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Title: keep seeing same number everyday by accident
Post by: Spiritualism on December 14, 2015, 18:37:38
ok so everyday i've been seeing the number 420 for a few months now. I never used to see this number. I'm not looking for the number, i simply see it by accident several times every single day. A few months ago i used to see a different number.

Now, maybe this is all a coincidence? Or is it a meaningful sign from angels/ or a higher being?

Or maybe  some higher being is just screwing with me because I smoke cannabis and well you know what 420 means.

I don't know if i posted this on the right section of the forum and if i posted on the wrong section then i apologize.

What are your thoughts on this?

Edit: We don't curse here, even masked.  Just edited it out.  Thanks!  :)  ~Xanth

Title: Re: keep seeing same number everyday by accident
Post by: Hawkadium on December 15, 2015, 02:35:31
Sounds like a bit of synchronicity to me.  Have you been opening your self up to the global conciousness?

Title: Re: keep seeing same number everyday by accident
Post by: Rakkso on December 15, 2015, 14:49:20
Well I used to see it just like you, sometimes everyday for a while I must confess.. :| :-D

The thing is, I found greater mental clarity, tranquility and agility, and last but not least better memory (or at least just stopped from damaging it), when I stopped focusing on it at 4:20pm or just about any other moment of the day..
I also found that nightmares in my head, or just crazy paranoid ideas that I had while in a dreaming scenario ceased completely the moment I stopped feeding my mind with wrong ideas, crap television, horror movies, horror tales, and basically just about any source, animated or not, that could bring a sense of nonrhythmical, accelerated heart rate that would induce nightmares later on...

One lucid experience I'll never forget, was my mother giving me a letter that the universe allself had sent to me, It stated something pretty raw for me, like calling names, substance abuser, or more raw terms, the letter speaked that I would not reach what I wanted as long as I were on it. So I woke up amazed and thought, 'hey one things is your parents telling you something, another is the universe allsef just through mom', or just about anyone with your wellfare in mind...

Never better, I have used the time I used to spent on it (Although I would read science stuff and even things you should not read while on that stuff, specially without the right approach) for the bettering of myself, in learning as well as physical activities. (not that those lacked, but I decreased the amount of sports for burning up stuff - not healthy)
So now in a middle amount of time, I have LOADS of hours were I gained knowledge, skills, better overall performance, grades, etc, that if compared to the same me, spending the same amount of hours (I know right? :lol:) with the other stuff, shows a logarithmic growth on things I didn't know how to do with my hands that I can now due to proper dedication of well spent time. The other me, would still be the same me of a year ago, and with nothing new to unleash my potential learned.

So to resume, stop giving it attention, and the 420 will stop... otherwise its you who loses in my humble and years experienced opinion. But I learned the hard-way, its a nightmare let me tell you. :-D

Title: Re: keep seeing same number everyday by accident
Post by: no_leaf_clover on December 19, 2015, 10:41:47
I second both posts above, that this is a case of synchronicity, and it will only persist so long as your consciousness is drawn to this particular number.

I used to see "911" everywhere.  Probably not a coincidence, I was heavily involved in researching 9/11 at the time and was one of three administrators of, which no longer exists because we ran out of money.  Eventually I had my fill of the subject and moved on and I don't see the number anymore.

If you've never read Carl Jung's work on synchronicity, he's the guy that coined the term.  He thought that there is a link between the contents of your consciousness "inside" of you, and the physical reality you perceive "outside" of you, and synchronicity is just one way that this fact bears itself out.  Not only do I think this is totally accurate but this also seems to be the core understanding of a lot of esoteric traditions and mystical systems.  Rituals are a case in point, since the real purpose of most ritual work, whether the practitioner understands it on this level or not, is to either reprogram the subconscious through ordered symbolism or else to reach an altered, mystical state of consciousness where this inner/outer (or "above/below", ie "as above, so below") link can be used to manipulate an individual's experience of reality, and arguably reality itself in an objective sense.

Another common example a lot of people experience is they'll see a new word for the first time in their lives, and then within the same week see it two or three more times in a row.  Were they already seeing it before and just never paid attention?  Or was the novelty of the situation causing additional experiences to be drawn into their consciousness like a magnet? Synchronicity gets into some deep and powerful ideas.