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Title: Help With Projection
Post by: KnightDreamer on June 12, 2017, 06:09:21
Hey guys i hope you can help me out with this. So i've been trying to astral project for while now (2+ Years on and off). However recently i've been taking it more seriously. So what happens is that i usually try to project in the morning after waking. I would lay there for a while and then feel the vibrations all over my body. They start quite weak and getting quite strong once i focused on them.

Now most times what happens is that during these vibrations i would start to feel pain in the middle of my chest or lower right abdomen and sometimes both. The pain is really uncomfortable and on occasions it forced me to abort. Usually i tough it out and then kinda slide out vertically out of my body. But when i look back to the bed i dont see my physical body. And when i explore my house is weird and entire rooms are changed or added.

Now yesterday morning i was trying again but this time the pain came in my waist. i really found the pain weird and unnecesarry so i aborted. I have two questions; why am i feeling those pains? Did i even really astral project or just lucid dream?

Title: Re: Help With Projection
Post by: Phildan1 on June 12, 2017, 06:23:55
Pain could be energy block in your body, where you need to expand the energy, which goes through, just let it go and it could fade away. It could be a personal fear test, which causes you stop relaxing and being afraid. Let the energy expand everywhere and enjoy it.

You just said in other words, you are "projected". If your surroundings is not 100% the same, you are in another reality. You don't need to see your "body", it is just a belief system, to not be scared of yourself. Rooms, walls, colors, objects could be elsewhere or very different. You are in another NP reality. Every reality is real and not a dream. Regular people call everything as "dreams" and can't see that there are endless realities and our physical is just one of them with strict rulesets.
Our mind could create another reality very similar to the physical one with so much accuracy, you just can't see the difference many times. Test it, enjoy the game.

Title: Re: Help With Projection
Post by: Lumaza on June 13, 2017, 23:45:01
 Philidan1 is correct. You are experiencing a "self imposed" block brought on by too much physical focus.

 When you feel the pain, immediately put your "entire" focus either on the opposite side of your body or a point, up/down/left/right outside of your body. Don't look back until your session is complete.

 These are all hurdles that you MUST overcome to be able to "see" more. They are likely the last threads that are holding you back from a successful shift in consciousness. People often report other problems like swallowing, eyes opening spontaneously and other things like that. I experienced them as well and I know they can be overcome. I did it, you can too!  :-)

 Check out this thread on "Tests, Quests and Challenges".

 This one is informative as well.