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Title: Seeing the Spirit World /Third Eye Opening
Post by: missym on October 26, 2015, 21:28:36
I cannot even begin to try to explain all the experiences I've had through the past 6 months. Needless to say, life has completely changed for me. My awareness and understanding of life, energy, chakras, Being, etc. has completely altered to the point where I can literally "sense" the energy being emitted from every single blade of grass while going to sit in the stillness by the hill, for instance. Every Being, every creature, every plant every flower every energy having it's place in the Universe and exchange/flow of life force within her.
I have also battled 'demons', negative spirits /energies for months straight. I was being stalked and bothered to the point of the Spirits making themselves a part of my everyday life. I was being harassed and 'raped' by these entities, as they would take on the form of my partner usually and force sexual acts on me. I was hearing them clear as day speaking in my head, or they would talk to one another. My children were seeing them and sensing them and needless to say it's been a serious battle.
Nontheless, we have cleansed our home and our family of the negative entities and have once again surrounded ourselves with the Light, the positivity, Creator, Angels, and the Force of Mother Earth.

But in all this that has been going on, I have noticed a few things happening recently --- I have a permanent ache right in the centre of my forehead. A few weeks ago I noticed a friend of mine was "glowing" and I realized I was seeing her energy, it was like looking right into a lightbulb! I've seen several auras since then. When I meet with the medicine men, I can see the energies/spirits of the animals and our ancestors dancing around them, flying around them, twirling, spinning etc.
About a month ago I had a dream that I could see the spirit world out of my right eye. I could see the spirit world almost as an extra layer ontop of this world, I could see them both at once but on the right side it's like there was a hazy layer and I could see the Spirits.

Also, out of my right ear it randomly feels like I'm "tuning in" to a different station, a different vibration, per se. I can hear another world out of my right ear at random times and although it is a brief experience it is usually when I am doing something productive or speaking about transitioning of the Earth, guiding youth in the right direction, or speaking of peace, and project development towards peace/conflict resolution. at these time I can almost hear something speaking to me and I have recently started communicating back with it , last time when I 'tuned in' I said (in my head, within my self) What do you want? And I was immediately responded to with "We are Here".... again I wasn't hearing this with my ears the answer just came within me.

The throbbing/aching on middle of my forehead is constant, all day, everyday for a week now. I also seem to be picking up on what other people are seeing in their minds, and especially what they are feeling, I feel the emotions as though they are my own. I feel like I am awakening to a higher consciousness, a higher vibration. Has anybody else experienced this? When your chakras are activating, what other sensations do you notice? What physical changes/what mental changes do you notice?

I also seem to be dreaming about babies quite frequently, not sure why though - last night in my dream my partner, my son and a baby we had were running from something and when we set up a tent to camp there was blood leaking through the Earth - and my partner (who is a spiritual Ojibwe/Anishnaabe Warrior - Aboriginal/Canadian) was battling all night to keep my son and I safe from negative energies .

Any thoughts or ideas or experiences are welcome. I do not judge or criticize anybody for their spiritual beliefs. :)

Title: Re: Seeing the Spirit World /Third Eye Opening
Post by: ThaomasOfGrey on October 27, 2015, 01:00:35
This sounds pretty amazing; I would love to be able to perceive "behind the curtain" this way. My own spiritual progression has been far more subtle. I experience unusual co-incidences and a few occurrences of potential foresight. There is always the element of doubt that I am seeing patterns due to observation bias.

In terms of visuals I don't see aurae, but I have seen one thing I cannot explain. I was standing in front of a running tap in my house and suddenly a brilliant blue spark with a glowing aurae appeared out of no where somewhere near the tap. My first thought was that the water had caught on fire with a blue gas ignition, like I have seen on documentaries about fracking in the US. I had to dismiss this as a possibility because what I saw was blatantly a spark, there was no ignition source and there is no fracking in New Zealand anyway.

I have the headaches, pretty much non stop for the past 6 months at least. I am not sure I can tie the feeling to the center of the forehead. Something tells me the headache is due to pressure changes. I saw a documentary that examined the brain of a person who performed sungazing and it was found that their pineal gland had expanded to three or four times normal size.

Given the experiences you are having perhaps the headaches you are feeling are related to pressure from a physical change in your brain.

Title: Re: Seeing the Spirit World /Third Eye Opening
Post by: mon9999 on October 27, 2015, 04:01:55
How did you guys open your third eye? Were there specific technique or practices that could have triggered it?

Title: Re: Seeing the Spirit World /Third Eye Opening
Post by: missym on October 27, 2015, 20:26:42
I am very spiritual and practice many ceremonies - I haven't done anything to try to open my third eye, it's jus happened naturally, on it's own through my ceremonies and my lifestyle. I am an Indigenous person (Anishnaabe) of the Canadian/Ojibwe Nation. I honour the spirits of the Earth, the moon, the sky, the sun. I smudge and cleanse my energies with sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco - I live everyday with a ceremony within me, practicing conscious-based meditation, I use a drum to envoke the spirits of Bear, Eagle, Sabe, Horse, Grandmother moon, Mother Earth, Father Sky, Creator etc. and it's just through the way I live my life that my third eye has opened. I live a life completely clean of drugs and alcohol and spend a lot of my time making tobacco ties to offer to the Earth, sitting in Sweatlodge ceremony with my brothers and sister (going into a lodge to Sweat and calling the spirits), I spend a lot of time working under medicine men and using traditional medicines, drumming to the Earth, etc. Through this lifestyle the Spirits are very much present and a large part of my life, because of how deeply I respect them and spend time honouring those traditions and the energies of my ancestors.

Title: Re: Seeing the Spirit World /Third Eye Opening
Post by: mon9999 on October 29, 2015, 10:17:59
What are those ceremonies? Any book or techniques you can share or recommend?