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Title: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: PhaPriSpa on January 21, 2017, 02:39:20
What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom - Analysis About Being Completely Free

Many persons would like achieve Freedom (to be Free), but Freedom has consequences. I post this topic to hear from persons their Analysis and Mental Simulations about what it would be like to be Completely Free not only in this World called Earth but also in the Other Worlds and Realms of existence (Physical/Organic/Organism and Non Physical/Non Organic/Organism, meaning Organic/Organism to the beings that have Organs like Animals and Plants in this Earth World, and meaning Non Organic/Organism to the beings whose bodies are Energy even if they have shapes but that don't have Organs and Organ Dependant Functions which seems to be the case of some of the Non Physical Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms and the case of the Dream/Astral Body).

I'd like to know if such Freedom could be "BORING" when had forever, or if a being could have it without becoming "MAD/CRAZY" as a result of it and what would be required for it Not to happen (become "BORED" and/or "MAD/CRAZY"), and if it would be possible for a Free Being to be able to have interaction with Non Free (Imprisoned/Enslaved) Beings and how that interaction would be, or if a Free Being would have to cut/suspend contact with them, (is a little of what you can see in "Superman/Superwoman" disguising among the Normal Humans, interacting anonymously with them and not showing them his/her identity as that would have consequences and reactions from the Normal Humans for Bad and a little for Good). Try to mentally simulate every aspect of what it could be and place it in a Extensive Analysis of what "You" visualize this to be and what "You" would expect it to be if "You" were able to Free Yourself from any restriction like the ones "You" are experiencing as a Human Being in this World called Earth.

I post this topic as a complement to the topic "How To Do Things (Powers and Abilities) In Dream (/Astral) Worlds (/Realms) (", were some of the following abilities/powers that I relate with someone's Freedom are mentioned.

A little of "My" Analysis about this topic:

I'd like to start by analyzing a little of what achieving Freedom (being Free) could be. There is much more to say, but I'll not extend much.

Being Free could mean to Not be dependant on having to Predate and Kill other live beings (like Plants, Animals, Human Animals, and any other live being in this World or in any other World/Realm) to process some of its life material to sustain ones being ("Physical" Body and different Energy systems "Physical" and of any other nature). Perhaps it could mean to feed on energy available for Free all over the entire creation, grabbing/getting/absorbing it whenever required and needed without any restriction, and without harming anyone or anything in the process.

It could also mean to Not be limited by "Physical" restrictions such as not being able to cross across objects (like walls, the soil, and any other "hard" or "soft" or "liquid" or "gas" material); also, not being limited by the (electrostatic force) attraction that is directed towards what we identify as down (perpendicular to the horizontal level of the water in opposite direction to the sky) and that has being given a name by "scientism" (false/deceiving scientists) as "Gravity", which could mean to be able to Fly whenever desired.

It could also mean to be Invulnerable, Immortal, Invincible, Self-Healing, Almighty (All Powerful), Omniscience (All Knowledgeable), being able to create Energy/Force Shields/Fields, being able to Look Everything (in all directions and in all distances), being able to Read the Minds of All Beings (and also their Feelings, Emotions, and everything else they process in their "physical" and "energy" beings), being able to Communicate with All Beings (with Telepathy and other abilities/powers, with Plants, Animals, Human Animals, and any other Conscious and Non Conscious Beings), being able to Move Any Objects (Telekinesis), having Unlimited Strength, Not getting Tired at all, Not requiring to Breath (but doing it if desired/required), being able to See and Perceive in any condition without any restriction (with a Spherical Vision way 360 degrees in all directions or a better more improved way available in creation, during Day, Night, Light, Dark, and any other condition), being able to Modify anything (any object like for example the weather/atmospheric conditions), being able to Manipulate Time and go Back and Forth of any situation as desired and required as well as controlling the Speed of Time in any situation (the speed of all other beings and objects around one, making them slow or fast when required being one always faster than all of them), being able to Control any other Being when required, being able to be Invisible (Cloaked) and non detectable or touchable/sensible to other beings, and all other characteristics that would remove any worries about one being threatened by anyone or by anything, and that would mean that one is self dependant.

(Some of this elements I found in the past in the following link, there are other many abilities/powers more listed on Internet.)

It could also mean to be able to have access to all the blueprint and plans/maps of all creation, to be able to navigate it in an efficient way. It would mean also to be able to move/transport/travel anywhere one requires, by any means one chooses (teleport, fly, walk, swim, move across soil and any other materials and environments, and any other one) without any restriction and at the desired speed. Also, it would mean to have all the tools to be able to navigate in any condition such as Dark/Night and having all the resources to identify any known or unknown environment and be able to navigate in a sure/safe/confident way in it.

