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Title: little theory i was pondering
Post by: mindflood on June 11, 2015, 01:40:47
i was thinking about the book "locked in" & also blind people. The plot of locked in (true-story) was a man paralzyed that learned how to communicate with subtle mouth movements. He uses this method to communicate to a writer about how he spends his time having "delicious meals" and going on "great adventures" by practicing concentration.

Blind people from birth have the ability to visual forms and shapes, and may well probably there whole lives building some astral environment or BST, with everything they visualize hardening into more permanent environments.

Then i was thinking of people like steven hawking.

I thought that maybe people choose to have this dis-ability in the after-life to assure that they will gain mental control much more rapidly in there next life(bit of a trade off).

I kno to a lot of u here will think the idea of someone who has no memory of death cant accurately speak about it and i understand. But there is a common thread of thought that i prescribe to that a lot of others here have and this may pertain more to them.

Title: Re: little theory i was pondering
Post by: AAAAAAAA on June 11, 2015, 02:36:40
Of course you can remember. Your past lives are always stored somewhere that you can retrieve them.

With that being said, your theory brings up a good point. Perhaps a trade-off as such would leave "foot prints" for a person to follow in their upcoming life.

Title: Re: little theory i was pondering
Post by: FuzzyQuills on June 17, 2015, 16:26:44
Well, in that case, with that terrific mind of his, I wonder what Mr. Hawking would create in the astral plane! :) And you know, some of the disabled may even have the ability of AP to make up for what they can't do on the astral plane from birth. (Well, all of us have it from birth, i was meaning being able to retain it as one grows up) Perhaps one day, perhaps the day that "the end of days" comes, we get to see all the accomplished souls work toghether to create something truly amazing.

A little side-joke: for those who have played deadpool, (I've seen someone at school play it) that idiot could probably recall all of this deaths... ;)