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Title: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: SweetDream on October 07, 2016, 06:45:42
Hello, I am new to the forums and I find the subject of Astral Projection to be very intriguing.

Main reason for my interest is mainly due to an experience I (or rather my little sister) had underwent, 4 years ago. She had underwent a rather super natural experience when practising Astral Projection 4 years ago when she was 16.

Of course the subject of Body Swapping has been disregarded as fiction and many practitioners have claimed it to be fake or impossible. Naturally we thought the same but my sister was rather drawn in when she meet someone online who claimed they could do something a bit more special than just projecting their spirits out of their body.

Normally I wouldn't discuss about this sort of thing, but considering what my 'sister' had been doing... it felt like a subject that had to be discuss to find out more about what had happen and is about to happen.

So 4 years ago, me and my sister had an interest in 'body swapping' of course this was some light curiosity and nothing serious and when researched we came across the concept of Astral Projection, the ability to project ones Astral body from their physical shell and enter the astral plane. Main thing we discovered was the concept of the silver cord and how body swapping was impossible.

I naturally had no desire to pursue such knowledge but my sister wanted to know more and experience it for herself so she found herself a so called 'teacher'. This man or woman claimed they were an expert at Astral Projection and so they taught my sister the basics and guided her and after a few months she told me that she had finally did it and was able to project out of her body. I honestly felt a bit disturbed but thought it was most likely her imagination.

Afterwards this person strung her along and told her that they could do more and when my sister caught on and was interested, they decided to tell her about stories of their experimentation to progress their spiritual abilities and wanted to achieve the ability to switch bodies 'temporarily'.

From what I could remember, this person once had a partner, a girl who had a don't care what happened to her body attitude and was able to claim control over their body for a brief period of time but due to the imperfections of their techniques they had to switch backs but since then he or she had refined their techniques and was willing to share it with my sister.

My sister was apparently hesitant but in the end she went along with it... how she explained it to me was that the concept of the silver cord was a defence mechanism that prevented the Astral Body (The Soul/Spirit) from leaving the Physical Shell and anchoring you to it and keeping you alive. In addition, if so called evil spirits and demons could possess a vacant body, then why can't a disembodied Spirit/Soul/Astral body do the same? His/Her point was, it was due to how immoral and evil the idea of taking over someone else body was, it soon became a unspoken taboo and unconscious trigger to disregard the concept and possibility of body transfer.

But once you abolish such thoughts and focus on synchronising yourself with your partner, you could in theory, over time temporarily claim control of the others body (apparently, but I heard from many others this was not possible). That person however suggested such method was imperfect, the Astral Body which is your spiritual body, would not match up with the current body it would possess and negative side effects would show as you tried to claim possession over the body.

So they came up with the concept of dividing the Spiritual Self into multiple layers. There is the body which is your physical identity and contains the physical memories of your life and experience, the Spirit which is the Spiritual body that you possess in your current life and the form you will take in this incarnation, this is also the thing apparently tethering you to life and when you die this is the part that expires and it contain all your spiritual memories like your karma. Then there is the Soul the inner most part of you that forms your consciousness and makes you, you... By synchronising yourself with a willing participant, it would then be possible to merge your energy and transfer your essence and conscious knowledge of who you are, over to your new Spiritual body/container and return to the new physical body.

That was the concept of the body swap, my sister thought it was interesting, I tried to dissuade her from doing anything with that person but in the end she went through with it. 4 years ago she was out cold for hours in a state which liked like she was sleeping but no outside stimulants would wake her up and when she awoke, she felt different, like she would act and behave how she would but it felt like an act like she wasn't really herself. When I asked her she just said it was bunch of lies and nothing really happen but I kept feeling uneasy and over time there was evident changes to her personality and soon she was a different person.

