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Title: asleep and awake at the same time
Post by: ivantam87 on September 23, 2015, 06:33:09

i used to have an account here but somewhy it got deleted, maybe some rollback. Anyway, i had an experience and wanted to know if any of you have experienced something similar o what do you think about it.
The this is, a few days ago i went to sleep at 6 am. Nearly at 12 pm, 6 hours later i awoken. I checked the time and realized it were 12 PM, and because i hadnt slept really well i wanted to sleep a few more hours. So i lied in my bed and closed my eyes trying to sleep. Time passed and i couldt, i lied looking to roof, rolled to one sied, rolled to the other, you know the usual thing when you cant sleep.
The thing is at some point i realized it was pointless, i wouldnt get to sleep, so i decided to get out of the bed. At that point, i checked the clock and it were 6 pm. The thing is when i got up, i realized that at the whole time i was on bed, i was dreaming. Now i dont remember the dream but it was a full dream. I dont mean i was dreaming that i was trying to go to sleep as i told before, i mean both things were happening at the same time somehow. I was awake trying to get asleep and at the same time i was dreaming. At the moment they happend i was aware of both but i in my awareness as a dream i though i was only dreaming and in my awareness as me trying to sleep y was only trying to sleep. It was only when i decided to get up that i realized i had been having both.
Just as a fact i tell you that in the past a spent a lot of time trying to have an obe, and had several experiences yet not obe, but close, and eventually i got a full obe. It happened one time with full awareness of everything before during and after the obe, and it consisted mostly of me walking around my room, and my house. During that experience everything was like hiper real, dont know how to put it, like red was more red, white was more wait and everthing mas more real that when awake. After that i had a few obes but with fewer awareness, i mean i knew i was in an obe but maybe forgot what i had for dinner, or things regarding me, my life or my day, i mean it wasnt as aware as when awoken.
Well thanks for reading, and im looking forward to your answers,

Title: Re: asleep and awake at the same time
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on September 23, 2015, 08:19:16
Robert Bruce describes an event like this in the Astral Dynamics book. His theory is that there is always two (or more) concurrent experiences for your consciousness. One might imagine that the soul maintains a perfect record of all of these experiences, but the human brain only records those which it is aware of.

Ultimately I don't think there is much difference between this event and a normal dream. Usually our focus is completely on the non-physical world and we only record the non-physical. Sometimes your focus can oscillate between both realities and record concurrent memories. It is said that you need to be aware when a projection ends to successfully carry that memory back.

I won't pretend to have all the answers but this event is fascinating for me. Can you describe at what point you became aware of the dream experience having taken place?

I wonder what is special about the event you experienced. Technically we might be doing things in other realities right now but there has to be something particular event that allows access to those memories.

Title: Re: asleep and awake at the same time
Post by: ivantam87 on September 23, 2015, 10:25:42
I hadnt thought about it that way. Now that you say it it makes sense. Normally you think you are only active at one state of conciousness because that is what you remeber, but actually it could be just that, that you just cant remember it. Somehow i got to to remember myselve at two different spots of my conscience continuum at the same time. It could be that all the time we are at different spots, or maybe at all of them, but we just remember the one we are primarily focused on. It makes sense when you think in reality on the terms of focusing that Robert Monroe talked about. You are conscience, you arent alive or dead, asleep or awake. You are just conscience focused on one spot of your enormous or infinite conscience continuum, and since you are focused on that you only remember that. But you are actually experiencing all points in your conscience continuum at the same time.
You ask at what point i became aware of the dream experience. Well, i woke up at 12 AM and was in bed until 6 PM. During that time i was allways aware of being awake trying to sleep, i mean i was tired but wasnt drowsy at all, it wasnt one of those times when you are dozing between sleep and awake, i was totally awake in my consciousness. Somehow, at the same time i was aware of being dreaming, but the "me" that was dreaming so to say wasnt aware that i was in bed trying to get to sleep, and the "me" that was trying to get to sleep wasnt aware that i was dreaming, hell i was trying to get to sleep!.
It was at the moment that i decided to get up and moved to watch the time at my clock and saw that it was 6 PM that i realized i have been having both experiences. It wasnt the fact that i moved that make me realize because trying to sleep i moved every now and then in my bed to achieve a better sleeping position. Maybe it was the intention. Before i was intending to sleep and even though i was aware of being aware in my room my focus was going to sleep i wasnt worried about getting up or anything else. When i decided i wasnt going to get to sleep no matter how i tried and gave up on that i changed my intention from going to sleep to getting up. And it was at that time that i realized i have been having both experiences.