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Title: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Phalanx on November 18, 2016, 07:46:56
Deja vu tends to be a scarce topic in that I cant find much information on it in metaphysical terms. I know the scientific definition of Deja vu and it feels to be off.

I get bouts of deja vu that can last for long periods of time almost up to an entire day but not necessarily where I recollect a past event.
An example, I had a dream involving my grandmother in the kitchen making hot coca, the dream itself also had that deja vu feeling. I wake up ponder about the situation it has never happened before. About a month later the actual event occurs with the deja vu feeling, and down to exact detail as far as I have been able to tell.
Deja vu sets in dreams like that have occurred many times, one about riding with a friend driving across state, a couple about reading books that I do not own only to have the books later while reading them with the deja vu feeling but also with a strange feeling I know all this I have read this before but in physical reality never have.

Another example and the harder to believe happens involving movies. Example, I watched the movie miss peregrine's home for peculiar children recently on its release. During the whole movie I had the sense of deja vu, that I had watched this movie before. And not like oh this part is similar to that movie and that part to that one, literally in that I have watched it before. Only that I haven't but I could tell you the entire movie in detail long before it was over. Over pondering for a memory of the event it felt like I had seen the movie a year before. It is sorta like I watched the movie in a dream but when I think about the before had deja vu of it, something deep is going like no you've seen this before, physically, which is impossible because the movie didn't exist before hand to have watched it. This case has happened with about seven movies, a few books.

A final example as a stretch I was talking with a friend about other people in general he was trying to hook me up with someone when he mentioned a girls name, I piped in oh so and so her birthday is xx she has brown hair yay tall etc etc. And dumbfounded a tad he asks how I know all that and I told him that he told me because I was having deja vu over the conversation and that I just jumped to the end. And he goes about to tell me that we never have had that conversation before because it was impossible because the girl started working at his job only 3 days before and that he hadn't told any of his friends yet about the new employee. TO say there was a good bit of silence as we pondered it out.

Upon talking with friends that have views in metaphysics / supernatural, the common subject that arises is about multiple lives in that I could be living this life over again, and/or could possibly change the outcome from what it once was to something new if I were to become minutely aware of what the original path was. And then the subject tends to go off into changing time and creating multiple dimensions where in that one you did this and this one you did that and the whole time travel loops and stuff. But even their understanding/knowledge of deju vu events seems to be limited.

So Id like to know more about what deja vu could be.

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Xanth on November 18, 2016, 08:28:36
I see deja vu as more of an incorrectly processed moment... or perhaps a moment you're perceiving from the perspective of another consciousness who has already had the experience.

Who knows.

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Karxx Gxx on November 18, 2016, 08:37:28
*Who knows. I've searched for answers and there isnt really one (yet). But I have never heard of someone changing the deva vu.

When you knew what the movie was about, or knowing the details of the car, that doesnt happen in my case.

When I have deja vu, I know (feel) that I've done this before, and I will know whats coming up only WHEN it was happening.
*something happens* 'o excrement, this is deja vu.  ooo excrement, I said that last time..." I cant change my thoughts.  I know I've experienced it when it is happening. I cant foretell when it ends because I cant see into the future about it too much, unlike you.

But thanks for this post. Now that I know its possible, I can beleive it to be so more easily  :-D

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: volcomstone on November 18, 2016, 22:25:19
Do you have a dream journal?

 I think you will figure out quickly where he deja vu comes from once you have a couple of months of dreams documented.

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Nameless on November 19, 2016, 02:31:11
Your clairvoyant. Your deja vu moments are not because you have done it before but because you have seen it before. Can't blame you for questioning this as it is an interesting topic but it sure can get crazy trying to make sense of it.

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Phalanx on November 19, 2016, 07:26:50
Do you have a dream journal?

 I think you will figure out quickly where he deja vu comes from once you have a couple of months of dreams documented.

I have a few years documented of dreams, as noted of the first example that is where some deja vu comes from. But there are some examples that are just indescribable that have no relation of any previous dreams like the knowing all about the new girl at my friends work.

