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Title: What causes diseases in the body spiritually
Post by: Phildan1 on September 24, 2016, 12:39:53
Hi Everyone, I looked after some informations through the web with an aimed search on google, what causes certain illnesses really, non-physically from mind to body over time. I still live with my father who has Parkinson's disease and he is acting like a big child with age 75, and there are events for weeks, or 1-2 months now since last year, yearly that I need to grab him out his bed at night because he is sleeping on his back and always wakes up in partly sleep-paralysis. So mainly the cause is going to toilet to pee in every 15-30-60 minutes average and doing trhis since maybe a decade.
Now the biggest problem is the gymnastics what he is doing over night when he awakes and tries to go out fast, so I tried to talk it over with him many many times and he is like a child. Others maybe experienced this with older people. They don't want to do anything to make it better or easier, they want to suffer like hell! And dragging in others. There is no self-responsibility or minimal.
If you try to talk with an aged human, mostly they really don't think about anything, don't think about what they are causing to their "loved ones", they are just try to enjoy suffering more and more. I know there are many people out there, and most of them don't want to get well or instantly heal themselves, because the main problem behind the scenes is still there. I was now curious what the hack causes this disease to him - I knew he did it to himself.

If you have a family member, who has the same condition, I recommend use PQQ (thanks Szaxx, I hope I will have some extra cash someday), but the minimum of CoQ10 enzyme with minimum of 100mg dose each day. Zandopa and Mucuna is the only ones which I found on the net and on Ebay that people tried out and they are the best to cure this condition better than those trash "medicines".

Parkinsonís Disease: Fear and  an intense desire to control everything and everyone.

My first reaction was: comeoon... I can't believe this lol! He did this with my brother (42) my sister (39), one of my aunt etc... And with me too from my early childhood, forcing everything on me and I'm the only one who stayed myself, stayed strong deep inside and keep a happy attitude . It is a shame and a joke at the same time. And he drags me in.

Of course everybody will got some issue for themselves there or for their family members. I hope it will help many men and women.

I hope this bad night condition will be over soon, I'm not in an easy position now with him.

Title: Re: What causes diseases in the body spiritually
Post by: Phildan1 on September 25, 2016, 13:32:12
Update: For the first time in my dad's life (starting Zandopa), the one small (1 teaspoon) dosage before bedtime at 20:30 did the job until around 3 am (almost 6 hours instead of "fast" 4 hours!) I'm glad that he could move and move fast (ok moving fast at Parkinson's is not a good one, you can crash into something like a sport car lol), he could handle his things and movements faster at night. It works! The dosage should be stay at the same level for 1 week and I will level up the dosage to 1/3 tablespoon for 1-2 weeks. Those poison like pills and tablets are piece of trashes. Zandopa kicks in fast and not diminish for hours still.