It wasn't until later, that I realised that this person had essentially buttered up the concept and sweet talked her into the transference and once he or she had completed the transfer, my sister had became a victim of a Essence Transfer Ritual, her Physical Body and current incarnated spirit was now his/her. I mean I could be paranoid but after some digging around, I did find that person my sister spoke too, I meet up with them and it was a bit shocking too feel such nostalgia talking to someone I never meet before, their manner and behaviour wasn't like some spiritual master but more of a rough, depress and beaten man that had lost everything... I mean they kept dodging and avoiding some questions I threw at them when trying to confirm whether or not it was my sister inside that person. Best answer I got was that their memories was a bit fuzzy and that they shouldn't talk about it, and even if they did who would believe such a story.

I know some of you may not take this seriously and disregard this and claim it is a story but I just want to clarify what actually happened, did my sister undergo some miraculous soul switching transfer? I mean the closest thing I found was some Tibetan Body Swapping method that a friend of mine told me about. I mean as we speak my sister has been talk to some people online and like 4 years ago, she is behaving like that person sweet talking them into opening themselves up for a Transfer. I mean a few times I spotted my sister, she would show some disgust as the girl who was requesting for Spiritual Guidance was frail and really sickly looking.

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: Sammie on October 07, 2016, 15:22:37
Im not sure what to make of it, but you seem to have a lot of proof some change happened to your sister, maybe a so-called walk-in? But why would that person whose body she is now in avoid telling you if she was really your sister?

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: Nameless on October 08, 2016, 01:15:14
My initial reaction to this is that there is a lot you are not telling us. Now don't take that as a criticism, it's not. You are by no means required or expected to say any more than you are comfortable with. :-)

Are you familiar with the line 'hook, line and sinker'? This is what came to my mind concerning your sister. She opened herself up to this and fell for the idea quite literally hook, line and sinker. It's a fishing term that refers to the fish taking everything but the pole.

Anyway, your sister can come back from this. She will first need to recognize for herself what she has done and she will have to revoke her permissions to any and all entities, parts, spirits, whatever she gave her permissions to. This will be either complicated or easy depending on your sister's own personal belief system.

You said, "..I mean a few times I spotted my sister, she would show some disgust as the girl who was requesting for Spiritual Guidance was frail and really sickly looking." Real vampires feed off other's energy.

On the one hand I will say it appears your sister was duped and misled. On the other, that is what happens when you fall into other people's traps. Your sister is just as culpable for her condition as are those who misled her.

Share with her your unconditional love for her but do not under any circumstance try mucking around like she did. That will only confuse the issue.

There are others here who should be able to share far more insight with you. What I do know is this, yous sister gave permission and she can revoke it. That's the short of it. I wish you well in your search for answers.

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: SweetDream on October 08, 2016, 05:59:43
Im not sure what to make of it, but you seem to have a lot of proof some change happened to your sister, maybe a so-called walk-in? But why would that person whose body she is now in avoid telling you if she was really your sister?

A walk in, would suggest a bodily possession whilst some is projecting out of body right?

I mean one thing I've been trying to work out is, did my sister have her body literally stolen and this person isn't actually my sister and her essence was transferred elsewhere or is my sister still inside her body, but a third party element is now mixed in and is in control of her/possessing her like a parasite until it moves on?

Also, if my sister really was inside this guy, why wouldn't she just admit it? I mean the only thing I can logically think of, is that they are scared or they are just pretending... I mean I originally believed it could have been BS but being scared seems to be plausible as they seemed rather despairingly depress and void of hope, I mean if by some off chance that a transference can occur and mythical body swapping can be achieved, then how would you prove it? You can't exactly say hey I'm so and so, please help me, my body got stolen, I mean anyone would be go what are you going on about.. So since it been like 4 years, maybe she has given up hope on recovering her body or convincing others that she is a victim of a body snatched and has been forced into a vessel that does not belong to her.

It has been a rather uncomfortable subject cause it just seems really unbelievable and I was half expecting people to not believe me. Personally I wouldn't pursue such things myself but it has been something that has been eating away at me as it feels like I have my sister physically here but on the inside it just doesn't feel like it is her at all.

