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Title: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: Bloodshadow on March 28, 2017, 17:17:50
Ok so before going to bed last night I, recorded my self saying I will astral project tonight over and over then listen to it through out my session on computer, then when time came for bed I put on my sleeping mask and turned on my metronome, and kept my eyes open in the darkness of the mask, I don't even remember falling asleep or anything.

Now I'm not sure if I was on another planet or not, but I swear I was still on earth, except there were two moons, one far and the other near. My sister and her friend was walking ahead of me and my Brother, But soon they got a bit too far ahead and I had to run to catch up to them ( I was more so worried something would happen to them ), leaving my Brother behind and that's when I notice the sky looked weird with two moons plus the sun was out (My guess the apocalypse was upon us). When I caught up to my sister and friend, these clouds of golden hue surrounded us and our journey begin. My sister and friend grabbed hold of one each and begin to rise into the air, I also grabbed one, but it seemed I was too heavy so I grabbed another and slowly begin to rise as well. I yelled out to my brother to hurry, because I didn't want to leave him. I wasn't even sure he made it to his in time till we all met on the other side. Next thing I know we were being prepared and taken care of as if we were in a hospital, but this place was different, we were being sent to different rooms. Then we all went thru this cold liquid stuff, when we came out the liquid I felt different like I was seeing thru new eyes. Afterwards we all met in this one room, and I was able to confirm that my brother did in fact arrive with us.

We gathered around this weird machine made of ice, then a lady came and told us that this thing lets find us anywhere in the world and let them know if a person is ready to move on in their next life or something other. I suddenly yelled out what about my Ex? She located her and said that my ex still had a lot to learn, she is not ready to move on. She finished off telling us we were spirits now and that we couldn't return back to earth, then she destroyed the machine thing that could send us back. It felt like years had passed, and I still wanted to returned to earth, I wasn't ready to be dead, the place was cool, but I felt I didn't accomplish what I set out to do in my life. I found a way back thru this weird liquid hole (thinking back I think it was just a visitors port where spirits went thru to go visit different places), so when no one as looking I slipped into it and was floating back down to earth. When I arrived the earth was blanketed with snow, I ran/floated back home with the quickness, not knowing I was still a spirit. When I got back home it was covered in ice and snow, even everything inside was covered in snow. I then heard a noise in the kitchen, I hurried hoping to see my granny again, and I did she ran to hug me and for a moment we were so happy. Then the lady from before found me and said its time to go, you are not of this world anymore, I said but I want to stay with my granny, she said but your granny isn't here she's gone. I turned back and we were outside what looked like a burnt down house covered in snow. She then went on to say that I was reacting/interacting with the residual energy that used to live there, I broke down crying and yelling. We then walked thru the snowed out town, where people was living out their lives, a man exited his car, and I asked what year is this? he said 2042, I soon realized I truly wasn't of this world anymore, and we soon floated back into the air with the people starring. I then woke up in a very mild SP, not recognizing or knowing where I was. I begged in my head for the being that brung me back not to leave me here with nothing and that was it. any opinions are welcomed, thanks for listening.

Title: Re: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: T-Man on March 29, 2017, 00:55:57
Hi Bloodshadow,

This sounded like an amazing experience.  I have had non-lucid dreams a couple of times where there were two moons.  I have been trying to understand their meanings but all I can come up with is that maybe the two moons represent that you are being pulled in two different or opposite directions.  Donít know if this has any resonance with you or not.  I look forward to reading any other comments on your experience. 

Title: Re: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: LightBeam on March 29, 2017, 02:14:49
I've also had dreams and APs of this sort. One of them was of a large planet so close to Earth that it seemed like it was going to collide. On the opposite side of the sky there was also a large planet, I am not sure if it was the moon, but it appeared maybe 5 times larger. The sky was reddish dark and it was quite scary. Perhaps, in some parallel reality, Earth is in a different planetary system.

Title: Re: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: Bloodshadow on March 29, 2017, 07:13:15
heh I did at a point while running thought it was that Planet nibiru that is all the rave  with conspiracy theorists, I had another experience with the whole planet thing too a longtime ago I may post it soon.... but I can't wait to see more comments

Title: Re: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: Nameless on March 29, 2017, 16:16:25
Hey Bloodshadow, glad you shared this. Now, more than ever I want to know what is up with 2042. It's just a fragment of a memory now but that date is getting around it seems. Lightbeam's post resonates with me as did yours and I too wondered if it were a planet or a moon. My recall of these exp is limited but the fragments are there.

Title: Re: Vivid Dream: N.D.E.?
Post by: Bloodshadow on August 12, 2017, 04:03:24
@Nameless from the  looks of my dream it seems that year will bring on an Ice age, but then again I don't know what everyone else experiences is with that year as you just said that year is getting around, tho this will be my first time ever hearing about it. I shall do research to find out other's experiences with that year and compare and come to a conclusion of what I think will happen based on similarities.