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Title: how close am I?
Post by: Light_being on December 14, 2016, 18:41:10
Hey guys, I started practicing astral projection for a while now and I've had some signs that I'm getting there like the getting into the hynogogic state and having vibrations. I have a few questions because to me this astral projection thing is really confusing and worse of all because I'm new to this. But days ago something happened, I was in the morning (because I fell asleep at nite lol) I was decided to listen to the binaural beat because the morning is noisy. I listened to it, I experienced a change in my conscious, my thoughts were dissapearing and t'was like my mind was changing to something else. That shocked me so I decided to got thru the hynogogic state instead. In the hynogogic, I saw quite a few visions and the more I was in it the deeper I got into and as I got more into it I felt everything in it, the vibe, the people, their emotions, you name it.

As I got deeper into (thanks to those beats) I felt like my arms lifted and held hands together. In one of those visions, I saw myself climbing onto a bed and my knee slightly bent, twas so real like I bent it physically. I felt like my shoulders were tensed but not my physical ones (now that doesn't make sense to me lool). I, also, felt energy going up and down my body (not vibrations but energy).  The beats started to sound different like when you vibrate something and pass sound through it. The biggest one of all, was knocking my teeth together (I think I wrote that correctly lol) when it happened it woke me up, that one felt soooo real but I didn't do physically!

My questions are, am I close and if so how close am I? and for my mind to "change" is this a change in consiousness when about to project or what is it? also how to make it better and finally get out of my body :D. Oh I'm having premonision like feeling of me about to leave my body and I sense like someone is waiting for me to get out... could you please explain that one to please... thank you :-)

Sorry for da long read.

Title: Re: how close am I?
Post by: Nameless on December 14, 2016, 23:09:54
You are very close, you already know this. Next time you do this relax into it and just let it happen. Ask you 'inner guide' to help, you don't even need to know who that is just trust your feelings.

Title: Re: how close am I?
Post by: Phildan1 on December 15, 2016, 00:20:52
Nameless is right. I can talk to my inner guidance and got response in no time and natural to me - others maybe need lots of practice to use it. "It" can help you if you ask it. I reached my first real vibration phase with it's help.

Title: Re: how close am I?
Post by: Light_being on December 16, 2016, 04:23:57
Thanks guys for your responses, I just needed to be sure that I'm close and now I am. I will continue till I succeed and get help from my spirit guide.

Title: Re: how close am I?
Post by: SCHMUSTIN on March 07, 2017, 17:43:56
sounds like an awesome experience.

And further progress since the original post?  :?

Title: Re: how close am I?
Post by: Light_being on April 23, 2017, 18:13:27
SCHMUSTIN, I haven't been doing much of it since I've been failing much. I spoke to my intuition and told me root cause of failure is fear, so I'm working on that for now. But I'm making progress on that, I decided to be quite for a while.
Unless you have tips on how to overcome it, share them :-)