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Title: hey guys
Post by: Kusuri on April 30, 2017, 16:48:51
hey guys (and girls offcourse)  :-)
I'm Male (23) and coming from Germany. My english is not really good, so sorry if it is a pain to read my texts  :wink:

About me:
i started at the age of 11-12 to inform me about spirituality after i had a poltergeist at my house who came back every 4 years.
a few years (6-8?don't know exactly) ago i had a big argument with my sister..after this i was going in my room and closed + locked my door.
i then took my mp3 player and heard music while leaning against my door. suddenly the door slammed wide open with a huge speed and
i got smashed to the ground because this (the door slammed me to the ground). first i thought my sister had kicked the door in.. but my sister was not in range & was in another room at this time.
i was totaly alone at the house, so basicly.. no one there who could kick my door open (without damage!).
so basicly.. it was a poltergeist (atleast i think this).
this experience was the startpoint where i began to inform me about spirituality and then began to practice several things like out of body experiences.
i experimented a lot and had a few experiences (psychokineses, telepathy etc.) and too a few out of body experiences.
99% of them were not longer than maybe 10-20 seconds.. after a few seconds i got slammed back in my physical body.

in my whole life i had like 10-15 out of body experiences, but i can't get them anymore.. wayne what i try, nothing seems to work.
as a kid i got into the "void state" without knowing what this state was.. the first time i was going in the void state i was scared like hell..
it feeled like my body is changing the frequency and shifting to another reality (like when you change the channel on a radio)..
it was like i change "my frequency of reality" from the physical to a unlimited 3d black area where i was floating around..
the first time was scary, but after the first time it was exciting and relaxing to be in this state :)

the problem is.. now i can't even get to this void state anymore.. i don't get any vibrations, noises or sounds, visuals or other stuff i know
from a few years ago where i had my out of body experiences (i know, it's not really like i would leave my body.. anyway).
i really try'd much stuff.. monroe's techniques, robert peterson's , william buhlman's, techniques from this forum here (noticing etc.) and other sources on the internet,
my own techniques i used as a child and much much more.. nothing worked. i read really much in ebooks and in the internet and basicly know really much about the topic..
i know a huge load of techniques and what to do at certain moments (like in the vibration state,how to exit the body, how to gain vision etc.).. but i can't get a oobe.

because this, i got really frustrated and stopped to experiment with the out of body state.. i try it now every few months again and again, but everytime nothing happens.
i know that it's in theory not that hard to get this stuff going, but for me it seems like it's really hard.

as a child i just needed to lay down, relax without think too much and wait 30-50 minutes and then there where vibrations, noises,
suddenly scenario changes (it was like i teleported into another room / reality) and much more.. but this don't seems to work anymore.

so basicly.. i try to get the out of body state working again because i really love out of body experiences.. but i have really hard problems with it^^
it feels a little bit like something is blocking the experience for me or something. i don't know :P

now i training phasing with techniques from this forum here because i think this is the best way to get a out of body experience.
the whole idea and concept of the phasing is exactly that, what i too think is true and i really like the idea because this.
but yeah, it's not that easy to get anything going^^

i hope that i get some effects if i train every day one hour for a while.. like a few months or so.. don't know.


p.s: sorry for my bad english, i hope it's readable..

Title: Re: hey guys
Post by: T-Man on April 30, 2017, 19:44:48
Welcome Kusuri,

I too have just recently joined the Astral Pulse.  Some of your comments have resonated with me.  That's great that you have had many experiences that you remember while you were younger.  Being that I am just over twice your age I certainly don't remember any childhood experiences like that.  I do recall on OBE in my early 20's but not much else.  I started trying about a year ago now.  I keep a dream journal going every night and listen to a lot of meditation stuff.  I am constantly reading books on the subject and always open to any experiences I have.  In the past year now, I have had 1 OBE and have had 2 Lucid Dreams which were very exciting for me.  I have also had many shorter experiences very recently but experiences non the less!  I am open to anything that comes my way. 

it feels a little bit like something is blocking the experience for me or something. i don't know :P

I too feel like there is something that is blocking me from having more experiences but I am working on different aspects of myself to remove any blockages I may have.  Things, like Fear, Anger, Insecurities, etc...   I am making progress slowly but surely!

From my experience on this website so far, I can tell you there are many great people here that have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Good Luck with your adventures!

Title: Re: hey guys
Post by: Lumaza on May 01, 2017, 08:06:57
 Welcome Kusuri!  :-)

 You won't always have "sign posts" when you attempt to shift. You did in the beginning. But sometimes people do earlier on, then never will feel vibrations, hear noises or anything like that again. I believe it has to do with adjusting to frequency. At first you need to, but once you are "in tune", the vibrations aren't there anymore.

 When I find myself "stuck", I return back to the basics. That usually fixes the problem.

 Start with some simple daily affirmations showing your intent. You could then follow it up with a month of Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones. They work wonders for "entrainment".

 I have a simple technique here in a thread that works really well too. It occupies your focus enough for the shift to occur. The technique can be as simple or complexed as you wish. On page 2, I simplify it down quite a bit. Just the basics, but it works.

Title: Re: hey guys
Post by: Kusuri on May 03, 2017, 20:36:11
okay, just an update  about my daily training :-) !
i practice now like 2 weeks every day for 1 hour (mostly at the evening).. at first i had problems to relax because my eyes cramped after like 20 minutes of relaxing.. i had this problem for years and didn't know what to do because this just happend when i was lie on my back and it goes worse if i try'd to relax my eyes when they cramped (i sleep at night on my side).. but yesterday i had the first day where my eye's didn't cramped at all.. i could relax really good and i think i feeled a little "oobe vibes".. it feel'd a little bit like a few years ago where i had my first out of body experiences. so i think if i practice more, it will get beter and beter.. and in the future i maybe will have an out of body experience again :-)
i'm happy that i see a improvement after all this years^-^


Title: Re: hey guys
Post by: Lumaza on May 04, 2017, 00:19:08
 8-) :-)