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: LightBeam on December 14, 2016, 08:25:11
Well, I don't know how and why does it happen, but since I read this topic, I thought that I haven't head one in a long time. I like when these occur. I wished I had them more often..... and boom, it happened yesterday and today, yay  :-)

Title: Re: Seeing the future in Deja vu...
Post by: Astral Potato on June 02, 2017, 10:37:56
I think discussions like this are very interesting. Also, how would a dream journal help me to make sense of deja vu?

I have cases of unexplained deja vu, but two of them stand out for me. They have been the reason I rely so much on my intuition and will follow my intuition, regardless of the circumstance. In fact, I would be very keen to get a better sense of my intuition and what it has to say.

There have been a few times where my intuition and feeling like I had been there before probably saved my life. I wonder if anyone has any ideas on my experiences.

Deja vu 1: This came in the form of a nightmare. I was walking home at night, the same way I always walk home after a night out drinking. As I passed my mates house and went to cross the field, I was attacked by a man and his dog, who were inside a parked van on the road. I still remember this nightmare as it left a very deep impression on me. That weekend, I go out drinking, I start to walk home at around 3am, the same route I always take. As I am approaching my mates road, I was walking past the first field, I saw a van drive past me and the driver seemed look at me and turn his head as he drove past. So, being weary, I thought I would pretend to start walking across the field, but continue along the road once the van was out of sight. As I reached the end of the road, where there is a gas station, I didn't notice the van and continued towards my friends road. A little later, the van appeared at the road on the other side of the field. A man with a dog jumped out and looked around. I thought that it could just be that he was walking his dog, until I saw him staring in my direction and get back in his van. At this point I wasn't too far away from where my nightmare occurred. I saw the van make a U-turn and start coming back towards my direction. The van drove past me and continued down the road, but as he past me, I saw him stare at me again. At this point, my gut was screaming out for me to stop, I was 90% sure that if I continued to walk away from the shops then something bad would happen. I stopped and went back to the gas station as it has CCTV and is open 24/7, from there I called my parents and asked what to do, they booked a cab to pick me up. As I walked to the curb to check if the driver was there, I saw the man in the van drive past the gas station and stare at me. I decided to wait inside the gas station for my driver. I saw the van come back down the road it had previously drove down and drive towards the field in the direction I would normally walk. The cab arrived after and took me home.

This was honestly one of the most terrifying experiences that I have had in my life. The van drove in 3 different directions, but still continued to loop back and follow me. If it wasn't for the nightmare, I wouldn't have even been suspicious of a van driving past me.

Deja vu 2: This was more of a deja vu, gut feeling situation.Long story short. Selling a load of tickets all day, fair bit of cash on me, friend says he knows someone who will buy the last of them, don't really want to go but agree because it is close to mates house, walk to my mates first and say we can go to the pub afterwards. As I am crossing the bridge over the motor way, we pass a group of 3 lads, hoods up, hats on, just walking silently without talking to each other. As we pass the group, I stop because I had a feeling of deja vu, then I started to get a bad feeling. This is when the person I am meant to meet starts walking over the bridge towards me. I am now getting a very, very bad feeling. The boy arrives and says that he only brought half the money, but it's fine, we can walk to his and grab the rest, pointing towards the direction the 3 lads were walking. I don't agree and we start walking to the other side of the bridge, then notice the 3 lads start crossing bridge back towards us. Thought I was lucky as we were on the opposite side, we are jumped by a group of lads waiting on that side, they pull out various weapons and begin to wail on me and my friend as the others run towards us. Because I am a big guy, we managed to get away and run onto the motorway with only a few bruises & scrapes.

My mate still brings this up even though it happened about 6 years ago. We were lucky that we didn't go back onto the bridge, otherwise we would have got our heads kicked in with nowhere to run. This is what made me cut ties with a lot of people who I felt were not good mates.

I guess now that I am older and my life is less exciting, my deja vu has also got less frequent. I very rarely encounter situations where my intuition pulls me in the other direction as much anymore. I do still get deja vu and have things happen which I remember from my dreams. Still, it would be nice to know what is causing it and how to better tap into it.