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Title: New Tombs/Chambers [EGYPT]
Post by: Astral Warrior on March 19, 2016, 23:35:21
Not sure if you guys have heard but they believe they have found some new tombs or chambers around Pharaoh Tut's tomb. I find this very interesting because we have only ever found one Pharaoh and that was Tutan. Anyway, they scanned the North wall and West wall and descovered sudden structeral weaknesses which suggests there is a sealed door behind the wall so they did some more scans using differant tech and found a corridoor leading to more rooms. We might be on our way to discovering the missing pharaohs and/or their treasure but also it could be a void instead!

Anyway, what do you guys think of this discovery?

Title: Re: New Tombs/Chambers [EGYPT]
Post by: Lumaza on March 20, 2016, 02:48:39
 If they are meaning chambers of the Pyramids, they are wrong. No Pharaoh was EVER found in a Pyramid, even though Egyptologists stand by their belief that the Pyramid was either a tomb itself or was used to house tombs.

 I believe it was a Power Station of a kind and have been shown that through my own intended research.  I can't prove that, just as they can't prove it is a tomb. But I am very adept on Pyramids and their special energies. I have never been to one in this "physical realm". But have been to Pyramids of all kinds in other realities.

 I have some very unique Pyramids and "tools" charged by them in my own home.

 Did you know that Russia and the adjoining areas have built over 150 of them?  One of them that is enormous, is found 5 miles out of Moscow. It stands 144 feet high? They use them to attempt to "harness" a untapped energy as well. Many of the Pyramids I own are replicas of the Golden Section Pyramids found here. Some of my Pyramids were "charged" in the real Golden Section Pyramid. My tools were charged in there as well.

Title: Re: New Tombs/Chambers [EGYPT]
Post by: Szaxx on March 28, 2016, 20:06:52
Energy source lost in time.
Research the earliest explorers notes and you'll have your answer.