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Title: our personal Parallel universe / realities
Post by: Karxx Gxx on October 22, 2014, 06:14:55
I was reading on reality shifting when I thought of this concept/question.
I've never really thought about it, but when you go into another reality, what happens to the other peoples and ours? I mean, if there are infinite parallel realities and we slip into another from the current one, do we affect our other self's reality? What happens to that mind? Or is it just a place holder until we go into it? Maybe we join it.

And as for the other people, are we affecting theirs? Or is their reality separate, but we see their "reflection" in our own? But what if we go into one that we are rich and there's a poor neighbor you have. You decide to give him millions. Even if its his reflection and he is in his reality, does his reflection affect him?

Maybe there is only one shared reality and evil/not so evil doers try to make it seem there is more for some complicated reason! Who knows  :evil:  :roll:

The list of questions goes on. Feel free to post any more questions, just for the entertainment.
I don't expect anyone to know the answer, but its something just to ponder about.
Do you lean towards a certain way?

Title: Re: our personal Parallel universe / realities
Post by: 000MobianAngel000 on November 30, 2014, 07:32:42
I'm a big believer in parallel universes and from my experiences with meeting other alternative versions of my fiance and my astral friends, there isn't a conflicting event between the two. I'm more just open allowing whatever alternative realities come my way.

I also hang out with both, my fiance and his alternative self from another dimension, and everything turns out fine. It all depends on how one views it imo.

I might have found my alternative self in other dimensions from what I found in franchise material but I'm still unsure.

Title: Re: our personal Parallel universe / realities
Post by: Kzaal on December 04, 2014, 23:36:43
To me parallel universe are exactly what happened in our lives but living in different bodies.
Because to be parallel, the time line has to be the exact same thing, same history events etc.
Let's say in another universe I'm someone else, but same position as myself presently. That other person does the same things I do everyday. But is just physically altered, could be a girl, or I could be a taller person. As long as it doesn't change the history events it would be parallel, otherwise, it drifts from the resemblance of our universe and would be an alternate universe.
To be honest to be completely parallel it would have to be exactly the same universe I think. Including physical appearance etc.

Now to the real question, if you shift to someone else body but in a parallel universe... His mind would probably be pulled in your current body and yours in his. Because it's the mirror of yourself, he would be thinking the same thing as you and make the transfer to your reality at the same time as you. You would have the same friends etc. If you would make a successful and permanent transfer then you would start affecting the reality of the other, as well as him affecting your last body universe. Remember theses would be parallel so no matter what you do, he'd do the same thing as you.
As for the Alternate Universe now... It can get really close to a perfect parallel universe. So you could end up in a woman or a man body, but you could do the same thing as your other self from that alternate universe. But your way of talking, and acting, some stuff could differ a little or a lot! You could be rich but your share the exactly same thinking as the other person so you'd end up in his body.
It's kinda hard to understand because it's not concrete. It's not the same spirit, so in other words, I'm not sure you it would technically work.
This is a great subject tho! I would love to see what others think about parallel and alternate universe!

Title: Re: our personal Parallel universe / realities
Post by: Szaxx on December 05, 2014, 15:15:04
I've scrapped the idea of a parallel universe and gone for a multiverse.
If it's the same (parallel) it's only a shadow and can't change or it'd not be parallel.
In a multiverse, a million copies can exist with slight changes that may alter on each visit. Look at the RTZ for example. It's apparently very rare to find an exact copy of our physical, it's very common to find thoughtformed changes. The table you dont have or the door on the wrong wall, that sort of thing.
The many environments we visit are part of the wider reality. If we take a physical world perspective, each one has it's own ruleset and dimensions.
As there's so many individualised universes are percieved, we can therefore assume multiverse is correct in this.

If we take a look from the wider reality perspective, there's only one. One is all and one is an all encompassing universe of sorts.
To understand the last line, visit the source. We are one.

Title: Re: our personal Parallel universe / realities
Post by: raditus on December 08, 2014, 00:17:18
I have only shifted to another reality physically 2 times in my life now. Unfortunately, both 'trips' have lasted no more than a few seconds. But both times, a few seconds was all I needed to notice one major detail that told me I did it.

As far as I know in my experiences, there's no way to lengthen the time limit.