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Title: Fasting and Energetic Development
Post by: aslegnat on August 26, 2015, 16:20:56
¡Hi, all..!

¿Could, anyone of you, advice me about fasting routines, energetic development and about how the first one (fasting) enhances the second one (energetic development)?

Thank you very much...

Title: Re: Fasting and Energetic Development
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on August 27, 2015, 00:12:47
It follows what you believe. There is no one consistent way. I don't find fasting particularly useful personally. The day I did initiation I had to fast and didn't eat for about a week... I didn't have to fast that long but after the intiation was done I couldn't eat. At first strong energy movement made me nausiated but it was just a meal here and there or I would not eat until we were done working. I don't experience nausia with the energy anymore. It was a short lived problem thankfully.

Conversly overeating is detrimental so keep light. It's mostly because it affects your ability to breath slow and deep.

I do skill work during the daytime but I'm awakened at night for the energy work.

Title: Re: Fasting and Energetic Development
Post by: Kzaal on August 27, 2015, 05:42:07
Meditation like any other thing requires energy. If you don't eat enough you won't have enough energy for energetic development (or spiritual, whatever you prefer).
Even Buddha stopped fasting after a while because he felt it didn't help him.
And even then Buddha would eat at least 1 grain of rice per day.
If you are fasting make sure you are supervised by someone who knows about it.
I think you can do fasting in order to produce a "boost" in your development but it must not be permanent or on a prolonged period unless you are very religious (Like a monk for example).

Title: Re: Fasting and Energetic Development
Post by: floriferous on September 06, 2015, 16:19:30
As I understand it it is simply the amount of energy you use to break foods down which inhibits your energy work progress. So as Robert Bruce discusses raising kundalini he advises maybe a three day fast so you can dedicate as much energy as possible to the act of raising kundalini itself. For this particular practice fasting is also advised because your system will go into fight/flight response and purge itself. Not good with a full meal inside you. Things get messy quickly

You could try a half way house go on raw food for a while. I think the logic is that ordinarily your stomach uses up energy to create enzymes to breakdown your food but because raw food already contains lots of enzymes then your stomach has to do a lot less work thus saving your energies. When you heat food over a certain temperature you kill all the enzymes