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Title: Lucid dream and a projection: Third eye balloon
Post by: Bloodshadow on August 21, 2016, 22:12:50
well I got out of body, it went half way as I planned, but listen here. When I got out I don't even remember planning this part to happen, first off as yall know I wanted to meet my Higher self, the plan was to meet him/her on the roof of my apartment, but I also was wondering what if I can't make it to the roof, I never made a plan for that, but as soon as I get out, the first thing I say with out knowing about it is activate program higher self, and right when I said that this African American balloon showed up with a third eye, it swooped me up in its flimsy arms and started to float, in one place, so I just went with it, guess it was waiting on my commands, so I told it lets fly thru the ceiling to get to the roof ( I think my higher self came up with this balloon bit to be funny lol since I was wondering about getting to the roof smh lol), and guess what this fool couldn't do it, it kept just a bouncing with its helium self off the god dang on ceiling, so i'm like hey try again so it did and again it kept bouncing off the ceiling, the more it kept hitting its head on the ceiling I could swear I seen it getting mad lol, so I said ok lets fly out the window, which is closed, so with quickness we flying toward the window, at that moment I remember its closed and freaked in my head, cause I know the same thing going to happen, but guess what yall, we phase thru that sucka and as soon as we make it outside it act like a balloon just floating just a little below my roof so i'm telling it closer higher closer higher, when it got to a certain part I knew it wasn't going any higher, it was running out of juice, so I took it upon my self to reach out for the roof. So now here it is i'm hanging off the roof by the tips of my fingers, as soon as I started trying to pull myself up and was almost on the roof, I was right there, and my body suddenly call me back, I felt a tugging on my astral, and as I was being sucked back, I was saying NOoooooo!!!!! damn it I was right thereee!!!!!!

the moment I got back into body, boom i'm in a lucid (60%), I was just laying there in bed, when out the corner of my eye I see this chick she was fine than a mug, I was like who are you and why you in my bedroom (forgets her name), she was my brothers new girlfriend, I asked her why was she in my room ( for some reason me and my bro was room mates), She said your brother told me to come over her, i'm like for what, she said well he having problems keeping it up, so he told me to come over to you, I was like uumm I don't think i'm going to be any better, she said what you small too, I said no I 'm big, i'm just not that good in bed, i'm a quick shooter ( I told her this cause hey that's my bro and I wasn't all the way sure he sent her, he was nowhere to be found for proof), she was like we can remedy that, she started forcefully removing my clothes, and the moment she got ready to go down on me, I don't know but I must of farted or something cause she jumped back the moment she touch the tip. Long story short we had sex and my bro caught us, when she got off she left blood on my john, my bro stood there laughing and confirmed that he did in fact tell her to come over to me, but he didn't think I would have sex with her, he play kicked me while I was on the floor and continued back to his room with her, and trust me the sex part way way weird, but too much detail, I woke up like wtf man (laughing) I was almost there that fool of a balloon jipped me.

thanks for listening to this Raunchy, Hilarious experience, comments are very welcomed.

Title: Re: Lucid dream and a projection: Third eye balloon
Post by: Nameless on August 22, 2016, 10:43:34
Me thinks your mind was partly in the gutter. Lol, this "this African American balloon showed up with a third eye, it swooped me up in its flimsy arms and started to float," cracked me up.  :-o :lol: