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Title: Lucid Dream
Post by: Hfeline on January 09, 2017, 20:14:47
A few of you probably recognize me asking for help.

Within the past few hours, I had a lucid dream, I knew I wasn't fully conscious, but I thought I was phazing.  I was in an old, primarily wooden house, so I was saying, "Clarity now!"  It wasn't doing anything, but I was trying.  There were people there at first, but I wasn't paying much attention to them, so I guess they disappeared.  All except for a guy with a strange head.  He had three different heads, during the dream.  I don't remember the first two, but I asked if he would show me the one I couldn't remember, and he then has a bird on a stump head.  We hugged, and then I woke up.  I was very excited and ran around checking stuff out, but while I could probably describe it all, nothing really stands out. 

Then I woke up with intense whining in my ears, and an intense vibration slowly increasing in time with my breathing.  I tried twisting and turning and swimming and pulling on the futon bars, and asking for help, but vibration or not, I didn't phaze, and floating out, and eventually settled on letting it happen naturally.  Then I fell asleep.