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Title: The introduction of "Donovan T. Anderson-March"
Post by: Rocket_Man2733 on January 22, 2017, 06:58:45
Hello, brothers and sisters of the universe. I'm Donovan, but you can call me "Don", "Donny" or just my username which IS  a reference to Elton John's song.I'm 20 years old and I was born in Pennsylvania, but now mostly reside in LA with hopes of making it onto the silver screen one day. I frequently visit Philadelphia, though. I realized I wanted to be an actor in my early years. I always loved TV shows and wanted to give other people the feeling that I got when I watched TV. I'm such a great person. So much so that I always donate what I can to great causes. Like when the gay bar in Florida was shot up, I managed to gather, with the help of my community, roughly $3,300 to pay for the cost of renovtions since it was a nightmare in there. I got into astral travel about a year ago when I had a dream that my cat told me to go within myself to get out. I woke up and my cat was looking at me with very intense eyes as if he was trying to tell me "Yes, that was real." I've since tried to get out of my body so we could talk about things because I think he is my spirit guide, but in physical form. I think he wants to help me on my journey in life. I've been bullied pretty badly before in my life, but I made it through the fire standing taller than ever. I currently work as an activist for abused cats and disenfranchised children and most of my income is from donations I get from glorious patrons of mine AKA doting family members. I'm a Bisexual biromantic which means that I like both men and women both romantically and sexually. I do not do drugs. My biggest fear is being raped and killed in an alley. I like to do yoga and meditate to 80's pop. My celeb crushes are Emma Stone, Jeniffer Lawrence, Matt Bomer, Ariana Grande and Leonardo DiCaprio. My favorite quote of mine is "If you drive looking in your rear window, you'll get into a lot of accidents." In other words, don't live in the past. Please don't steal that. Okay, well there is me  :-) I'm excited to meet all of you.