I totally agree with the term 'hook, line and sinker' as nasty as that sounds for my little sis. I mean the person who she did the transfer with, did mention a number of 'failures' they had made due to imperfections in their original techniques and have been refining their methods with each encounter. I mean having seen some of her old emails and having read through some old messages in the past, this person had avoided explaining the true side effects and negative effects of the so called 'swaps' but claims that his partners were happy with the outcome and enjoyed the experience and just kept sweet talking her.

After the apparent switch, my sister still behaved like she would but it felt fake, but for a month of so she had been rather distant and on occasions rather defensive and cautious of her surroundings. She would always talk to someone in secrecy and most of the time it would be in a rather hostile tones... in the end once everything settled down that when changes happen, she turned from a shy, timid, quiet and rather energetic girl into someone who wasn't ashamed of bashful and had gained sudden experience in doing things she never done before, even her style had changed and to be fair I and many others just shrugged it off as it being a phased she was going through but considering the amount of scouting she has been doing,it just feels like they are repeating the process and will soon hop out and enter someone else.

I mean it just seems silly, but there no way two people can just switch places right? I mean I try to be as normal as I have been with her but it just doesn't seem to faze her and I just bugs me that it might not even really be her on the inside... Personally I don't think it is possible to swap places with someone, I mean possession I hear a lot more about but is that really the case? I mean it could be just paranoia on my part but having read about vampires and i'm just worried that some sort of parasitic being is just leeching off of my sister until they get bored of her being.

I hope this hasn't doesn't seem too out of whack, but it just a topic that I don't know how to explain or even deal with. I mean in the first place, if you open yourself completely... is it possible to have your entire Physical and Spiritual being hijacked by another essence and then shoved into another vessel and spiritual container?

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: SweetDream on December 08, 2016, 07:08:42
I wasn't sure if I should start a new topic but since it seemed a little inappropriate, I thought I should just add on to this thread here.

So there was something that got me interested and a little curious, now don't get me wrong, I have no intention of meddling with these studies. But what I was curious about was, can human who have cast off their physical body and practice spiritual body in dark and forbidden arts, turn into demonic creature like vampires, demons or evil spirits?

I find it interesting when you hear stories of possessions and supposed body swaps and steals and you wonder is this really true? I mean I've heard of stuff like TrongJug and demons, but can a human transfer their essence from one vessel into another?

Some stories I heard involved a woman in Sweden who didn't like her own body or self and so she never really cared about what would happen to her and it was because of this desire, she was exploited and they entered her body and stole her life and identity... then there was another story I heard about a woman in the east who wanted to swap bodies but was too defensive to learn or take up any offers but one day in desperation, she opened herself up and allowed the guy who she was seeking guidance from and was pulled into a really deep astral projection and dived really deep into an out of body experience, which felt like having having her energy being sapped away and then a huge burden and disconnection occurring and she felt free, like a spirit experience peace and bliss but when she wanted to return to her body, she found that she was a formless spirit, she had dived so deep she had unknowingly separated from her astral body/soul and her spirit guide has cast his own body and astral body/soul aside and was transferring his essence and energy into her discarded astral body/spirit and hijacking her body, leaving her disembodied and helpless.

I was wondering what are other peoples opinion of this? Do you think it just nonsensical stories or stories worth thinking about?

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: desert-rat on December 09, 2016, 05:46:22
A walk in in done by a person in there body and another person in spirit. As you have described above body swapping is done by 2people both in there physical bodys . Interesting,  if every one is agreed.

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: zenos on January 13, 2017, 01:44:26
SweetDream, can you message me, I would love to discuss with you.

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: SweetDream on February 08, 2017, 03:53:57
So I have been wondering... just how vulnerable is the human body when you are projected out of it?

From my understanding, there are a lot of defence mechanism in place and it seems that whilst projecting, most projectors are conscious of their body and retain a sensitive link to it so that they can quickly wake up or return when something happens to their physical flesh. But what if you dive deep enough or was assisted out of your body without knowing how to protect yourself? What happens then? Is the body in any danger?

So in the case I mentioned about my sister apparent body swap, so it took some time and some curage to question both my sister and this man indivudally and get both accounts of their story and I'm not sure if it real or fake but according to their stories it seem my sister was lured out of her body and her physical vessel was hijacked.

