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Title: RTZ/NPR processing expectations
Post by: madmagus on September 14, 2015, 11:27:06
Everything in our daily existence is perceived through the interpretation of vibrations gathered with our physical apparatus: eyes, ears, etc..  They receive information within a certain constrained frequency band.  Our brains process the data.  Our minds come to conclusions based on that processed data.  In the non-physical reality, our sense of place is defined by how our minds interpret the incoming data as well.  We could very easily be experiencing the RTZ directly/accurately, but the interpretation while in the NPR gives a slightly different output.  So we see things a smidgen out of place, or sometimes more so.  It's all information processing when it comes down to it.  Who says NPR processing has to spit out the exact same result if processed with non-physical senses (whatever they actually are).  In NPR, we could be processing more/less data and coming to conclusions slightly out of sync with RTZ conclusions.  Only trial-and-error testing, RTZ vs. NPR, will give more insight.  As stated in many places, few people have a complete duplication of RTZ data in NPR space.   Maybe practice will make perfect.  Ciao.