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Title: New here...some odd experiences...any input?
Post by: MissImperfection on September 08, 2015, 22:20:48
Hi all, my name is Rachel. I am 32 and currently reside in Las Vegas, NV. I'm an introvert.

As for my astral experience, I would say that I used to be experienced but since have been having an issue leaving my body.
I vividly recall having the same "dreams" when I was younger. I would visit this room that looked like a small library. It had the ladders and books to the ceiling. There were always familiars there. I could never really see their faces though. We would float up to the ceiling and laugh. I was told that they were most likely my spirit guides. Another frequent "dream" that I experienced was being in my basement home when I was younger and the door swinging open and me hanging onto it in this warm, comforting breeze. I looked forward to these "dreams." One day they just stopped. It made me sad. I've since tried to get them back with no luck.

In the past several years I have been reading about AP and have maybe projected on several occasion's but they never lasted long. I was frightened. I started dating this guy who was deep into AP, meditation, chakra's, aura's and communicating with spirit.
Since then I have been able to complete all of the steps up until pulling myself out. I get really strong vibrations and half the time the buzzing sound. Sometimes I do frighten myself and I know that's why i'm unable to pull out. Other times I think I am out but I can't see, things are blurry. Then i'm back in my body. A lot of the time i'm not even attempting to AP and I try to fight the vibrations by waking myself up and trying to stay up for a minute but then I am just kinda pulled back into the vibrations.

I really want to AP and I know that I can but I feel stuck right now...

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading

Title: Re: New here...some odd experiences...any input?
Post by: Szaxx on September 09, 2015, 12:00:55
Your problem is fear. Ask yourself why are you scared?
There's no need to be frightened at all. After 50+ years of exploration, I'm still here with nothing bad to report. I embraced the art of projecting before I started school, being very young and innocent I would have been an easy target.
What you see in the movies isn't real, its good for sales and this induced fear sells very well lol.
If you let things be and go with the flow thinking of the past experiences, you may end up in one or something more appropriate.
As thoughts tend to manifest, any you have should be based on the nicer  ones from your past. This will help.

Nice to have you aboard. Let's hope you can get past this fear issue. There's help on here and it's readily available.