When this had happened she was told to relax and let go of everything and to allow the process to take place, she felt an external energy invading her body and stimulating a deep part of herself and having allowed the simulated pleasure to take over, her core essence felt like it was torn out from her body and she apparently projected from her body. She described the experience as being strange as she was formless and felt incredibly vulnerable and disconnected from her body/existence/identity but her 'guide' fed her pleasurable energy to calm her down and they dived really deep into the astral experience and that was when my sister was abandoned.

The person had been connecting his essence with her for the sole intent on stealing her physical vessel, apparently according to him, or rather her now... she had an obsession with the concept of swapping bodies and transferring his essence from his body into anothers, in particular a females but he found that most practitioners found it immoral, impossible and it seem to be an unspoken taboo of some sorts. So they resorted to self studying, coming up with theories, looking into darker and more ancient arts and developed this method... Of course the issue was finding someone willing to test it on, most partners were not suitible so instead her groomed one and just lured my sister into a trap. I mean such methods would be akin to being a dark/evil spirit...

So having abandoned his body and soul and the connection to it, leaving the body in a comatose/vacant state and having forced my sister's essence from her body and separated it from his soul, he began merging his own spirit with her body and took possession of the abandoned body. Because the Soul and Body is in the correct body, his essence just filled the void and took possession of the body since he ensured that she would leave her body with as minimal protection as possible.

Of course for my sisters essence, she was lost where she was left and by the time she had wondered back to the physical realm where her former body was left, it wasn't there and some time had passed. What scared her most was that her body was moving on its own and when she attempted to approach it she would be repelled by an invisible force. But sister claimed she was on the verge of giving in and accepting her fate as a disembodied essence as she felt a fading energy connection which she assumed was her tether to the mortal realm and she drifted off to what she presumed was the next life but instead she found herself in the place where that persons abandon body was, that was left for dead essentially and not wanting to die or be trapped in her current state she took over the near dead body.

To be honest, even I find this story to be quite out there... I mean... I would appreciate what other people think but I don't know... a big part of me feels like I should believe the story as it was evident that my sister at the time her body was 14 was acting bizarrely at the time like she was unaccustomed to with herself. I mean from my own independent research it seems like my sister was a victim of Trung Jug and to be fair, most myths and legends are depict from a certain amount of truth... I mean this person behaviour is incredibly immoral and is evil and malicious... almost like a demon or evil spirit as he/she had his/her eyes set on my Sister 14 year old body, blacked mailed her to convince her to never speak of it and to claim rights over it so she couldn't demand it back and held onto the body for 5 years...

At this point I don't even know what to make of it... was it my sister fault for allowing this to happen to her... or was that person never wrong to do what he did as he/she claims she became my sister as the body and soul is still her but her consciousness/personality is just something foreign that had taken over. I mean even if it was a prank I doubt people would be sick enough to keep it going for 5 years.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this person was quite crafty, cause the reason for my original question was the fact this person wanted my sister to project whilst she was away from home, his goal was to apparently to scoop up her physical body should he fail to possess it then spend time working his way into her body so that even if her spirit return the body would not be in the place she had left it.

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: zenos on March 03, 2017, 22:17:26
Interesting update.  So I presume that you found this out since the original post, that both confirmed that this is what happened?

This is something that interests me but I don't have as much knowledge about it as others.  From what I've found out, though, your description fits pretty well with what would have happened. 

In my mind, I guess it's immoral/evil because he tricked her into it, but at the same time she was willingly participating.  I myself have pondered over the immorality of trying to force a swap, but this area is particularly gray since she was an active participant to a point. 

Have they both come to terms with it and moving forward living their lives now, or are they looking for more?

