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Title: Hi! Can Anyone Help?
Post by: SimplyHuman on March 14, 2017, 10:58:34
Hi - I'm SimplyHuman. I've been interested in astral projection for a while now and have been actively trying for a few months.

I haven't managed to get past the 'vibration' stage yet through meditation. However, I've noticed I've started to get sleep paralysis in the morning, which seems to get me further along.

The day before yesterday during sleep paralysis I managed to sit up in my astral body and started floating up, but didn't feel the 'pop' I was expecting and eventually decided to lay back down as I was unable to turn around or do anything else. I could see a distorted metallic reflection of my face overlaid over my vision, like looking into a mirror.

Today, I tried again during sleep paralysis, and was able to control my astral body but again felt a strong force stopping me from going anywhere other than a few inches above my body. I tried hard to get up, but couldn't. This time before projecting I felt parts of my body being pulled and moving involuntarily - like my legs moving out of the bed - but when returning to my physical body I realised this didn't happen. During projecting, my vision was again distorted and I was looking both in front of me and behind me at myself sleeping.

Can anyone give me advice on how to 'pop' fully out of my body?  :?

Title: Re: Hi! Can Anyone Help?
Post by: Bloodshadow on March 14, 2017, 21:09:25
well firstly, you need to lose the expectations, cause not all sensation actually happen to everyone,, and as for the distortions its because you are still too close to your physical body, once you are out move far away from the physical body, the further away the better everything gets, when you are in the vibrational state, once the vibrations subside you can basically attempt an exit, and once you are able to see with your astral eyes you are basically out you just need to attempt to move away from the body, you may be moving slow but you are out, just keep moving, since you are a beginner it will be hard to get away from the body the more you do it the easier you will find it to quickly move away from the body, but to move quickly away, choose a destination and teleport yourself there just by thinking it. btw welcome to the forum have a look around to get more acquainted with projecting.

Title: Re: Hi! Can Anyone Help?
Post by: SimplyHuman on March 14, 2017, 23:20:04
Thank you! Good to know moving away from my body will get easier - at the moment it feels like a big force keeping me from moving. Interesting about the distortions too, I had wondered if other people experienced similar. I'll be more patient next time and will definitely try the teleportation. :)

Title: Re: Hi! Can Anyone Help?
Post by: EscapeVelocity on March 15, 2017, 01:17:30
Welcome to the Pulse SimplyHuman!

Bloodshadow condensed an essential piece of advice very nicely in the first sentence- Keep your expectations to a minimum and don't depend on any specific sensations...just have confidence and go with whatever occurs.

With that said we all need 'some' idea of what to look for, so I will recommend that you check out some topics on the first 3 Boards of this Forum in each Board's blue 'sticky' section: Exit symptoms/signposts, How I Got Out For The First Time, Everything you wanted to Know about Sleep Paralysis, The Astral Blueprint, Xanth's Guide...all of this is good information to file away in your head for when the appropriate moment occurs.

Your post reads like you are making good and steady progress; it may not feel that way to you right now, but trust me, you are. It is quite normal to get stuck in a 'partial exit', to feel your legs or arms floating free, to get stuck sitting halfway out of your torso. All of these sensations can occur a few times before you make a complete exit. The fact that you are clearly observing and reporting these ocurrances, along with the split-vision tells me that you are maintaining good awareness and recall. Make sure that you are keeping a journal of your experiences; it will prove invaluable and good for some laughs a few years from now. It is fun to look back and see how awkward and clumsy our first attempts were, and it also teaches us some important lessons.

As to WHY our initial conscious attempts can be so incomplete and slow, I don't know and haven't read anything by anybody else that explains it. More than likely it is for several reasons and slightly different for each of us. There may be an 'energetic' component where we have to develop/energize a 'vehicle of consciousness', then learn how to manipulate it (wait 'til you try to walk, lol). Maybe it involves several levels of subconscious 'permission-giving' within our individual psyches. A strong likelihood is also that a fear issue must be overcome, and that fear can manifest in multiple ways, very subtle ways.

Just some ideas to kick around...whatever you are doing is obviously working so keep with that. Like my advice to SCHMUSTIN, you might add some encouraging nighttime affirmations. Either way, you are close to an exit! Have fun!