experienced in completely conscious astral projection and it could take me a while to learn. Normally when Iím astral I feel as though Iím connected to my higher self or something and my soul guides me not my brain. Lol. If that made sense, but I also donít remember it as well when that happens and Iím almost on a ride rather than making decisions. But now, I just donít know what to do. Iím sorry this was so long. I just need some advice, or at least for someone to hear my story.  Thank you ☺ I hope I donít sound nuts. Lol. Feel free to be honest, but please be nice about it. lol. Thanks :)

Title: Re: What happened? Confused about astral experience. Very looong story.
Post by: soarin12 on October 01, 2014, 10:15:15
A very common experience for anyone who gets sleep paralysis or projects from a conscious state.  It's even given a name- "The dweller on the thresh-hold."  It's happened to me enough times that I've lost count.  Always the same scenario, too.  Someone comes through my room door, into the room, and either sits on the bed or flies right into me or through me.

The phenomenon is commonly thought to be either hallucinations created by your mind, or thought forms generated by the collective consciousness as a kind of 'fear test' to see if you're ready to handle the astral or not.

At any rate, you need to keep your emotions under control. (easier said than done, I know!)  When astral (just like in dreams) your thoughts are creative. -Have  fearful thoughts and your mind will generate a scary monster.

The good thing is, once you get away from your physical body, the 'dweller' will be gone.  It'll most likely be smooth sailing.  I've only had a few negative incidents while out of body, out of hundreds of projections.  But when I'm 'astral' but still attached to my body like you were, I've had many such experiences.  They won't hurt you and they do lessen after you 'pass your tests' !

So... If it happens again, remain emotionally passive (ignore it) and move away from your physical body.  This site is full of exit techniques if you don't know how to do that.  Once 'out of body', the creepers will be gone and you'll be able to enjoy your experience.

Another thing, I never turn on my astral vision until I'm out of body -because then I don't have to see what the 'dweller' looks like.  You'll still perceive them with kind of an extra sense,  but you won't have to see them.  This makes it less scary.     :-) 

Title: Re: What happened? Confused about astral experience. Very looong story.
Post by: Serene247 on October 01, 2014, 22:21:39
That was an awesome response! Thank you soo much! So you're pretty much saying that she probably wasn't real? lol. Afterward I kind of felt like maybe something was trying to tell me I wasn't ready to do it. I'll definitely check out techniques for exiting my body. Thank you!

Title: Re: What happened? Confused about astral experience. Very looong story.
Post by: Serene247 on October 01, 2014, 22:23:13
Soo interesting  :-o I can't wait to get further. It was at least a huge milestone yesterday  :-D

Title: Re: What happened? Confused about astral experience. Very looong story.
Post by: Szaxx on October 01, 2014, 23:02:55
Look into phasing, this method may suit you more as you enter an environment directly without any sense of the body.