It could also mean to have access to all Records of all the Events in Past, Present and Future Times, of all creation, to be able to access any location in any time required, and having the capacity to access and analyze all that information in an instant and have an unlimited and All Powerful capacity of information process to take immediate decisions (a little of what a quantum computer could be and it's capacity but even better). Also being able to access the predictions/simulations about the Future of any situation that is desired/required to analyze (a being, a civilization, and so on).

It could also mean to have access to all elements in creation, in any dimension of creation (a fourth and fifth dimensions are mentioned, that have many additional elements compared with the three dimension world and realm we currently live in). A little of what a more flexible World/Realm could be is experienced in the Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms when having Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), as the elements there have many other additional elements Non present in the "Physical" World called Earth.

I'd like to continue by analyzing a little of what achieving Freedom (being Free) could have as consequences. There is much more to say, but I'll not extend much.

Having access to everything and being able to do anything, could get to be "BORING", and the being could get "BORED", at least if the Human Animal Mind/Ego is present in that condition; something would need to Evolve as well in that level to be able to Handle the PEACE and FREEDOM, as in the Human Animal Life, Complete Peace and Tranquility leads to BOREDOM and the Person simply gets Annoyed/Disgusted of that situation and has to Do Something. Is a little like when a person goes on a long vacation, where he/she has to do NOTHING, he/she only has to REST, be at PEACE and be FREE of any obligation; that person, after some amount of time will get BORED of having nothing to do besides Rest/Peace/Quiet/Tranquility/Freedom and will want to do something, like Ending the Vacation and returning to his/her Activities, (remember when being young/infant after that long vacation it was nice to return to school to meet with the friends/fellows students and do something useful as being in vacation gets to be "BORING").

It'd be nice to know how the Minds of Highly Evolved Beings work to tolerate being FREE and having complete PEACE, or if perhaps that is not their case and as they can't tolerate complete Inactivity they also have to be constantly doing actions (at another high level of abilities that are above the ones of the Human Animal level in this World called Earth). Also it'd be nice to know if it exist a Only Energy level in creation (without shapes/objects and only Energy), and if those beings/consciousnesses also can't tolerate Inactivity and total PEACE and FREEDOM, and need to have continuous activity not to get BORED.

A little about this is mentioned in one of Robert Monroe's books (as I remember as I read them some years ago) when he said to the Being that was assisting him that he would like to Return "Home", and when remembering what "Home" was he traveled there only to realize that he Left that place because he realized that he felt BORED in there as everything was too QUIET and the same TRANQUIL/RELAXED/PEACEFUL things happened over and over, and there he was completely FREE as Free as to be able to choose when to leave that place as he did just before choosing to have the Human Animal experience in this world, that he explains in one of his books (as I remember as I read them some years ago) were he explains the "Loosh " (Emotional Energy) Harvesting story that they were told that was the meaning/reason of the creation of the World called Earth and the live beings (Plants, Animals, and Human Animals) and predatory conditions in it, as part of the information provided in the "tourist excursion" he and a friend of him were taking part of when he got attracted to the Human Animal experience of the World called Earth and got in just for one time and got involved in the experience to the point of completely forgetting his origin as a foreign energy consciousness being from another World/Realm that because of the amnesic characteristics of this Earth World's conditions of deleting/cleaning/erasing the memories of those who enter it and of those who do more cycles/reincarnations.

Part of the conditions to interact with beings in this World called Earth is the condition that all of them have the same normal Human Animal restrictions; when people identify something that is above that level they get scared and even try to destroy that being as identifying it as a threat, besides the jealously factor present in human animals people; in the case of Evolved Persons in this world their reaction would be better and maybe they'd be able to interact in a constructive way with the being above their level and limitations. This is something that would be interesting to be analyzed, as it could explain a reason why evolved being would prefer to stay cloaked (invisible) and only witness the things that occur in this and maybe also other Worlds/Realms, and Not interfere; is a little as if a Human Being would like to interfere in the actions that occur in any group of Animals, choosing to stop animals from being killed or hurt or punished and so on by the other members of their specie. ("Powder 1995" is a movie that is recommended to be seen/watched complete as it reflects some aspects of how the ignorance and cruelty and jealously of many ignorant Human Animals mistreat and hurt Good Evolved Beings that try to interact with them and help them improve).

