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Title: I feel "sprays" of bad energy comming out of my heart chakra and third eye
Post by: Skyes on May 18, 2015, 04:13:09
Hello everyone.
Sometimes, I still don't know the reason, I feel something very heavy and negative inside my chest and mind. I get very depressed, and my mind gets "noisy" and "clouded". I feel there is something wrong in there, and I really feel like I could just insert my hand in there and grab this negative energy and pull it away. But of course, that is not possible.

So, latelly, after studying a bit of visualization magic (from Franz Bardon), I began to visualize this bad energy comming out as if it was a powerful dark steam. And it works wonders! I feel all this evil and negative energy leaving my mind through the third eye, spraying upwards powerfully, as if it was blowing out all this negative "cloud". The same goes with my heart chakra. Sometimes when its really, really bad, I visualize a spiritual hand entering those chakras, and grabbing balls and orbs of bad energy, and pulling them out. The sensation is amazing!

It's something similar to this, but obviously, comming out of the chest and the forehead (also, the steam is black)


I still don't really know what to do with those energies tho. Once I pulled them out, I press them against the ground and imagine the planet absorbing this dark energy and dissipating it. Is this correct?

Also, I would like your opinions. What is going on with me? Why do I feel these bad sensations?

I never really belived in magic, but right now it seems extremely real to me!

Title: Re: I feel "sprays" of bad energy comming out of my heart chakra and third eye
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on May 18, 2015, 13:22:56
Working with the Bardon book can be  frustrating if your not naturally inclined towards physical mediumship. If you find yourself not progressing with the material. I can help suggest some different approaches which may fit your natural abilities a bit better. You can develop the physical mediumship but for some people it's a long haul ( 10 years or more)

The images your describing are metephorical. Ask yourself what do these metephores describe? What do the descriptions mean? It's more than face value and your missing valuable perceptions if you only interpret such things superficially.