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Title: Re-introduction
Post by: herat123 on November 22, 2015, 02:23:40
Hello everyone

I have been on this forum some time ago (same account) and decided to come back.
Two years ago I gradually lost interest in ap'ing because of school. (Around that time I went to college, so my life changed drastically, I suddenly needed to learn a lot, maintain a healthy social life, ...)
Now, the urge to come back was never far away and I finally decided to get myself back on this forum.

I'm an 19 years old human  :-D living in Belgium.unfortunately, I have never been able to project or lucid dream (well, chances are big I did have a lucid dream, but I just can't remember it).
The reason I came back to this place is to discus what I experience, to ask questions should they arise and to share my experiences (when I start having them).
I remember this forum as a friendly one and I hope I enjoy myself/learn a lot on here.


Title: Re: Re-introduction
Post by: EscapeVelocity on November 22, 2015, 03:02:15
Welcome back herat123,

Yeah, life on Earth at times takes precedence over everything else for a number of years; this probably happens to most of us. The lessons of the Physical are our primary focus, the trick being to gradually incorporate the Non-Physical experiences in a balanced and healthy way to broaden the Soul's overall experience. Or something like that. :-D

The best way to start remembering your dreams is to start a Dream Journal and every day write down at least just a paragraph of what you could remember from the night before. Within a couple weeks you should notice improvement. Also minimize/eliminate the drugs or alcohol before you sleep; alcohol especially is a memory killer.

Also daily and nightly affirmations asking for better memory will often help.

It really is that easy to see quick improvements and sometimes astonishing progress if we make just these small efforts to change our mindset; they really are that subtle and yet very effective.

Good luck, ask questions and keep us posted.