Powder Official 1995 Movie Trailer

This brings the question if a Powerful Being would choose to interfere with brutal situations that occur in this World called Earth (at any beings, such as Plants, Animals, and Human Animals), when things as Murder, Violation/Rape, Torturing, Abuse, Suffering/Agony, and any other brutal situation that a being (or group of beings) cause to other (or group of others); would that Powerful Being choose to interfere, and under what conditions would it interfere, and what will it do with the aggressor (destroy/kill the aggressor to stop it/hem/her from repeating the brutal action with someone else, or make it sleep, or turn it to the law authorities, or something else) and also what will it do with the victim (drive some beings from the world of the victim to assist it, move it to another location, help it recover, or something else); and also, what would a Powerful Being do if it finds an innocent victim being that has been kidnapped/forced into a location were it is going to be brutalized (in any World/Realm even in the Dream/Astral ones), will it interfere and rescue that innocent victim being, and will it somehow confront/fight with the aggressors and even restrict them from doing it again, or will it choose to do Nothing at all and allow the victim to be brutalized by the aggressors. Does a Powerful Being become insensible to that, and if that is the case, why do they allow brutal actions to occur in this World called Earth and in other Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms, why is there Not a limit, and if there is under what conditions is that limit occurring; if brutal situations need to occur why the same brutal situation has to occur more than one time, isn't enough to do it once and then connect whoever they need to connect to experience the victim's suffering, if they have the technology to record all Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts, and everything in general in each one of the beings of this World and any other World/Realm, then they should be able to connect any being to make it experience in it's consciousness what other being experienced, even make it simulate the life of that being up to the point of it being brutalized for example to make an aggressor realize what a victim feels; A little of what the following scene shows, that for some time (during and after the Deer Death) made an aggressor (a sport hunter that kills for pleasure) realize what the pain of a victim is like when is killed (in this case an Animal a Deer). If Human Animals would FEEL (like in the video of the link below) the pain they cause to the preys they eat, is very likely that they wouldn't kill other live beings, specially those with complex nervous systems that makes them Suffer and Feel Agony like many Animal beings.

Powder - Deer scene

Also, is very possible that the Human Animal costumes that normal Human Beings have will represent No importance to a being that evolves above the Human Animal level; this is experienced when a person evolves by Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting, as the normal human behaviors that consume the energy of the human beings (very much in emotions specially those that are conflictive) are directly related with the human activities that take place in normal human lives, and I've read in many books written by Lucid Dreamers and Astral Projectors/Projectionists that their lives get much simplified and they remove a lot of the elements that before/early in their lives were important but that after evolving their consciousnesses are NOT important anymore (like having to go to parties and expend evenings in social gatherings drinking alcoholic beverages and sometimes even interacting in a sexual/erotic/sensual ways with people they feel attracted to with the objective to get to intimate). This Human Animal elements simply are Not included in that FREEDOM and PEACE as those Human Animal conducts are Conflictive and lead to Problems and Conflicts and Ties (that Enslave/Imprison) which is the exact opposite to PEACE and FREEDOM.

An interesting scene that is the Ending of the previous scene of the Deer; is interesting to witness how "Powder" got FREE as the Energy Being (and Consciousness) that he is and every being in this world are.

Powder Final. We are all pure energy... Todos somos pura energía...

I'll finish by analyzing a little of what we are used to by being Human Animal located in a Prison/Slave Predatory World called Earth (the "Physical" Organic/Organism World we currently inhabit). There is much more to say, but I'll not extend much.

We are used to have a "Physical" Body (even if its Atoms of Energy Electrons/Protons/Neutrons that have huge/enormous Space between them but that a greater scale our scale seems tangible and physical) since we are born.

We are used to experience thru at least Five Senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, and Smell.

We are used to see with the lenses located inside our Eyes, which allows us to see like/similar the Fish-Eye Lens Cameras, that creates the perspective and wide sight we experience when looking, and also has a limitation on the visual angle (horizontal and vertical) that we can see (less than 180 degrees horizontal, and less than 90 degrees vertical). We are used to see the limited (but big) amount/range of colors and brightness that are present in light, and everything else that is experienced thru the sense of Sight.

We are used to Touch things, and experience the sense of pressure, the sense of temperature, the sense of pain, and everything else that is experienced thru the sense of Touch.

We are used to Hear sounds of a limited (but big) range/amount, and everything else that is experienced thru the sense of Hearing.

We are used to Taste different limited (but big) amount/range of Tastes, and everything else that is experienced thru the sense of Taste.

We are used to Smell different limited (but big) amount/range of Smells, and everything else that is experienced thru the sense of Smell.

