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Title: How did your first Astral Projection change your life?
Post by: Shimolis on February 06, 2017, 09:22:52
When I hear and read about experiences, it's not unusual for people to have an astral projection changing their life dramatically. For me, I haven't had an astral projection yet, but here's my journey:

About a year ago (when I was 18) I started learning about psychadelic drugs. I started to learn what they were, and just how amazing they could be. The biggest factor that made me want to try them was the hallucinations and lack of danger to physical health. Knowing this I asked someone I know to help me get some, he told me to perhaps start with something lighter: marijuana. I was very stuck in my mind back then, and very unaware. MJ helped me relax, and see things from a different perspective. To this day I still haven't tried any psychedelics, thinking I was always ready to try them. Looking at myself a year ago, maybe taking psychedelics wouldn't be the best idea.

The journey I had this past year has been a rocky, but amazing ride. I've always had a curiosity for things, the big questions in life and so on. I always had a sense of thinking that I was special, being sort of an outcast and whatnot. But being introduced to this wider reality, merely from calming my mind and slowly dissolving the ego made me realize many things. One thing being that we are all the same, we've just been put under different life circumstances. These realizations have been liberating, sure I'm still pretty lazy sometimes but my life purpose changed from making money to learning new things and experiencing the unknown. It's almost as revisiting your younger self; to not have a single care, to just live in the now. As I matured rapidly, awakened you might say, I started learning about astral projections and lucid dreams.

This awakening that I'm talking about started to escalate very quickly once I was trying my hardest to experience these amazing things known as astral projections. I tried going on strict diets, meditating and just working on my spiritual health, solely to experience an AP. What I recently realized is that my journey to experience an AP has given me more than any psychadelic could probably give me a year back. Sure I still want to try psychedelics, but I don't rush it.

This is how my life changed from just calming down and trying to experience an AP, I can't even imagine what will happen the day I will actually experience it. But onwards to the question, how has the experience changed you?