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: Duskblaze on June 26, 2017, 07:33:48
Iím interested in what happened to your sister. I was wondering if you could clarify some things for me. In your first post you said that your sister was 16 years old but later you stated that she was 14. Iím curious at which age did you notice the change in your sisterís personality. Also, could you specify what aspects of your sisterís personality changed? How was she unashamed and what new skills did she suddenly have? You also stated that your sister was having a conversations with someone in hostile tones. Do you know who she was talking to or the content of the conversations? Furthermore, you mentioned that you talked with the man interested in performing the swap. How long after events did this occur? Iím also curious as to why they would dodge your questions if it truly was your sister. Wouldnít she want your help? Additionally, you mentioned the woman from Sweden. Where did you find this story and could you provide a link? I would also like to know from whom did you hear the account regarding your sisterís essence. It would unlikely to be from your sister, if she was possessed by this guy, and you said that the guy who your sister had been talking to had dodged your questions. So how did you hear of the account of your sisterís spirit trying to reenter her body?    

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: SweetDream on October 25, 2017, 23:02:12
Thank you all for taking interest in my story, I honestly didn't think people would believe or trust me so I will try and explain things a bit more clearly from what I have learnt and discovered in the last 5 years. Though I am a bit scared because I don't want people thinking I am making things up.

So my little sister has always taken an interest in the occult, the spiritual experiences and other strange and wonderful experiences, I was interested in this sort of stuff back then as well and I would engage with her on discussions on topics like that and then over time I sort of grew out of the whole phase. She carried on with the obsession and began practising and learning from instructions from books or stuff from the internet.

Around the age of 14 she had meet someone online and begun learning from them, they acted as he guide and teacher. I originally told her to be careful of these types of people but from the conversations she had showed me they seemed rather nice. Over the course of two years from 14 to 16, he had been guiding and teaching my sister a number of spiritual experiences, teaching her lucid dreaming, astral projection, travelling to astral plane and into the spiritual world and all those stuff, I don't know if it even possible.

So at the age of 16, her teacher was like the time is ripe, I think you are ready lets try the more advance stuff is what my sister told me and then she began falling into a deep sleep state where for 2 or 3 hours no matter how much we tried she wouldn't wake up. She explains to me that she was doing more advanced spiritual stuff like disembodying her spirit from her body to do deeper spiritual dives. There was one time where she was incredibly flustered and I asked her why, she explained she had sex or rather astral sex with her teacher with consent of course and she was a bit put off by the sensation but still continued with the experience and practices and later she was apparently learning how to separate her Conscious Spirit from her Mortal Soul (Astral Body).

From what I had learnt from speaking to them years later, she and her teacher both underwent a number of spiritual bonding through energy transfer and astral sex and later on they both left behind their bodies and their souls to dive into the spiritual realm. According to the man who is supposedly my sister, she said her teacher guided her into the spiritual realm and then left her behind, leaving her lost in a place where time seemed to flow differently, by the time she had returned her teacher had merged and stolen possession of her physical body and became her.

From what I can research, I guess the closest thing to this kind of thing is called Trong Jug? Anyways after becoming my sister he or rather she became quite distant and quite distinctly different from what my sister once was. Changing the style of clothing she would wear, investing in make up and complete change of personality and every so often I would come across her being hostile toward someone who I assume was my sister now in the body of the man. But yeah I guess the experience is quite traumatising so people would avoid answering it?

Title: Re: Sudden change in personality, possibility of a body swap?
Post by: zenos on November 08, 2017, 20:31:26
Hey SweetDream,

Thanks for the reply with further depth into what happened.  This is very interesting to me for a couple of reasons - I seek learning how to do the things you describe that she did as well as seek a possible body swap through Trong Jug as you described - albeit consensual and not a forced/steal a body like what happened to your sister.  I would imagine at a point over many years like what happened, she would be pretty much cast under his spell and not have much resistance to put up, but it is very sad to hear the results that she lost her body and life. 

I wonder how much of the process she remembers as the man, if she is able to do anything spiritually without the teacher/your new sister.  Would also love to hear more about what that process is like, how many memories she kept of her old life and how much of the man's life remained with the body, how easily she was able to pick up his life, etc...  Also interested to hear if the teacher is still in your sister's body or if he has moved on at this point. 

Is there anything you are seeking out of this - a way to get your sister back for instance, or just get the teacher out of your sister's body, or something completely different? Just trying to understand.