We also perceive at certain limited amount Energy; we can "sense" energetically the presence of other persons and beings; we can "sense" the rain as the atmosphere around us gets loaded with a certain energy/electricity/electrostatic that we can somehow perceive with our sense of Touch (our skin) and we know that a Rain Storm is coming (besides the sometimes obvious dark colors of the clouds in the sky and the thunder like sounds inside them).

We are used to know (and we are continuous witness of it) that in this world there are Animals, Plants, Humans (a word to hide the reality of being Human Animals), Minerals, and other elements, that are constantly being Predated by each other. Plants feed on basic Minerals and on other Plants and even on Animals and on Human Animals; Animals feed on Minerals, on Plants, on other Animals, and on Human Animals; Human Animals feed on Minerals, on Plants, on Animals, and on other Human Animals. The Predatory process involves a Predator being Killing another live being (Prey), to consume it and process it with the use of the different Organs inside the Predator; it also involves a Predator capturing and using a live Prey to assist it on whatever the Predator requires it to do; it also involves a Predator (Parasite) preying on a Prey (Host) to use it as a source of food in many cases not killing the Prey/Host and in other cases killing it as a result of Parasite it; it also includes (of course) the Human Animal system of enslaving Plants, Animals, and other Human beings, to use them to obtain a profit (people experience that every day of their lives in the current inflationary monetary system that is designed to keep people ignorant and servants of others by working for the main benefit of others that stole the profits of the work of the enslaved people, and also of the enslaved animals and plants).

We call part of the previous Predatory system the Food Chain, and the Way Things Are and the Way Things Work on this World called Earth. We are taught some of this in the Educational system (School, High School, University, and so on).

We are used to believe in a GOD (usually taught to be just ONE), or a creative force, that makes NO Act of Presence, but that some institutions and persons say are Intermediaries between the masses of people (populace) and that God. In past times and maybe in some cultures today people were used to believe in Various/Several Gods (not just One).

We are used to live and coexist in a civilization were each country, each population, each family, and even each individual, has several customs. The fact of living in community provides the work of the various individuals to provide the various needs the individuals of the community have (Food, Health, a Place to Live, Education, Religious services, and many other services that each community have). This community system of life provides also security to the individuals (from Predators that include Human predators inside and/or outside the community).

Some aspects regarding the Corrupt and Deceptive nature of Human Animals in this World called Earth are detailed in the topic "Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth (".

I don't extend more; there is much more details to write about this.

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: PhaPriSpa on January 25, 2017, 00:16:17
Another movie like Powder and how the contact with an Evolved Being can change the life of persons around him/her.

The Green Mile (1999) Official Trailer - Tom Hanks Movie HD

While searching for movies like Powder (1995) and The Green Mile (1999), another came recommended and very well reviewed by the persons that have seen it.

Phenomenon (1996) Trailer

My best regards.


Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: PhaPriSpa on February 04, 2017, 06:38:35
It'd be interesting to know WHERE do the beings that leave the Physical Time/Space Human Experience in this World called Earth GO TO, as according to what Robert Monroe mentions in his Second Book "Far Journeys", by having his Experience as Human Being he grew too big to fit in the World/Realm/Place he called HOME (the place where he originally came from that he calls KT-95), and as he mentions the Human Beings that leave this Time/Space World/Realm/System DON'T COME BACK and don't bother to follow what happens here, so, ¿WHERE DO THEY GO AND WHAT DO THEY DO IN THERE NOT TO GET BORED (OR EVENTUALLY DO THEY GET BORED AGAIN AND TRY SOMETHING ELSE)?, as if they GO somewhere they must be able to reach that somewhere while they are still in the Human Experience (most probably when they are in between lives) and that brings the possibility to reach those Realms to get to know them and Once Decided Leaving the Human Experience/School then is necessary to know WHERE TO GO outside of the Confinement of the Time/Space Human Experience System (World Earth and all Rings/Realms around it that conform it's recycling system of Human Being Consciousnesses).

If someone KNOWS for PERSONAL EXPERIENCE while his/her Lucid Dreams (/Astral Projections /Out Of The Body Experiences) what are those places available to go to, how they are (how they work and who and what inhabit them), and what is there to DO in them, it'd be nice if they generously share the Details about this places (the ones they've known/visited), as some persons that visit this forums might have DECIDED TO LEAVE this Time/Space Predatory Human Experience, and they might have DETACHED of it and are NOT interested in being convinced in coming back to this "Physical" World/Simulation called Earth as are NOT interested anymore in the Predatory things present in it, and that information would be very useful for them to Try and Start to Explore and Learn more Details about those other options for NEW HOMES TO GO TO that are more according to what they are now and expect to experience in them.

