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Title: my recent experiences
Post by: Moonflower on December 13, 2016, 15:05:20
I'd like to share with you some recent experiences. Firstly, I will say that I'm somewhat new to conscious astral travel; I recall frequently traveling the realms as a child, but my spontaneous experiences this year have jarred me into rediscovering and taking control of this journey.... while fully aware.

The following happened a few months ago (end of August). It was morning, I had just woken up; I was laying on my side with my eyes closed. I was thinking about the day ahead, fully conscious and aware. I hear a strange 'metal' knocking sound, and then a voice in the room. The voice was as clear as a bell; it was the familiar voice of someone who had passed (and who has been in my dreams). The voice was clear, although it sounded as though this person may have been speaking from a tunnel or silo. It sounded as though he were having a conversation with someone, yet I couldn't hear anyone else. Oddly, I could only recognize every few words in the conversation. I strained to comprehend, but it was as though my brain could not process regular conversation.
I laid there in amazement, stunned, doing my best to hold on to whichever frequency I was somehow inadvertently and consciously tapped in to. My heart was beating fast; I tried to keep calm. I kept my eyes shut. I was afraid to open them, as I figured that opening my eyes may have pulled me out of the frequency.
After a minute of listening to 'garbled' conversation, the familiar voice stopped talking -- I sense that he may have picked up on the fact that I could hear him in real-time. Then, I could hear footsteps walking toward me, and stopping directly beside me.
I  'pretended' I was asleep, eyes still closed; I was curious as to how long I could remain in this realm. My heart was beating faster at this point. I was excited but it took all of my might to remain calm. Since I recognized the voice, I was not afraid.
I could feel his energy pulsing beside me; there was silence for about 30 seconds. I laid there wondering what was going to happen next. At this point, he started calling my name.  *That* right there startled me, and my eyes popped open. In turn, I must have 'snapped' out of whichever frequency I was tuned in to. I could no longer hear him; I saw nobody.
I swear that I was conscious and awake during all of it.
Was this a pre-experience to astral projection? I was aware of 'being' in this alternate realm, but could not enter it fully. I didn't know how to move beyond. Was this some sort of plane between the earthly realm and astral realm? Everything was 'normal' when I opened my eyes. I feel that, had I've been able to hold on to this, I would have been able to leave my body and experience spending time with this familiar spirit who was standing there calling my name.
And most recently: a few nights ago, while awake and aware and trying to get to sleep: I felt the sensation of a strong wind blowing over my head and against the back of my neck, which seemed to last over a minute. It was calming. The sensation was as though I were riding a bike down a hill, backwards. the wind was powerful but neither cold nor hot.
These experiences were spontaneous and unexpected.
They are precious to me, and unforgettable.
My goal is to teach myself to enter these realms at will.

Title: Re: my recent experiences
Post by: Szaxx on March 01, 2017, 10:42:20
Very interesting experience, you entered a partial state of being outside of the physical and still retained a connection it appears. This could be a sort of false awakening as it's called, in these you are totally convinced it's the physical until something unreal shows up. I've had a few where things were perfect until I realised I was running at 40 mph.
In yours it may have been a projection and your thoughts of being physically aware were a manifestation that'd keep you exactly where you thought you were. As opening your eyes was a thought of termination, this too would have manifested which it did. In these thought controlled environments it's very difficult to test any theories about the situation presenting itself as your already convinced it's as experienced. The interesting point being the spontaneous experience led you to the guy in question. If you've had no desire to communicate for a long time it may have been a real event. This would give me more incentive to replicate the sleep position and foods eaten prior to this experience. With the thought of doing the same, I'd hope to get back to it and ask questions.
Have you had any further success?

Title: Re: my recent experiences
Post by: SCHMUSTIN on March 07, 2017, 17:34:54
Sounds like an awesome experience. 

Have you had any further success?  :?