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Title: God's sense of humour
Post by: Kzaal on March 11, 2015, 07:09:14
So! Let's talk about that lol...

From the moment I've understood, it seems like everything that I experience now (even the bad stuff [now it's more like the stupid stuff] that I used to worry about) makes me smile or laugh.
Like, God can really put a stick in my wheels sometimes, just to have a giggle.
And I'm a jackass sometimes! I've even started doing the same to people around me!
Like when I see people constantly arguing on internet, I'll purposely test their limits just to share some love (aka.: Trolling).
I'd do it in real life too! Just to trigger some conscious reaction from someone!
To me this is like a helping tool.
I think I now see how evil can be helpful in some ways sometimes (Dark humour let's say or trolling/sarcasm etc.) (not hateful things or anything)
It's not arrogance either or egoism, it feels like it's the opposite because it always triggers a positive reaction in the end!

Am I wrong to do this? Should I stop cause I enjoy it very much!
And the funny thing is, I always get like insta-karma (example: I stand up right after an argumentation and hit my little toe on a corner)
How is that possible? That, after all you've seen, everything finally catch back and is in "perfect order"??
I've had karma following me for a while from really mean things I've said to people when I was young etc., but now it seems like it finally catch back up to my present. (I don't seem to have any bad karma coming back to me).

Should I keep going or is there an egoist side of me who like to have a laugh sometimes, bad?

I mean, it feels a lot like a straight communication with god when that happens, not only that but it seems like he likes to have a little laugh too once in a while by making me do stupid things (like this thread)? Or making me notice stupid things. Is it really god's sense of humour, should I keep doing it too?

Do you have any experience with this?
Do you use that knowledge to also have a little laugh sometimes, like I do?