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Title: talking alien snake tunnel and testing my responses
Post by: beavis on December 25, 2016, 15:44:59
Night. (As I live in an old mechanic shop in real life) they brought me some wrenches and other tools. I looked through them to decide which I'll keep and which are broken. An alien snake partially in a mechanical suit chases us. I dont know how it got in. The building is closed. It stops chasing and we talk. It says it came from a tunnel under the kitchen sink in the back wall of that cabinet. I see long wood tunnel that turns into something else deeper. The talking alien snake is there. I'm very scared to go in but want control of my house which its connected to in another dimension. I decide to go in.

Day. I'm outside in a huge park. I'm flying. I come to very high power lines that are like a fence I cant fly over. Its meant as a border between countries. I have to land.

A voice tells me we want to test your responses, when you would shoot arrows, when you would not shoot, what you would do, what are your strategies, why you do things, how you think about things. I say ok.

Some few people come shooting arrows at us. I am with the local people and others are invading. I have a few arrows laying around, which I shoot back with a bow only at those who are shooting at me first. I'm trapped too far from others on my "team" for us to help eachother. I stand behind half finished wood buildings which block the arrows. After shooting a few arrows over a few minutes, I'm surprised I run out, but I pick up broken arrows from the ground and shoot those, only when I have to. I call for our retreat, and the rest of the team follows me. The arrows stop.

A few of the attacking army's people are hiding in a stack of plastic barrels, like a totem pole, that walks along with us. I push it over so they can come out. The fighting is over, and I make peace with them and shake their hands. I didnt want to fight anyways. I didnt know what it was about.

They say something related to the tunnel and why it may be there. They can help me with it. I was scared of the snake in a partial mechanical suit that came out of the tunnel, but I'm not scared of them. They offer to take me into the other world, and I agree.

They take me a short walk to a building. They say I have to die to reach the other world but its not normal death and I'll still live in another form. I dont understand. Why? Just thats how its done. Someone points a gun at me to make sure I dont back out, but they're not planning to shoot me if I do the process as usual. I'm to smoke some chemical that causes fast death. Its shiny and colorful and scary. I hesitate but am trapped by the gunman. I ask is it painful, and they say probably not. Since I actually do want to go to that other world, and I believe them that this is how to get to the other world, so I smoke it. Everything goes black. I'm going somewhere. Its working.

(I wake up in real life. Is real life the other world? Or was the transition so surprising it woke me up? Or is it a kind of reality I couldnt fit in?)