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Title: I have double-phased
Post by: grrla on March 30, 2017, 17:28:34
here what happened to me yesterday:

I am in my bed, trying to go to sleep. I struggle to fall asleep then I realise one of my neon light switched to ON automatically (bonking ghosts).
I turn it off and go back to bed, and as usual I try to  get into the non-physical: this time I think it worked !!

So I do a reality check: I pinch my nose and try to breathe out: the air doesn't get out :( this would mean I am in the physical. But whatever, I try to go out of my body and fly: it work !!! I'm flying in my bedroom.

I do some peering (focusing on sense of sight) and it enhance greatly the realness, it feel 99% real ! "I have done it , yeah !!!"
I try to fly out of my room by the window, "I am mean to be able to go through walls !"
But no way, my hands are touching the glass and won't go through, while my body is floating.

So I close my eyes and try to teleport, but it get me back in my body ...
I know I am in the physical, now, but I do a reality check, just in case: I block my nose and try to breathe out, only a tiny amount of air go through. "There must be a tiny hole in my nose or in my ears, I'm in the physical... excrement."

I open my eyes and see the neon light went back to ON again, by itself.
I get up, turn it off, and go to my bed, and try to phase again.


If dreaming is already being in the phase... Did I phased in the phase ?
Haha this is funny

Am I in the phase right now

Title: Re: I have double-phased
Post by: T-Man on March 30, 2017, 23:53:32
Thanks for the post grrla, I had a good chuckle! 
Maybe you have not woken up yet!  :-)

Title: Re: I have double-phased
Post by: grrla on March 31, 2017, 10:25:18
I'm pleased you did chuckle :)

Title: Re: I have double-phased
Post by: Xanth on March 31, 2017, 19:00:32
First things first, I know you're super excited, but let's try to keep the swearing down to a minimum please.  Preferably to none.  hehe
We have an automatic word filter, so that's why your post has some strange words in it which you probably don't remember typing.  :)

Now we can move onto your post!
A dream is a projection where you simply don't realize you're sleeping. 
Essentially what happened was that you didn't realize you fell asleep and then you went on to simply shift from experience to experience.

Neons would sound pretty cool in a bedroom though.  ;)

In the end, a big congratulations is definitely warranted!
You consciously projected!

Title: Re: I have double-phased
Post by: baro-san on March 31, 2017, 20:13:02
Neons would sound pretty cool in a bedroom though.  ;)
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Title: Re: I have double-phased
Post by: grrla on April 01, 2017, 09:37:34
I know you're super excited

Keep it secret :( I want to look like it is super usual for me to project at will