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Title: Passion in the NON physical vs. Passion in the physical
Post by: Bluebird on March 06, 2016, 01:47:18
So I am at the point in my life where I could care less about music, art, romance, travel, etc. Been there done that... I am now raising a family, working, paying taxes, and paying the bills. Everything is fine, love my children and my wife and I am comfortable.

I used to be a professional musician. Music and art was the end all be all. Those things had an immense effect over my emotions. I thought those things really meant something! I'm sure they still do for a lot of people my age (40's) and this is only a description of my perspective.

But what is quantifiable is the fact that I seem to feel the passion of my youth when dreaming. Romance seems new and exciting. Physical objects like instruments or even cars seem new and exciting. Everything seems to have more meaning and purpose. But this is the same me in both realities!

Whats going on here? Has the physical world just worn me out? Society just beaten me down with shoulds and shouldn't? My physical body isn't as energetic so is that connected with my emotions?

What say ye?


Title: Re: Passion in the NON physical vs. Passion in the physical
Post by: Szaxx on March 06, 2016, 04:01:04
You're starting to develop your second personality in the NP.
The newness of everything never wears off and the extra clarity makes the physical seem dull. Enjoy it and enjoy life too. Staying healthy is paramount to staying sane. We do wear down somewhat as age creeps in, staying active has far more going for it than you know.
Keep smiling, things do change.