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Title: Forgetting about the physical body
Post by: lillymoon on May 23, 2015, 17:56:39
Hello, Last night I tried a different approach to projection. Instead of doiing it before bed, I woke up early hours in the morning stayed awake for like 20-30 minutes and then tried Projecting. I tried doing the normal noticing method, I would see some scenes flash by and I would feel the effect off them as if they where real, I was quite amazed by this. I changed position, I hit the vibrational stage again, I this time, you know when you're yawing you get a wind noise in your ears, I felt that a tiny bit and I layed there it began to raise and always started to hear like a high pitched sqeeking in my ears, when I feel like I am stuck at a point I stop and change posiiton, So I changed position, Hit vibrational statge ( It seems that I can go through this step easy and seems if I have the intent of inducing them it just happens ) but this time, I realized something what I was doing wrong, I could still feel my physical body, Yes my body was half numb but I could still feel it quite a bit, I layed there and tried to "let go", but I gave up in the end. Ahwell, I did enjoy the experience over having all this experience within 15-30 minutes of trying. Enjoying the experience is great because you know you're making success whether you don't have a full seperation or not, Atleast you know you're experiencing atleast something that's along the right lines! Positive thinking!

Title: Re: Forgetting about the physical body
Post by: Szaxx on May 25, 2015, 02:29:07
The vibes appearing so easily is great. You sound like you have good control deep into the phasing from the physical to the non-physical. The noise that appears is normal and the more you speed through the process of change, the more physical body awareness you have. After many years of this, I can relax, phase and enter the beginnings of a full environment with bodily sensations still being alive. The sounds from the physical are strangely distorted and what your touching is much the same.
It appears the body requires longer to disconnect than the  mind enabling bodily awareness further in to the transition.