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Title: I think I made some progress
Post by: Light_being on February 13, 2017, 18:05:28
I was trying to astral project again after some weeks of not trying because I had moved into the city and it's soo noisy and just to active for me but it's where I discovered I'm clairsentient, I discovered because I noticed I was keep feeling emotions that where just not mine (after learning to identify they weren't).
So I practiced today after everyone was gone. I noticed a leg twitch, then a hand twitch, a few visions and then I heard sounds a very few distinctively chatter (I was sure it was not from my neighbors). Then I noticed my leg arm got heavier like I wasn't feeling it but feeling its energy, I was holding my phone (I was actually waiting for a call lol) then I was starting to slightly lose sensation with my phone lol.
I had to quite because my roommate kept knocking on the door, so I had to open the door.