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Title: Hi everyone
Post by: lllClarkylll on December 26, 2016, 19:01:54
Hi all I'm Lee I'm 35 from the UK

After lurking on and off over the years I thought id better register as I have so many experiences I want to start sharing.

I've always had lucid dreams since childhood and then between the age of 15-20 I went through a bad spell of anxiety and depression and started having spontaneous OBE's.  At the time I never knew what was happening to me and brushed them off as dreams however because of how real they where and different from my lucid dreams IE: projecting out of my sleeping body, seeing myself and others asleep and floating about on the street, I knew something else was going on.  After looking online I soon discovered that I'd been experiencing lucid dreams throughout my life and was now having out of body experiences.  My anxiety and depression got better but I still kept having lucid dreams and OBE's up until this day.  I've also had a lot of other experiences in between such as being in sleep paralysis and listening to full conversations between people.  Talking to my granddad who passed away a few years ago and talking to others who have passed away.  These have happened during sleep paralysis with communication done physically with difficulty and movement and sight done with my astral.  In my recent OBE's over the last few months I seem to leave my body and then straight away some sort of force pushes my astral self to places throughout the universe and on arriving I seem to be involved in all kinds of different games and competitions with everyone generally just having fun or I'll drop downwards from sleep paralysis through blackness until it all opens up and I find myself landing on what I've started to call Earth 2.     

I'm going to post as much as possible about my past experiences over in the correct forum so I'll leave my intro at that.

Glad to be a member of the Astral Pulse forum and I want to learn and contribute as much as possible.   :-)

Title: Re: Hi everyone
Post by: Phildan1 on December 26, 2016, 19:53:21
Welcome Clarky and enjoy yourself here  : )  I hope Your stories and experiences will aid for other's struggling surely.

Title: Re: Hi everyone
Post by: Nameless on December 26, 2016, 22:22:43
Hi Lee, welcome. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.