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Title: Remote viewing resources.
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on August 19, 2015, 01:49:21
I should probably make this a sticky if I can figure out how to do it.

These are resources on remote viewing. Some are on ARV which we've talked about on here. ( the kind you use for number like lottery numbers)
Some of these protocals. ( Controlled or Coordinate remote viewing ( CRV) and Extended Remote Viewing ( ERV) were set up by the Monroe institute. Tom Campbell probably had some involvement. and Joe Mc Monagle who is one of the military viewers was very much involved in TMI as well.

Targets for practice. You can practice with your astral projection with these targets as well.  THere is no information on the targets, only pictures which is not ideal.

THis is the training pool of targets that I use

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Post by: FuzzyQuills on August 19, 2015, 04:31:48
Well... someone stickied it. ;) Might as well take a look at these when I get time. :)

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Post by: Bluefirephoenix on August 19, 2015, 13:44:39
I figured it out  :-D

Title: Re: Remote viewing resources.
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on January 14, 2016, 14:21:26
Here are some additional resources 

Daz Smith's site
I want to make a mention here of the Applied Precognition Project. This is a branch of Controlled Remote viewing using ARV or associative remote viewing. This is a specialized form of remote viewing that is more accurate for future predictions and alphanumerical viewing. It is actually closely related to dowsing as many of the targets are binary in nature.

This site uses applied psychic work to make money. It is also very interesting and fun. I just started with them having finished my CRV training I wanted to do some operational work which is application of psychic work. I heard Marty talk on a radio show and checked into the website.  I know they are associated with Joe McMonaegle who is probably the best psychic alive.

The precognition uses ARV to predict outcomes of sporting events.  Participants if they want to then place wagers based on the predictions.

The accuracy of the predictions is tracked carefully. Techniques are constantly changed and improved to increase best outcomes. At this point depending on the group the less experienced psychics run about 60% and the more experienced about 90% on a consistent basis. If I observe this to be consistent then the investment thought it would be considered a high risk investment actually is better than high risk stock done based on performance information provided by wall street and such.  Stock market investments are also done with this technique.

Practically speaking the success experienced by the members of this group seems to be quite impressive. It's not an instant lottery worth millions but the cash can build up over time with sums that were in the 10,000 range which had been earned over time with small wagers

To do this you need to know how to do the remote viewing as taught by the government.  I am also developing a system that will be very effective in this kind of setting. You need some proficiency in the system you have to be able to remote view a photo site and distinguish different photos with certainty. If anyone is interested I can take you through the CIA manual that is in public domain and show you how to do the basics. It would then fall on you to work to develop profiency and skill with the technique.

Astral projection is one of the S6 skills of remote viewing so if you can project I would explain how that is applied to the system.

My own system is still in R and D and when it is released I will post here. It has prerequisite skills to it, but it is a very fast way of obtaining a lot of information which is suitible for ARV work.

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Post by: Bloodshadow on March 02, 2016, 06:10:54
Ok bluefire I'm here per your request lol getting ready to get started

Update: none of these talk about ERV the one you suggested I get into for my thing, the mostly talked about only CRV

Title: Re: Remote viewing resources.
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on March 03, 2016, 09:15:21
ERV is an advanced and less utilized skill. The problem being that remote viewing is primarily to collect data. When you return from an ERV session you loose data, and can miss critical aspects of the target. There are no structured methods of ERV it's taught as an adjuntive stage 6 tool and done with a hypnotist to minimize data loss.

With the more reliable digital/video recorders now I think it will eventually come to be a more accepted part of the structure.