Post: Re: Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth;msg365679#msg365679

Topic: Consequences Of Consciousness Awakening - Awaking To The Truth

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: Raymond on February 15, 2017, 14:51:43
the more you learn the more you realize their is to learn. The more you experience life, the more you realize their is to experience.

Whether here or 'there', I imagine its the same. I think our existence is one of continual learning and experiences.

Therefore, 'bored' is a mental health condition suffered by those who fail to appreciate whats in front of their noses ;)

on this earth, very few of us have/will find freedom...

Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: PhaPriSpa on March 02, 2017, 16:25:21
the more you learn the more you realize their is to learn. The more you experience life, the more you realize their is to experience.

Whether here or 'there', I imagine its the same. I think our existence is one of continual learning and experiences.

Therefore, 'bored' is a mental health condition suffered by those who fail to appreciate whats in front of their noses ;)

on this earth, very few of us have/will find freedom...

By reading the book "The Power Of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment (" by Eckhart Tolle, I can understand what you mention regarding the possibility of NOT being BORED while living the current existence in this "Physical" world and also when leaving it and accessing the other (Non Physical and "Physical") worlds/realms that are beyond this world when a being's body dies and it's Consciousness (Energetic Body) accesses the Non Physical realms (the ones associated with this world called Earth and the ones beyond it that are Not related with the systems "Physical" and Non Physical of this world called Earth).

Below is the link to this Book that provides a lot of assistance into learning How to Control/Quiet the inner dialog (the inner voice in the Mind that is constantly chatting in a conflictive way when not under control/supervision/observation) and the results of Enjoying living in the Now/Present instead of constantly reviving and identifying with the Past and also constantly worrying for the Future, which is a nice explanation of how to keep the EGO/MIND under control and not allowing it to unleash unnecessary conflicts and problems; many other things are learned by reading this book, so IS A GOOD IDEA TO READ THIS BOOK (is VERY RECOMMENDED).

The Power Of Now - A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: PhaPriSpa on August 25, 2017, 22:50:09
It is very interesting how some Scenes of the movie "Lucy (2014)" remind me a lot of what is Felt and Experienced in a Lucid Dream (Astral Projection) once Fears, Emotions, and Desires, are placed aside, the Energy Body is Fearless of so many things and the Altered State of Consciousness experienced by the Waking Consciousness while in the Astral/Dream Worlds/Realms is similar to the one Described by Lucy in the following scene of the movie, and I believe the Purpose of Sharing that knowledge so that others can Evolve (and Free themselves) too is one of the few things that gives Purpose to One's Individual Consciousness Existence.

Lucy (4/10) Movie CLIP - A Higher Purpose (2014) HD

The evolution of the Mental/Brain/Consciousness/Energy Abilities of Lucy in the movie provide (at least for me) somehow an Explanation of what Becoming Free means and it's a Fearless (and Desire-less and Emotionless) Experience (some of what is witnessed in Lucid Dreams when one becomes Lucid in Dream/Astral Worlds/Realms/Environments/Simulations and one can "feel" and experience how the Energy Body that interacts in those environments is so Fearless even when accessing and experiencing many situations and access to so many locations that are very weird as they are very Dark in nature as explained in some way in the Tips and Tricks of the Book of the Topic "Learning LUCID DREAMS Tips and Tricks Before DIRECT ASTRAL TRAVELS ("); below are some scenes of that evolution and a great example of what One eventually with Persistence (and Patience and Perseverance and Patience) becomes in Lucid Dreams (Astral Projections), a Fearless (and Desire-less and Emotionless) Being.

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 10-20% - Cool/Epic Scenes

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 30-40%

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 50-60%

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 70-80%

Lucy (2014) - Brain usage 100%

Below is a video with some missing Scenes of Lucy's 90% to 100% Brain usage, which correspond to her performing an Astral Travel (her Body stays in the "Physical" world and her Consciousness Travels thru "Space" and "Time"); at the end of it her body turns into Energy and as she says She Is Everywhere (this last part is in the 100% Brain usage video in the last link above).

LUCY [Time Travel Scene]

My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)


Title: Re: What To Do When Achieving Complete Freedom /Analysis About Being Completely Free
Post by: Selski on August 26, 2017, 12:25:10
I watched Lucy a couple of months ago. Enjoyed it and particularly liked the 'I am everywhere' comment. A great film...although for me, I didn't really pick up any similarities with lucid dreaming. The only downside was the amount of guns...  :roll: